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SEO Matters


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Presentation at Archives Hub Development and Innovations Day, Jisc Manchester, 3rd Sept, 2015

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SEO Matters

  1. 1. Adrian Stevenson, Senior Technical Coordinator, Jisc Archives Hub Development and Innovations Day, Jisc Manchester, 3rd Sept, 2015 SEO Matters
  2. 2. What is SEO? »Search Engine Optimisation »Wikipedia: › “.. the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results” »Considers: › how search engines work › search terms typed into search engines › what searcher intention is »includes image, local, video, academic and vertical search engines SEO Matters 2
  3. 3. SEO Matters 3 ‘The Art of SEO’ (3rd Edition preview), E. Enge et al, O’Reilly Publications,Aug 2015
  4. 4. SEO Factors »On the page › Entirely within publishers control › Includes site content, HTML, site architecture … »Off the page › Publishers don’t directly control › Used because engines can’t rely on publisher signals alone »Violations › Tactics to deceive and manipulate engines »Remember:We don’t know everything about how search engines work SEO Matters 4
  5. 5. SEO Matters 5
  6. 6. SEO Matters 6 “The weighting is based on a combination of what search engines have said, surveys of the SEO community, as well as our own expertise and experience in watching the space over time.We don’t expect them to be perfect.” eotable
  7. 7. On the Page SEO - Content »Quality content › Search engines perform detailed analysis to build a semantic map that defines relationships between concepts › Offer quality content, ideally unique, useful and that isn’t found elsewhere »Keywords research › Complex area – searcher intention important › Write using keywords in a natural way if want to be found for searches on those words »Content freshness › Search engines love new content. Not necessarily a problem for archives, but news, updates all help SEO Matters 8
  8. 8. On the Page SEO - Site Architecture »Crawlability › Sensible site structure, breadcrumbs, robots.txt all help › Use HTML and XML sitemaps »Duplication of content not good »Single domain URL important – › e.g. redirects to › Avoid unnecessary sub-domains - e.g. »Use HTTP 301 ‘permanently moved’ redirects »Manage session ids, parameters and pagination e.g. SEO Matters 9
  9. 9. On the Page SEO - Site Architecture (cont.) »Mobile Friendly › More google searches on mobile than desktop › Responsive design best › Test at »Descriptive URLs – use words in URL if possible › good › probably not so good »Site Speed › small factor for desktop, but very important for mobile › Insights at SEO Matters 10
  10. 10. On the Page SEO - HTML »HTML title most important signal for search engines › Accurate, brief and unique <title>UsingArchives:A Guide for the Inexperienced - Archives Hub</title>  <title>Display :: Brief - Archives Hub</title>  › Order of words relevant <title>gb3184-sk - Stanley KubrickArchive - Archives Hub</title>  »Meta description not ranking factor but important for display. Auto-populate? »Header tags <h1>Using Archives: A Guide for the Inexperienced</h1> SEO Matters 11
  11. 11. SEO Matters 12 HTMLTitleTag
  12. 12. On the Page SEO – Structured Data »Structured Data increasingly important »Provides semantically meaningful markup »Local SEO ranking benefits based on name, address, phone number information »Possible approaches: › Rich snippets › › JSON-LD – isolates data from HTML › Linked Data SEO Matters 13
  13. 13. On the Page SEO – SEO Matters 14 From ‘The Art of SEO’ (3rd Edition preview)
  14. 14. Off the Page SEO –Trust and Authority »Authority is whether your site recognised as important in its field »Little has been made public about how engines calculate authority »Likely factors: › Established history › Links from respected ‘neighborhood’ sites › Engagement metrics: – How long users stay on your pages – low bounce rate – Comments, shares and likes SEO Matters 15
  15. 15. Off the Page SEO – Link Building and Ranking »Links are the most important external signal »More weight given to better quality links › E.g. from large authoritative sites »Link / anchor text › Helps if important sites link from keywords relevant to your site. E.g ‘archives’, ‘books’ etc. › Number of links has decreased in importance SEO Matters 16
  16. 16. Off the Page SEO – Additional Factors »Personalisation › We all get personalised results, even if not logged into Google › Google+ social connections can influence search results »Social Media – Facebook,Twitter etc. seen as ‘crucial’ › Represents a way of voting for sites › Reputation – References from accounts with good reputation important › Shares – Quality helps, but all good SEO Matters 17
  17. 17. SEO Matters 18
  18. 18. § SEO Matters 19
  19. 19. Conclusions »SEO matters! »It’s a complex and multi-faceted area »Can be expensive and time consuming »Very important for visibility and viability »Archives Hub made many improvements but still needs to address some areas › Some not viable to fix with existing system › Some we can fix if can find time/resource › New Hub system will give us opportunity to make more improvements to SEO SEO Matters 20
  20. 20. Contact SEO Matters 21 Adrian Stevenson SeniorTechnical Coordinator Jisc Manchester
  21. 21. SEO Matters 22 CC License This presentation available under creative commons Non Commercial-Share Alike: