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Skynet vs planet of apes


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2 self-managed Docker clusters deployed on public clouds and fight each other in a ruthless battle. One has been designed to resist any form of threat. The other one's only aim is to destroy the first one. Who's going to win?
Although it's presented as an entertainment, this talk will show off two serious platforms leveraging on different principles. Beyond the technical aspects covered (swarm/kubernetes orchestration, IaaS clouds, various tools such as terraform, kops or helm) , it will be the opportunity to discuss more largely architecture topics such as immutable infrastructure, hybridation, microservices, etc.

Published in: Technology
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Skynet vs planet of apes

  1. 1. Skynet vs Planet of Apes S01-E03 Adrien Blind - @adrienblind Ludovic Piot - @lpiot Laurent Grangeau - @laurentgrangeau Jérôme Petazzoni - @jpetazzo
  2. 2. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Casting Ludovic Piot @lpiot Laurent Grangeau @laurentgrangeau Adrien Blind @AdrienBlind Jérôme Petazzoni @jpetazzo
  3. 3. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Prolog
  4. 4. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Teaser: Deliver smart entertainment VS VS “2 self-managed Docker clusters deployed on public clouds and fight each other in a ruthless battle. One has been designed to resist any form of threat. The other one's only aim is to destroy the first one. Who's going to win?”
  5. 5. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Teaser: Deliver smart entertainment Autonomy first ▪ Hybridated: IaaS from Azure & AWS ▪ Self-healed ▪ Religion: Docker Swarm ▪ Custom chaos monkey Services first ▪ Various services from AWS ▪ Cloud-healed ▪ Religion: Kubernetes ▪ BBVA’s chaos monkey VS
  6. 6. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Season 01 timeline S01E02ter 15/05 Cloud Europe Rise of Planet of Apes S01E03 22/06 Voxxed Lux Skynet Returns! S01E05 09/11 Devops D-Day Grand finale S01E01 05/04 Devoxx BOF Trailer S01E02 19/04 Breizhcamp Grand Premier S01E02bis 11/05 RivieraDev Rise of the machines Previously in SkynetVsApes: ● Proof of concept ● Clusters creation ● Decentralised storage : test ● Netflix’s Chaos monkey test
  7. 7. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Apes army 7
  8. 8. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ Main objective : targets and terminates instances in a region ▪ When : randomly in a given range of time ▪ Frequency : one instance every 2 days configurable… 😈 ▪ How : identifies instances running a given app through Spinnaker chaosmonkey principles
  9. 9. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau chaosmonkey architecture chaosmonkey
  10. 10. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau chaosmonkey install = WTF !
  11. 11. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau chaosmonkey install
  12. 12. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau chaosmonkey install
  13. 13. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau chaosmonkey install = easy!
  14. 14. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau oh wait!
  15. 15. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau kubernetes on AWS = kops
  16. 16. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau chaosmonkey install process AWS account KOPS K8s on AWS Helm Spinnaker pkg Spinnaker custom pkg mySQL pkg chaosmonkey pod chaosmonkey docker image
  17. 17. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Demo time!
  18. 18. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Skynet
  19. 19. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Skynet platform skynet-nodeskynet-nodeskynet-node Docker Engine 17.05-ce Docker Engine 17.05-ce Docker Engine 17.05-ce Skynet-storage Skynet-cluster (Docker swarm mode cluster) Skynet-registry Skynet-registry Skynet-registry Skynet-resilience Skynet-resilience Skynet-resilience Internet Skynet-provisioning Skynet-terminator
  20. 20. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Skynet-storage ( ServerServerServer Infinit Network Infinit Silo : 10GB Infinit Silo : 30GB Infinit Silo : 5GB User +Passport for netwk Infinit Volume Docker volume plugin Docker volume plugin Docker volume plugin Docker registry container Docker registry container Docker registry container User +Passport for netwk User +Passport for netwk
  21. 21. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Skynet-provisioning (Terraform) ▪ Using Terraform to automate cluster creation ▪ Leverage on terraform multiple providers ▪AWS ▪Azure ▪GCE (soon…) ▪ On master node ▪ docker swarm join --token token-master ▪ On slave nodes ▪ docker swarm join --token token-slave
  22. 22. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Skynet-resilience ▪ Focused on platform’s resilience ▪ Apps resilience provided by swarm’s orchestrator ▪ Beware of apps architecture ! ▪ A simple docker image / service ▪ Encloses Terraform provisioning scripts ▪ Deployed as a global service on every nodes ▪ Small introspector script checking if the subsequent docker engine is the cluster leader to trigger terraform regularly
