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Exploring British Design


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Ignite Talk on the Exploring British Design Project given at the Europeana AGM 2015, Amsterdam, 4th November 2015.

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Exploring British Design

  1. 1. EXPLORING BRITISH DESIGN Adrian Stevenson | Europeana AGM 2015 Ignite Talk
  2. 2. Exploring British Design Exploring British Design CC BY-SA • AHRC: “Digital Transformations aims to exploit the potential of digital technologies to transform research in the arts and humanities” • Archives Hub: aggregator of archive descriptions • Brighton Design Archives, the University of Brighton • Archives Hub data -> Archives Portal Europe -> Europeana
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  7. 7. ADRIAN STEVENSON Senior Technical Coordinator, Jisc Manchester, UK France, Public Domain 1921, National Library of France Agence de presse Meurisse Colombes : championnats de France d’Athlétisme : rivière, le speaker