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What www.OnlineSabah.com can do for your local business. We connect you to your target market in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We build business connections for your business.

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About OnlineSabah.com

  1. 1. Business is about Connections<br />Business Presentation<br />Prepared by Adrian Lee<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />
  2. 2. About OnlineSabah.com<br />Online Sabah builds connections for your business. We are a one stop destination for business owners and enterprises in Sabah.<br />Online Sabah creates links to your websites, facebook pages or network websites, anywhere on the internet.<br />Target Your Market<br />Facebook Users:<br />In Malaysia, there are over<br />11 million Facebook accounts.<br />In Sabah alone, there are over<br />360,000 Facebook accounts.<br />2<br />
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE<br />Network<br />Experts<br />Computers<br />Internet<br />Marketing<br />SEO<br />Design<br />Adrian Lee<br /><ul><li> Owner of www.DotComMembership.com
  4. 4. Publisher of www.AboutSabah.com
  5. 5. Owner of www.FromAdrianLee.com</li></ul>Expertise:<br /><ul><li>Website Publisher | Web Hosting | Wordpress
  6. 6. Internet Marketing | Social Marketing
  7. 7. Retail Systems Development
  8. 8. Retail Marketing & Operations</li></ul>Eric Chai<br /><ul><li>Owner of Oasis IT Computer Shop
  9. 9. Owner of Oasis Internet Centre
  10. 10. www.OasisInternetCentre.com</li></ul>Expertise:<br /><ul><li> POS Network Systems
  11. 11. Server Operations
  12. 12. Software Programming
  13. 13. Computer Software
  14. 14. Computer Hardware
  15. 15. Customer Service</li></ul>Joint Venture Partnership<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />Sabah Business Directory<br />
  17. 17. What We Can Do For You<br />Increase Traffic To Your Website<br />Get More Leads for your business<br />Advertise your business online<br />We Deliver Search Results!<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />5<br />
  18. 18. INTERNET MARKETING PROCESS<br />Social Media<br />Engages the customer and interact with them<br />Our Directory<br />Drives target prospects to your business website<br />Search Engines<br />People actively searching for your brand, products and services<br />
  19. 19. WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITE<br />YOUR SHOP<br />When a customer walks in, <br />They don’t have a lot of time.<br />You don’t have a lot of time.<br />There are too many distractions.<br />YOUR WEBSITE<br />Look through your products.<br />Look through your services.<br />Look through your offers.<br />There are No Distractions.<br />
  20. 20. THESOCIAL MARKETING FLOWCHART<br />The Prospect<br />In today’s marketplace, the customer drives the decisions your company makes.<br />Identifies the company that meets their needs<br />Propose<br />Meet<br />Initials the call for quotation or information<br />Make the Purchase<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />
  21. 21. BRAND BUILDING AND THE RIPPLE EFFECT<br />Your Company Website<br />Social Networks Facebook, LinkedIn<br />Online Sabah Business Directory<br />Advertising<br />Space Buy,<br />Media Buy<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />
  22. 22. A LOOK AT MARKETING TRENDS<br />NOW<br />BEFORE<br />FUTURE<br />Website<br />Advertising<br />Print<br />Advertising<br />Internet Marketing<br />2011<br />2010<br />2013<br />2009<br />2012<br />Print Advertisement<br />Website Advertisement<br />Mobile Marketing<br />Social Network Marketing<br />Internet TV Advertisement<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />
  23. 23. THE OBJECTIVES OF ONLINE MARKETING<br />How can your customers find you?<br />How can you communicate with customers?<br />How can your customers contact you?<br />How can your business grow?<br />How can you find connections online?<br />Question<br />#1<br />Question<br />#2<br />Question<br />#3<br />Question<br />#4<br />Question<br />#5<br />Search Engines/ Business Listing<br />Your Company Website<br />Your Contact Pages<br />Generate Leads<br />Leverage Social Media<br />Search Engines<br /><ul><li> Google
  24. 24. Yahoo
