Become a freelance superstar writer


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Become a freelance superstar writer

  1. 1. How You Can Become A Freelance Superstar WriterMaximize your income potential,and pick the highest paying jobs.
  2. 2. How You Can Become AFreelance Superstar Writer This report explains: • How you can start as a freelance writer • How to find paying clients and jobs • How to compete with freelancers who charge too little You don’t need a website You can start without any existing contacts
  3. 3. What You Need To Start Off As A Freelance Writer1. Strong command of written English2. Good with grammar3. Able to spell correctly4. Write cohesively5. Able to follow instructions6. Able to write in various styles and formats Be A Freelance Superstar Writer
  4. 4. Why People Hire Freelance WritersIf you think about it, there will always be a demand for freelance writers. You don’t have to be an expert writer to become one. • Copywriting • Reviews • Blogging • Product Reports • Articles • Sales Pages • Website Content • Presentations • Technical Writing • Reports • Ghost Writing • Video Script • Voice-over Script • Audio Script
  5. 5. How and Where To Find Freelance Writing Opportunities  Decide on a niche and what you want to write about.  Prepare your portfolio . You can join a forum, freelance site, answer an ad, sell a writing gig, network and use social website, email potential clients. • Warrior Forum You should sign up and see if the websites work for you. • • The websites listed here are some well-known avenues • where you can sell your • writing services or respond to a job.
  6. 6. Some Places To Find Freelance Writing Opportunities • Warrior Forum One of the best known forum on internet marketing, you can learn from others while offering your own services. • One of the newer sites where you can buy or write articles. The prices are offered are low but if you have to start somewhere, this might work. • One of the best known marketplace where you offer your services for $5. You earn $4. Easy place to start. I know people who earn up to $2000 a month here.
  7. 7. How To Go About Finding Clients 1. Go Where The Clients Are • Get listed on sites, forums and social networks. • Write a full profile and Brand yourself. • Bid for jobs. 2. Sell Your Own Gigs • Sell your writing services on forums and writing sites. • Write clear and detailed description of your services. • Promote your own services on forums and social sites. 3. Prospect For Clients • Spread the word out on what you do. • Be active in your forum or network. • Leave comments and contribute to the conversation. • Don’t be afraid to bid and ask for jobs.
  8. 8. How To Stand Out As A Freelance WriterWhen you are just starting out, you need to build a reputation of doing good work, delivering orders on time and be easy to work with. You want to be building your own contact list of clients.1. Build a portfolio• Get published on article directories• Show off your guest blog posts2. Build your brand• Your niche, your strength and style, your work• Be known for what you do, write your profiles• Collect testimonials3. Price your services• Adjust your prices accordingly• Bid for as many jobs as you are capable of doing
  9. 9. How To Get Good ClientsClients prefer to work with someone they know who can do the job. In return, they can offer freelancers a steady stream of orders.• Deliver your work on time• Write to a high standard• Understand what the client is asking for• Give the client what they want• Be willing to do revisions• Build up a portfolio of testimonialsBuild your brand and reputation, and you will be known in your niche. Eventually, you can ask your price. Build Trust
  10. 10. How To Get High Paying Jobs To maximize your income, you need to find high paying clients and bigger jobs. 1. Establish your reputation in your niche 2. Build your network of contacts and buyers 3. Approach leading websites in your niche and guest blog for them. This can lead to a writing job from them 4. Approach corporations and influential people in your industry 5. Develop expertise in your niche To get your asking price, you have to Build Trust
  11. 11. How To Compete With Freelancers Who Charge Too Little There are many freelancers from all over the world who charges 41 or 42 per article, even $5 for 10 articles. Cheap writing services are readily available and they fill a need in their market. To build your business, and avoid competing with cheap writers 1. Position yourself in your market 2. Target a different market There are many business owners who are willing to pay more for original work. Businesses need quality work for their business blog, web copy, company brochures, presentations, etc. They can afford to get the best freelance writers.
  12. 12. NotesThese were originally notes that I have compiled for my personal use. You may share this. And if you find this useful and would like to read more, Visit