The Pluses And Minuses of Google+ Plus


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Over the summer, Google+, a new social network, was launched to much fanfare. While some have touted it as a Facebook-killer, others wonder whether we need (and have time for) yet another social site.

Today, Google+ can provide SEO benefits, in-depth conversations and high-quality content sharing. In the near future, it may be useful for CRM, analytics, blogging, key intranet functions and more. But it may fade out as earlier Google social software has done. In this session, we’ll look at the features that distinguish Google+, particularly for businesses. We’ll also discuss reasons to be cautious in adopting it.

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The Pluses And Minuses of Google+ Plus

  1. “Google is not in a rush to change the world. They are on a steady course to do so..” - Paul Allen Founder of
  2. The Pluses And Minuses Of +Web 2.0 ExpoNew York City, NYby +Adria Richards @adriarichards
  3. Most people fear change
  4. The leapof faith
  5. I brunch hard
  6. I brunch hard at the same spot
  7. Upscale diner?
  8. Yes! Kosher blessed, vegetarian Chinese food!
  9. What would you do?
  10. YASN?
  11. YASN? YetAnother SocialNetwork?
  12. Are you running the right race?
  13. Adria RichardsI help companies solve problems @adriarichards
  14. SocialNetworksCompared
  15. Launched Launched LaunchedFebruary 4th, 2004 March 21st, 2006 June 28th, 2011800 million users 200 million users 43 million users*50% daily active 25% daily active Opened Septemberusers users 20th, 2011 * Approximate
  16. “Using Twitter is going to change the way you think about staying in touch with friends and family.”
  17. “Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”
  18. “Real life sharing, rethought for the web.”
  19. thebusinessof social
  20. Lessons:• Be persistent• Stay relevant• Enlist others
  21. Some Take a While To Catch On
  22. “Greatest thing since sliced bread”
  23. “Greatest thing since sliced bread” Lessons: • Solve problems • Offer Unique value • Extend your reach
  24. and some... MC Hammer Pants
  25. Google+Features
  26. FeaturesReal-time search Google+ APIHashtags Google Translate for Google+Google Games IgnoreSharing circles Tag pageGoogle+ iPhone app Mobile reshareGoogle+ is open Share to Twitter and LinkedINMobile hangouts Verified usersGoogle Docs in hangouts and so much more! Documentation, videos, community managers
  29. “The most valuable tool we use is Google+ hangouts.Our daily stands up are conducted via hangout.Rather than just hearing the other team members wecan see each other.Earlier today we had 4 developers, client managerand project manager all on a project planningmeeting. It wasnt quite the same as all being in thesame room, but it was a lot more personal and userfriendly than a conference call.” - Dave Hall, Developer
  31. Source: sfgate
  32. Zynga, a game development company, was founded in January 2007 In 2010, Zynga generated $597 million in revenue.$575.6 million of it from in-game purchases and the rest from advertising Source: sfgate
  33. Being SocialObserveCreateCurateOrganizeConnectExploreStoryteller
  34. How Adults Spend Their Time Online Source: flowtown, September 2010
  35. Women rule social media
  36. Is this your audience?
  37. Plus#1 First Adult Social Network
  38. Plus Popular Games#2
  39. Plus Share your network#3
  40. NYMWars#1 "To help fight spam and prevent fake profiles, use the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you." No nicknames, handles or stage names
  41. No business profiles (yet)#2 “There will be a product very soon that has businesses’ interests in mind… We want to give them the features businesses expect and the features that can improve the sharing experience both for consumers and businesses.”
  42. No Google Analytics or Google Apps (yet)#3
  43. TakeawaysFind people to follow and connect with using listsCreate unique content for Google+Create an editorial calendar for the contentSchedule time to interact, share and monitorCross pollinate your discussions
  44. We know what happens to people who stay inthe middle of the road. They get run over. - Ambrose Bierce
  45. The Pluses And Minuses Of +by +Adria Richards@adriarichards