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Users group meeting 2012 july yale presentation v2


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Presentation from the ServiceNow New England Users Group

Published in: Technology, Business
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Users group meeting 2012 july yale presentation v2

  1. 1. Rapid Maturity and Continual Service ImprovementAdriene RadcliffeDirector, Service ManagementYale UniversityAdriene.Radcliffe@Yale.eduTwitter: @a_radcliffeLinkedIn
  2. 2. Rapid Maturity with Service NowThe Transformation of Yale University . . . ITSM Process Owners Process ManagersGovernance ServiceNow Service BoardQuarterly Business Review CSI
  3. 3. Yale Timeline Vision Plan Process Tool Govern May 2011 July 2011 Sept 2011 Dec 2011 April 2012 CSI “To be recognized globally as the leading technology organization across universities, through rock-solidservices, innovation, technology leadership and community satisfaction “ Len Peters, Associate Vice President and CIO
  4. 4. From Good to Great – by Jim CollinsStart with the right peopleSuperb leadershipConfront brutal factsCulture of disciplineFocus on a Single Vision or ConceptUse Technology as an accelerator•
  5. 5. The Yale ITSM fly wheelOur fly wheelwas over 300years oldand covered with ivy…
  6. 6. Yale Timeline Vision Plan Process Tool GovernMay 2011 July 2011 Sept 2011 Dec 2011 April 2012 CSI Sponsor Process Owners Partner
  7. 7. Challenges we all face • IT Groups Worked In Silos • We had few documented SLA’s • Divergent terminology, processes and practices • Measuring and reporting were inconsistent • ITIL and ITSM were just four letter words
  8. 8. The Planning Process – People & LeadershipThe Sponsor is your ITSM ChampionWhat you get: High Level Vision and MobilizationAdvisory Board will validate your roadmap, andapprove specific project and organization levelproposalsWhat you get: Organizational AuthorityProgram Committee will develop an ITSMroadmap, specific project, process, and supportingorganization proposalsWhat you get: Credibility and a path to successProject Teams will deliver the discrete projectswithin the ITSM ProgramWhat you get: Focused delivery of ITSM capabilities 8
  9. 9. The Planning Process - Partner• Leverage a partner to guide us on this journey• Fruition Partners is our GPS• Yale OWNS the vision, and direction, and action 9
  10. 10. Key Points in the Yale Plan • Educate ourselves with ITIL Foundations and begin to use the language across the organization • Name process owners who work across the organization and harmonize processes such as Incident, Problem, Change, Request, Knowledge Management • Recognize that we have to stabilize our environment, create a system of measurement and use key metrics to guide us where to improve
  11. 11. Key Service Measurement Objectives Stable Reporting Accurate Analysis Action Continuous Improvement Precise
  12. 12. Yale Timeline Vision Plan Process Tool GovernMay 2011 July 2011 Sept 2011 Dec 2011 April 2012 CSIFruition Partner Workshops Roadmap Pockets of Excellence Process Improvement
  13. 13. Assessment and RoadmapITSM Maturity Assessment Approach• Intense on-site Roadmap Workshops with key IT Service Management Stakeholders• Assessment of each ITIL-based process area and phase• One-on-one discussions for clarifications and confirmations• Rating of relative maturity against industry-standard Capability and Maturity Model scale• Development of a Crawl – Walk – Run style roadmap based on the current state gaps and future state objectives 13
  14. 14. ITSM Maturity Assessment 14
  15. 15. Assessment – How to move the fly wheel… 15
  16. 16. Pockets of Excellence • Change Advisory Board (CAB) • Consolidated Help Desk • Standard Operating Procedures • Event Management
  17. 17. Areas we focused our efforts • Service Operations Center • Creating a Problem Process • Standardize a Request Framework • Process Metrics and KPI’s • Service Metrics to create a Quarterly Business Review
  18. 18. This was the “aha” momentCulture change for our organization really kicked off with theITIL Foundations training. We spoke the same language. ITunits understand their applications and technical services werepart of larger business services… 18
  19. 19. Yale Timeline Vision Plan Process Tool GovernMay 2011 July 2011 Sept 2011 Dec 2011 April 2012 CSI Our fly wheel begins to spin!
