How To Leverage Video For Your Cause


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Have you thought of creating videos to raise awareness for your cause? Have you felt overwhelmed by the technical aspects of video? Videos are a golden opportunity to connect with your audience and move them to take action. In this training you will learn how to create effective, value based videos that get results! Find out why the Wall Street Journal, BBC and Mashable are using Tout to capture and post 15 second DIY videos. Learn practical and actionable strategies on creating, publishing and distributing your videos. Finally, we will explore the power of visual storytelling and how you can leverage video to connect with your audience and activate them to share, engage and retell your message.

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How To Leverage Video For Your Cause

  1. 1. How To LeverageVideoForYour CauseNetroots Nation 2013San Jose, CAInstructor: Adria Richards
  2. 2. You will learn:How to make videosHow to make good videosHow to make good videos that engage people
  3. 3. BioAdria Richards@adriarichardsTechnology consultant•15 years in the industry•Focus on education and training•YouTube content creator with 2 million+ views•Blogger, developer and bacon loverI do technology training, video, content and SEOstrategy for companies, organizations and startups
  4. 4. WhyVideo?
  5. 5. Where to start?
  6. 6. Start
  7. 7. Video Nirvana
  8. 8. StartGoodHowVideo Nirvana
  9. 9. Let’s Get Started!
  10. 10. Misconceptions AboutVideo
  11. 11. Digital InfrastructureHelped Obama Win 2012
  12. 12. Digital DirectorPlays a vital role on a team accountable for creating andimplementing an integrated digital communications strategyand platform that will serve as the central tool for personalizedmessaging across multiple channels.This individual will focus on defining the multi year roadmapfor the business based on consumer needs, corporate prioritiesand operational requirements. The individual will also serve asthe internal communication champion to help facilitate thegrowth of a digital culture throughout the organization
  13. 13. Digital Director•Code•Design•Write emails and site content•Create social media campaigns•Manage technology projects•Develop mobile content•Product manager•Fundraise online•Create surveys•Make videos
  14. 14. Director of Digital orDurga Hindu Goddess?
  15. 15. StartHow
  16. 16. To create a video:RecordEditPublish
  17. 17. Video HardwareSmartphone Video Equipment
  18. 18. OMG!Technology is soexpensive and complicated!
  19. 19. Smartphones for video
  20. 20. is the best choice for video
  21. 21. Buy an iPhone
  22. 22. Buy a new iPhone for $100 (or Free!)
  23. 23. Avoid 2Years of HeadacheBYOD - BringYour Own Device
  24. 24. Buy a used iPhone on CraigslistPractice due dilligence when buying used technology• Coworkers and Family (Best)• Craigslist (Good)• Ebay (Caution)
  25. 25. "Lazy Sunday" named one of the bestSaturday Night Live moments of the 2000s.Embrace Underproduction
  26. 26. 5 Essential Items ForYourVideo Rig
  27. 27. Digital Camcorder
  28. 28. Microphone
  29. 29. Memory Card
  30. 30. Lighting
  31. 31. Tripod
  32. 32. Video WorkflowDigital CamcorderSmartphoneUploadEdit UploadEdit Upload
  33. 33.
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Studio
  36. 36. StartGoodHow
  37. 37. Convey a messageStir up feelingsHave a call to action (CTA)
  38. 38. Send theright messageto theright personat theright timewith theright call to action
  39. 39. GreenpeaceStop Coca Cola Trashing Australia
  40. 40. YouTube Statistics
  41. 41. Leverage marketing budgets oflarge corporations bypiggybacking your cause.
  42. 42. GreenpeaceVW:The Dark Side
  43. 43. How do you find out whatpeople are discussing andlooking for online?
  44. 44. Trends
  45. 45. Search Trends of 2012
  46. 46. Trends Top Charts
  47. 47. Google Trends Obamacare
  48. 48. Google Trends Obamacare
  49. 49. Google TrendsYouTube Search
  50. 50. Find Outlier Searches(and don’t believe everything you read online)
  51. 51. YouTube• More than 1 billion unique monthly visitors• Reaches more adults 18-34 than any cable network• 25% of videos are watched on mobile devicesSource:YouTube statistics, Neilsen
  52. 52. Alerts
  53. 53. Content Creator Playbook
  54. 54. Distribution
  55. 55. How do you spread the wordabout the videos yourorganization creates?
  56. 56. Don’t do all the work yourself.
  57. 57. Video Distribution NetworksSimilar to ad networks, video networks help todistribute and promote your videos acrossmedia platforms and sites.These networks are looking for video contentwith high value that can be repurposed.Not all are created equal.
  58. 58. Broad video content attracts new supporters.Educate, engage and funnel them responsibly.
  59. 59. How To Embed AVideo In Email
  60. 60. Image Play buttonVideo Image+ =
  61. 61. Find a “video button” via Google Images
  62. 62. Video NetworksConsider the following when choosing:Length of video allowedAnalyticsCommunityAbility to share and embed videosMobile viewingPrivacy policyTerms of ServiceDistributionMonetization
  63. 63. http://youtube.comYouTube
  64. 64. http://vimeo.comVimeo
  65. 65. http://tout.comTout
  66. 66. http://dailymotion.comhttp://flickr.comhttp://blip.tvhttp://viddler.comhttp://metacafe.comand many more...
  67. 67. Congratulations!
  68. 68. Twitter: @adriarichardsEmail: adria@butyoureagirl.comRemember to fill out the NetRoots Nation survey!Questions?
  69. 69. Mountain Climber http://zermatt.chMountain climbers http://techsciencedaily.comThe Mountain Climbers Randwill Flickr Flickr tulanesally chip cookies http://zermatt.chMountain climbers http://techsciencedaily.comiPhone surprise Hindu Goddess Wikipedia Obama http://thinkprogress.orgGiant Funnel Cap Mushroom Credits