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A Data-Driven Approach to Content Marketing - CMWorld 2014


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Many content marketing strategies will crash and burn without a data-centric process. Competitive analysis, social outreach, content measurement and so many other aspects of content marketing will flourish when you support each task with an intelligent approach of data analysis.

This presentation will provide people with an assortment of data resources to optimize content planning, promotion and measurement, building a successful and sustainable content marketing strategy.

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A Data-Driven Approach to Content Marketing - CMWorld 2014

  1. 1. @adrianvender#CMWorld “A Data-Driven Approach to Content Marketing” Adrian Vender Director of Analytics Internet Marketing Inc. @adrianvender
  2. 2. @adrianvender#CMWorld A brief review of the start
  3. 3. @adrianvender#CMWorld Personas Understanding your audience is critical for content marketing success. Check out Mike King’s Mozpost on the art and science of persona development... All in the key of Smurfs! @iPullRank
  4. 4. @adrianvender#CMWorld Content Types and KPIs Choose the right content based on your audience needs, and select proper KPIs based on stage and content type. Check out IMI’s guide for more info.
  5. 5. @adrianvender#CMWorld Let’s Start Promoting!!
  6. 6. @adrianvender#CMWorld Where did your users come from?
  7. 7. @adrianvender#CMWorld UTM Tagging For any links shared on social media, email, non-browser environments... You mustadd UTM tags to your URLS.
  8. 8. @adrianvender#CMWorld How GA Attribution Works Order of attribution in GA: •Custom UTM tags in URLs •Browser referral string •If neither is found, session channel marked as “direct” “direct” really just means “we don’t know!”
  9. 9. @adrianvender#CMWorld What happens without UTM Tagging? Desktop and mobile apps don’t pass referral string, and browser referrals aren’t always insightful, leading to mass confusion. •Email marketing will be marked as “direct”or “mail.*”referrals. •Twitter traffic either marked as “direct”or “”referrals. •Banner ad referrals aren’t specific and insightful. •Bing Ads will appear as “bing/organic” *** for AdWords, enable autotagging!
  10. 10. @adrianvender#CMWorld UTM Tagging Resources Check out @AnnieCushingand her guide to UTM tagging.
  11. 11. @adrianvender#CMWorld Are people interacting with your content?
  12. 12. @adrianvender#CMWorld Basic GA Metrics Pageviews, Bounces (1-pageview sessions), ‘% Exit’ are all decent metrics for interaction. Beware–‘AvgTime on Page’ isn’t always what it seems.
  13. 13. @adrianvender#CMWorld GA Event Tracking Use Google Analytics Event Tracking to track on-page interactions of your content. •Button and CTA clicks •Banner and external link clicks •Page Scrolling Events tracking will affect ‘AvgTime on Page’ metrics, giving you a more accurate figure!
  14. 14. @adrianvender#CMWorld Content Scroll Tracking @JustinCutroni
  15. 15. @adrianvender#CMWorld Google Tag Manager Load conversion scripts and advanced tracking functionality with GTM for greater agility and flexibility. Your tech nerds will love it!
  16. 16. @adrianvender#CMWorld Are people talking about your content?
  17. 17. @adrianvender#CMWorld Did your content generate links? Gather link metrics for your content! Click the Just-Discoveredreport to find new links created within minutes after they’re shared.
  18. 18. @adrianvender#CMWorld Fresh Web Explorer by Moz Search up-to-date mentions of your brand, whether or not there is a link with it. Setup alerts to be notified of new mentions over time.
  19. 19. @adrianvender#CMWorld SimplyMeasuredfor Social Tracking
  20. 20. @adrianvender#CMWorld wow such data very analysis much places -Analytics Doge
  21. 21. @adrianvender#CMWorld Mo’ Data, Mo’ Problems Data living in disparate places can hinder actionable analysis.
  22. 22. @adrianvender#CMWorld Combine Data with Klipfolio Import data from almost ANY data source via API, SQL, CSV, etc. Create a dashboard to monitor each phase of your content marketing.
  23. 23. @adrianvender#CMWorld Always Be Optimizing
  24. 24. @adrianvender#CMWorld Optimize Everything Measure Analyze Optimize Are we targeting the right audience? Do we have the right KPIs? Are we accurately measuring? Are we choosing the right content? Where are people sharing the content? Do we have actionable reporting?
  25. 25. @adrianvender#CMWorld Thank You Adrian Vender Director of Analytics Internet Marketing Inc. @adrianvender