  25. 25. Bing</li></ul>Social Networks<br /><ul><li> Linkedin
  26. 26. Facebook
  27. 27. APSense</li></ul>Business Listings<br /><ul><li> Web Directories
  28. 28. Facebook Pages
  29. 29. Sponsored Posts</li></ul>Sabah Business Directory<br />
  30. 30. Q1: How can your customers find you? <br />Customers search for products and services they need using search engines.<br />Their search is based on keywords and location.<br />example: Panasonic Aircon Kota Kinabalu<br />Your Business page or website must appear on the 1st 3 pages of search engine results.<br />Ranking high on Google for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is what we do.<br />If you have a website, our Business Page will link back to your website. This helps you rank even higher on the search engines.<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />12<br />
  31. 31. Q2: How can you communicate with your prospects and customers online?<br />Your Business Page will show your contact details:<br /><ul><li>Company name
  32. 32. Contact numbers
  33. 33. Website
  34. 34. Emails
  35. 35. Business map
  36. 36. Social network
  37. 37. Photographs of products/shop/office
  38. 38. Business description</li></ul>www.OnlineSabah.com<br />13<br />
  39. 39. Q3: How Can Your Customers Contact You?<br />Your customers can contact you through the contact information on your Business Page.<br />They can go directly to your website.<br />They can connect with you by Social Network.<br />If you don’t connect with your prospects<br />and customers – your competitors will.<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />14<br />
  40. 40. Q4: How can a website or business page help your business?<br />A well-designed website is:<br />Communication Channel.<br />Marketing Channel.<br />Advertising Channel.<br />Sales Channel.<br />A Website can do this for your business:<br />Generate Leads for your business.<br />Be the best source of information for your products/services.<br />Build your brand online.<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />15<br />
  41. 41. Q5: How can you find connections online?<br />We use social networks – Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate directly with our target market.<br />Social networks can build professional connections and brand awareness for your business.<br />Advertising on social networks is laser-targeting your audience.<br />If Coca-cola, Air Asia and Red Bull use facebook,<br />isn’t it time for you to join in?<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />16<br />
  42. 42. 17<br />Listings - Premium<br /><ul><li>Includes Business name, Address, Phone, Website, Email.
  43. 43. Increased visibility compared to Business Listing.
  44. 44. Appears as a webpage, complete with article promoting your business and services, including photos.
  45. 45. Your listing can be indexed on the search engines.
  46. 46. We provide a link back to your company website, facebook page or anywhere on the internet.
  47. 47. RM240 for 12 months listing.</li></ul>www.OnlineSabah.com<br />
  48. 48. 18<br />Listings – Business Page<br /><ul><li>Includes Business name, Address, Phone, Website, Email.
  49. 49. Appears as a webpage, complete with article promoting your business and services, including photos.
  50. 50. Your listing can be indexed on the search engines.
  51. 51. We provide a link back to your company website, facebook page or anywhere on the internet.
  52. 52. RM120 for 12 months listing.</li></ul>www.OnlineSabah.com<br />
  53. 53. www.OnlineSabah.com<br />19<br />Banners<br /><ul><li>Top Leaderboard
  54. 54. Featured Listing
  55. 55. Business Listing
  56. 56. Side Banner
  57. 57. Bottom Leaderboard
  58. 58. Featured Listing = Premium, RM240 per year
  59. 59. Business Listing = RM120 per year
  60. 60. Top Banner = RM100 per month
  61. 61. Side Banner = RM50 per month
  62. 62. Bottom Banner = RM50 per month</li></li></ul><li>Thank you!<br />Have Questions? Interested in what we can do for you?<br />Contact Us Today!<br />20<br />Eric Chai<br />Partner<br />016-813 0110<br />erichaipf@gmail.com<br />Facebook:<br />Oasis Computer Shop<br />Adrian Lee<br />Partner<br />013-864 1699<br />adrian.sabah@gmail.com<br />Facebook:<br />Local Business Website<br />www.OnlineSabah.com<br />