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Tsm company presentation (team kimchi)


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Tsm company presentation (team kimchi)

  1. 1. &Proudly Presented By:Team Kimchi
  2. 2. About Seoul Space• One of Korea first start- up incubator• Aspire to be the “Silicon Valley of Korea”• Linkage between Korea and Global start-ups
  3. 3. Services Offered Seed Mentor-Funding ing Events & Seminars Coworking Media & Space Publicity Soft Market Landing Research Software Development
  4. 4. Unique Selling Points (USP)1. “Superstar” Founders2. Connections with Silicon Valley3. Knowing both Domestic and Foreign Market
  5. 5. Founders of Seoul Space • Director of Google from early 2001 to 2006, • Co-Founded XG-Ventures, a renowned angel fund in Silicon Valley • Lead Advisor for SK Telecom Ventures David Lee • Limited Partner in Y-Combinator and SV Angels
  6. 6. Founders of Seoul Space • Founded Korea’s first pay-per-click search engine company, Zingu • Launched the first Hello Kitty game for iPhone as Sanrio Digital’s only Global Licensed Partner • Lead Samsung Mobile and Electronics Richard Min successful viral marketing campaigns in Asia. • Official Mentor for the Korea Communications Commissions (KCC) IBS (Internet Business Start-ups) program • Research Fellow at the Korean government thinktank, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP). • Consulted for global Fortune 500 enterprises (eg: Google, Twitter etc)
  7. 7. Founders of Seoul Space • Founder of CP Entertainment: A Seoul-based Concert and Artist Licensing, Events and Promotions Company with representation experience including the Pussycat Chong-pil Yim Dolls and other international artists. • Investor in various IT, entertainment, franchise and real estate ventures
  8. 8. Top 5 Entrepreneur Traits1. The Visionary 2. Having Ambition 3. Build a Top-Notch Business Team 4. Build a Rock-Solid Reputation 5. Do what you enjoy
  9. 9. Top 5 Questions to AskThem1. What is the main difference between a Korean start-up and say a start-up from Silicon Valley?2. What is the key stopper to becoming an entrepreneur in Korea?3. What elements should be present in order for a start-up incubator to be successful?4. What do you think will be the entrepreneurship/technopreneurship trends in Korea in next 5 years?5. Do you think entrepreneurship can bloom in a "structured" country like Singapore?
  10. 10. 3 May 12, 02:00PM
  11. 11. About ONOFFMIX• Helps in organizing and promoting a wide variety of meetings and events among like- minded people• Allows everyone to explore and be part of online or offline groups
  12. 12. About ONOFFMIX• The idea of organizing offline events online, with the focus on bringing people together in one place
  13. 13. About JoonCheol Yang• 2001 - 2004:CEO/Founder of T2DN (Web Agency & Server HostingManagement)• 2002 - 2004:Chairman of Korea Youth Entrepreneurs Club• 2004 - 2010:Worked in various companies, such as DaumCommunication, Neowiz, Onlinetour, CDNetworks etc• 2010 - Present:ONOFFMIX Inc CEO of ONOFFMIX
  14. 14. Entrepreneur Traits• “Build a rock-solid reputation”• “Remember its all about the customer”
  15. 15. Quote from JoonCheolYang “The world will lead you to be happy and succeed if your service leads the world happy”
  16. 16. 1 May 12, 02:30PM