  23. 23. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Skynet-terminator ▪ Chaos monkey to destroy Apes ▪ A simple docker image / service ▪ Encloses a script to shoot Apes’ instances ▪ Deployed as a unique replica
  24. 24. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Demo time!
  25. 25. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Moving further
  26. 26. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ Skynet ▪ Finalize Decentralized storage for Skynet ▪ Build up our dedicated, on purpose, immutable OS with LinuxKit ▪ Let’s be serious : achieve Skynet’s self healing with InfraKit ▪ Unleash the cloud with edge computing : push armed nodes on Raspberries ▪ Implement the least privilege model to enhance resiliency ▪Apes ▪ Unleash its own chaos monkey ▪ Federate several clusters ▪ These are platforms: still have to deliver a brain app Some next steps to strengthen the setup
  27. 27. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Deep dive: Least Privilege Model
  28. 28. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ Give each agent* in the system the exact information it needs; no more, no less ▪ Similar to compartmentalization of classified information ▪ In the Manhattan Project, most teams working on the first A- bomb didn’t have access to the big picture ▪ In information security: if a service doesn’t need a particular password, token, or permission – it shouldn’t have it! *Process, user, service, node... What’s “Least Privilege” ?
  29. 29. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ In a SwarmKit cluster, the only nodes with full access are the manager nodes ▪ Worker nodes do not have access to the Raft log ▪ Worker nodes only know the addresses of the manager nodes ▪ Worker nodes only have their own private key (and CA cert) ▪ Communication between two nodes uses a session key (different at each connection; rotated every 12 hours) Least Privilege in SwarmKit
  30. 30. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ A worker node has access to detailed information about a container only if it is designated to run this container ▪ A worker node knows about an overlay network (and the associated keys, if it’s an encrypted overlay) only if it is supposed to run a container attached to this network ▪ Overlay networks are resilient to MITM attacks due to the top- down approach of their configuration (see this DockerCon talk by @lbernail for details) ▪ Secrets (a special SwarmKit construct) are only pushed to worker nodes who need them, and never written to their disk Worker nodes are like Jon Snow
  31. 31. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ Least privilege reduces the splash damage of node compromise ▪ Compromising a node only compromises the containers on that node; not the whole cluster ▪ Enables effective definition of security perimeters through tags ▪ Services can be restricted to specific perimeters through placement constraints docker service create --constraint ... SwarmKit clusters are resilient
  32. 32. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ By default, the Docker API is all or nothing ▪ Authorization plugins* let you vet each API request ▪ Example: ▪ deny deployment requests lacking a placement constraint specifying a security tag ▪ only allow deployment in a given security zone if the authenticated user is within the appropriate group ▪ Authorization plugins can be cascaded *Available on Docker CE & EE. UCP is an authorization plugin. Enforcement through authorization
  33. 33. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ An AI like Skynet could leverage different security levels … ▪ Core services ▪ managers, storage, self-healing routines ▪ self-provisioned instances on well-protected, well-funded IAAS accounts ▪ Compute nodes ▪ machine learning, deep learning ▪ instances hacked a long time ago, or deployed with fragile funds ▪ Honeypots ▪ scamming and phishing operations, quarantine ▪ anything goes! Skynet
  34. 34. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Deep dive: Self-Healing Infrastructure
  35. 35. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau ▪ Example: managing VM deployment with IAAS ▪ Imperative style ▪ I create VMs directly ▪ I use a web console, CLI, API … ▪ when things break, I have to find out what and fix it ▪ Declarative style ▪ I describe what I want (with a Cloud Formation template, Terraform plan…) ▪ I run a tool to reconcile my infrastructure with the description I wrote ▪ when things break, I just run the tool again ▪ enables infrastructure as code From imperative to declarative
  36. 36. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau From declarative to self-healing ▪ Self-healing infrastructure continuously reconciles (fixes) itself ▪ Examples: ▪ AWS Auto-Scaling Groups ▪ Convox (leverages AWS Lambda) ▪ InfraKit (cross-platform approach)
  37. 37. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Conclusion
  38. 38. Tweet us on #skynetvsapes ! @lpiot @jpetazzo @adrienblind @laurentgrangeau Work in (perpetual) progress ! Propose cool hacks: pull requests on the repo … and be credited for your participation! The story of which you can be the hero
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