  20. 20. Yale establishes ServiceNow• The information derived from the workshops gave us the formal written requirements needed to configure ServiceNow for Yale. Each requirement has an associated test case• Documented roles and responsibilities across the organization. ITIL process roles, SN tool roles, and our own change management roles such as deployment coaches• Fruition did the heavy lifting to configure our setup, but a Yale ServiceNow admin provided leadership for code reviews, coordinated testing and moved defects and configuration changes through our various environments to production [DEV – TEST – PREPROD - PROD – TRAIN]• We were limited only by our ability to provide training to the staff who were divided into deployment waves. Staff started sneaking on before they were trained 20
  21. 21. Service + Process = Checks and Balance Service Portfolio Owner Team Resource Mgr Service Owner 1 2 3 4 5 6 21
  22. 22. Drivers for Yale• Measuring ourselves against the vision of a World-Class Service Provider• Creating bandwidth to innovate – suddenly everyone understood the value of a single knowledgebase so we don’t resolve the same workarounds over and over. Internal Standard Operating Procedures could be shared. Yale ITS now has a full time Knowledge Manager• Standard Service Metrics and KPI’s• Manage the demand and the work• Manage the resources 22
  23. 23. Release 1 Release 2 Stable & Predictable Predictable & Capability Unstable Process-3 SD UCL LCL+3 SD Baseline Maturity Time Objectives: Baseline – Stabilize - Improve • Baseline process variation • Stabilize processes • Stabilize measures • Stabilize reporting If your service performance is between • Continuous Process Improvement UCL – Upper Control Limit LCL – Lower Control Limit Your process is stable, predictable and capable
  24. 24. Yale Timeline Vision Plan Process Tool Govern May 2011 July 2011 Sept 2011 Dec 2011 April 2012 CSI• Service Management Organization• CSI as a Service• Process Owners/Managers & Practitioners• Service Board & Quarterly Business Review
  25. 25. IT Governance Technology Initiatives Committee (TIC) Strategic Committees drive direction for Yale University Strategic Committees and propose the Portfolio of Capital Projects Research Classrooms Health and Administrative Computing and Teaching Medicine Computing Technology Operating Committee (TOC) Program Committees ensures proper execution of the capital projects Technical Committees and Teams ensure the delivered services are maintained 25
  26. 26. IT GovernanceStrategic Technology Initiatives Committee (TIC)Committees Administrative Medicine and Information Teaching and Research Operations Health Security and Learning Technologies Compliance Technology Operating Committee (TOC)ProgramCommittees ERP HIPAA IDM Mobile Tech HPC HR Medicine InfoSec Collaboration Big Data LIMS Service BoardTechnicalCommittees ERP Team Health and IDM Team Classroom HPC Teamand Teams Fin Team Life Science Compliance Technology LIMS Team Dev & AYA Team Team Team Banner Team Change Advisory Board (CAB) 26
  27. 27. Subscribe to CSI as a ServiceCSI as a Service – GOALS• To Be Established As a Repeatable Cycle • Achievable Improvements That Make a Difference • End to End Business Service Focused• A Data Model to Underpin Decision Support Dashboards• World Class Process
  28. 28. Yale University Now…• Over 350 of 425 IT staff have ITIL Foundations Certification another 55 have attended ITIL overview orientation• IT Service Management - process governance and advocacy• ServiceNow Incident, Request, Problem, Change, Knowledge• Planned Multi-function Service Operations Center - provides increased capability to handle Major Incidents, Events and Problems• Stabilizing our processes and services• Stood up CSI as a Service with Fruition Partners with pilot CSI projects identified
  29. 29. Yale University Next Steps…• Projects this fiscal year in our roadmap include: • Bomgar Integration with ServiceNow • Service Asset and Configuration Management (CMDB) • Contract Management for Software Licenses • Expand IT Service Request to encompass Yale self-service service access• Integration with the newly designed Yale ITS Web Site – knowledge articles visible to our web site – ITS System Status page will be driven from ServiceNow• Further inquiries into • Field Service • SDLC and Agile • Coaching Loops• IT Operating Model Governance • Operationalize Service Board • Process Owners using CSIaaS • Practitioners Meetings
  30. 30. Thank YouAdriene RadcliffeAdriene.Radcliffe@Yale.EduTwitter: @a_radcliffeOr search for me on LinkedIn 30