Adrian Woolard Work Tech 2011 Final


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This was a joint presentation with Jon Corner, MediaCity:UK Director, University of Salford. It was given at WorkTech11 at MediaCity:UK, Salford on June 29th 2011. It was a

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Adrian Woolard Work Tech 2011 Final

  1. 1. Research & Collaboration in a New Century CityBBC R&D and the University of Salford at MediaCity:UK Dr Adrian Woolard, Project Director (North Lab), BBC Research & DevelopmentJon Corner, Director – MediaCity:UK, University of Salford © BBC MMXI
  2. 2. © BBC MMXI
  3. 3. Innovation in a new Century City•  The Physical environment – BBC R&D•  The Virtual environment - Collaboration•  University of Salford•  Emerging work from BBC R&D © BBC MMXI
  4. 4. Space As A Statement A R&D center laid out in rigid ways… is like a lover whispering “I love you” in a bored voice while doing a crossword puzzle. -  Workplace By Design, Becker & Steele Becker & Steele explain that workspace is an organisation’s body language – it must fit what the organisation says. © BBC MMXI
  5. 5. The Starting Point•  In Kingswood Warren, small offices were the norm, with additional laboratories for specialist work•  Offices house between 1 and 6 people, ensuring team conversations and other background noise can be contained•  Hot-desking was a non-starter, as individuals require access to specialist equipment on a regular basis, and it would be impractical to make this available at all desking locations © BBC MMXI
  6. 6. Challenges - Open Plan Open plan fits productive but not creative work as the latter requires flow (an uncluttered state of mind) which is easily disrupted. -  Professor David Roberts, University of Salford © BBC MMXI
  7. 7. Challenges - R&D Work Styles Flow is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Proposed by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the positive psychology concept has been widely referenced across a variety of fields. Colloquial terms for this or similar mental states include: to be on the ball, in the zone, or in the groove. -  Wikipedia definition of Flow © BBC MMXI
  8. 8. Challenges - Flexibility Space is the team and the work. If a member wants to jump aboard another project, he or she needs to be able to quickly take off and land [in the new team’s neighbourhood]. -  Tom Kelley, IDEO © BBC MMXI
  9. 9. The “great hall” – 08/2009 © BBC MMXI
  10. 10. IP Laboratory – 08/2009 © BBC MMXI
  11. 11. View from Lab – 08/2009 © BBC MMXI
  12. 12. R&D Lab @ MediaCity:UK – work in progress•  Video © BBC MMXI
  13. 13. Collaboration – knowledge creation & exchange © BBC MMXI
  14. 14. Cities & the digital workforce… The big, open-ended question is, Why should empowered and self-reliant people, equipped with increasingly powerful information technology, ever come to work at all? Key reading: © BBC MMXI
  15. 15. Innovation Hubs/ Nodes across the regions © BBC MMXI
  16. 16. Neighbourhoods We believe in the importance of neighbourhoods and community in fostering innovation. -  Tom Kelley, IDEO © BBC MMXI
  17. 17. Communities of Collaboration & innovationInternally1.  Projects / teams on site / in lab2.  Across teams on site3.  Across teams / projects – distributed across multiple sitesExternally1.  Across the cluster – site as a platform2.  Across regions / time-zones – using the Cloud & conferencesSeeking the right mix of productivity, efficiency & creativity © BBC MMXI
  18. 18. Distributed / Virtual Working – productivity & efficiency © BBC MMXI
  19. 19. Cloud based tools for distributed teams Basecamp® Skype® © BBC MMXI
  20. 20. In  any  conference,  the  total  exper1se  distributed  through  the  audience  usually  outweighs  the  exper1se  of  any  single  speaker.  BeeBCamp’s  unconference  format  brings  that  exper1se  out,  with  small  groups  where  everyone  can  take  part.   © BBC MMXI
  21. 21. “It’s fast and active - discussions, not presentations. A chance to talk about what really fires you up about your work.” © BBC MMXI
  22. 22. Glo Net Front Room 2010 © BBC MMXI
  23. 23. The Telethrone – University of Salford – PhD + general hackery Preserving the art of conversation © BBC MMXI
  24. 24. University of Salford © BBC MMXI
  25. 25. Virtual Maestro at Manchester International Festival © BBC MMXI
  26. 26. BBC, University of Surrey & CBBC/ BBC SPORT © BBC MMXI
  27. 27. Video Vu – virtual flights around Wimbledon with BBC Sport © BBC MMXI
  28. 28. Exploring immersive media – surround video © BBC MMXI
  29. 29. Universal Control – BBC R&D releasing research tools for collaboration © BBC MMXI
  30. 30. Most modern technology is created by bringingtogether & developing capabilities which alreadyexist…The genius lies in the way they are broughttogether & improved. Lord A. Broers Triumph of Technology, 2005 Reith Lectures © BBC MMXI
  31. 31. ©1979 Usborne Books written by Kenneth Gatland and David Jefferis. Future Media & Technology © BBC MMXI
  32. 32. Thank You! Dr Adrian Woolard Jon Corner Project Director (North Lab) Director – MediaCityUK BBC Research & Development, Future University of Salford | Offices of the Vice Media Chancellor and the Registrar R&D North Lab, 5th Floor, Dock House, MediaCityUK, The Old Fire Station | Room 126 | The Salford, M50 2LH Crescent | Salford | M5 4WT E: W: © BBC MMXI