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Metering Central America & Mexico 2011


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Showguide and agenda of Metering Mexico 2011

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Metering Central America & Mexico 2011

  1. 1. SHOW GUIDE METERING WATER METER AMERICA S U M M I T ENERGY WATER Rafael Mateu Lazcano David Korenfeld Federman Engineering and Client Services Manager President CFE | MEXICO ANEAS | MEXICO Pallas Agterberg Ramón Aguirre Director Strategy & Innovation General Director ALLIANDER | NETHERLANDS SACM| MEXICO John Bohn Brian Novak CEO Advanced Metering Systems Program Manager GLOBALNET PARTNERS | USA JEA| USA Rajesh Bansal Eric Carozzi Metering Management Chief Operational Development Superintendent BSES DELHI | INDIA SABESP | BRAZIL Eugenia María Duque Mejía Diana Lorena Gómez Energy Business Development Manager Client Services Manager EPM | COLOMBIA AGUAS DE MANIZALES| COLOMBIA Rens Bindeman José Ramón Ardavín Technical Advisor Sub director for Sanitation, Potable Water and Drainage SARPA | SOUTH AFRICA CONAGUA | MEXICOMAIN SPONSOR GOLD SPONSORS SILVER SPONSORS BRONZE SPONSORS SPONSORS HOST UTILITIES ALLIED UTILITIES
  2. 2. Agenda at a Glance* DAY 1 Opening Session: the official view on the development of Smart Technologies in MexicoDear Delegate, MorningWelcome to Metering Central America & Mexico conference and exhibition here in Session Plenary Session: Central American utilities’ drivers to invest inMexico City. metering technologies and its current metering challengesThis guide you are receiving contains the conference‘s agenda, map of the exhibition areaas well as information about our host utilities, allied utilities and sponsors. Regulation, financing and operations: three mandatorySmart Grids is a concept on every Utility’s investment agenda. It is a worldwide trend that aspects for technology implementation in energy and water Afternoon’swill be reality in the future. In our region, Smart Grids will start through the smart meter, distributionin order to improve utilities’ losses statistics and operational efficiency rates. Session Special Session: B to B & 1 on 1 meetingsDivided in two tracks, energy and water, Metering will address key information regardingbest practices in the Metering area of utilities. DAY 2In the Energy track, experts from many countries will come and share their experiences in SmartGrids implementation projects. There will be experiences from Europe and USA regarding Smart METERING WATER METERCities, Client relationship, AMI program management; and there will be presentations from countries AMERICA S U M M I Tlike India, South Africa and Brazil regarding specific strategies oriented to fraud control and marketrecovery: some of our main drivers to smart meter/grids investments. Remote MeteringThe water track will present some of Mexico’s most efficient water conservation programs. Implementation in Central Water ConservationWater losses, commercial efficiency and financial investment incentives are the issues that Morning Americawe will address throughout the agenda. There will be best practices presentations from Session Regulations and tools toimportant Mexican Water Utilities of cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana and Experiences with Smart increase operationalmany others. Metering programs efficiencyEnjoy the event, ask speakers questions, take part on our debates! Your participation andcontribution to the Smart Grid discussion is fundamental to the development of Smart Metering for Water Prepayment Possibilitiesstrategies for a fast-tracking intelligent utility in our Region. Distribution Afternoon’sBest regards, Session Strategies and Tools for Fraud Prevention and Market Loss Prevention Issues RecoveryBest regards, DAY 3 METERING WATER METER AMERICA S U M M I TAdriano RehderConference Producer Morning How to minimize losses and Billing and CRM for WaterSPINTELLIGENT – CLARION EvENTS Session optimize MDM Utilities Workshop: Planning and Smart Grid Implementation execution of a water metering Issues project Afternoon’s Site visit: IUSA’s water and electricity meter factory in Pastejé Session *updated May 10th INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT:
  3. 3. Day 1, May 17 th – Morning Day 1, May 17 th – Afternoon 8:50 - 9:00 Openning remarks by the president of Metering Central America and 14:30 – 16:30 Regulation, financing and operations: three mandatory aspects for Mexico 2011 technology implementation in energy and water distribution 9:00 – 10:30 Opening Session: the official view on the development of Smart Sponsored by: Technologies in México Covered Topics: Sponsored by: 25’ Smart Meters: The uneven California Experience • The view of SENER for Mexico’s development of smart energy distribution; John Bohn, CEO, GLOBALNET PARTNERS | USA • CONAGUA’s role in the development of efficiency for Mexican water utilities; 25’ CONAGUA’s programs for financial support of Mexican water utilities • CFE view of Smart Grid and its smart metering investments; Eduardo Ibañez, Utilities Strenghtening Manager, CONAGUA | MEXICO • Challenges and perspective for Mexican energy and water distribution. 25’ Utilities financing options for technology investments in Central Moderator: Hugo Perez Ramón Aguirre, General Director, SACM America Rebolledo, Energy Manager, MEXICO CITY | MEXICO Jose Francisco Manjarrés, Sr. Specialist, IADB| MEXICO IIE | MEXICO Jaime Ramírez Ortíz, Generation and 25’ From Pilot to Operations: Looking at the new role of analytics, rate David Korenfeld, President, Energy Transformation Director, redesign and demand side management with smart metering ANEAS | MEXICO MINISTRY OF ENERGY | MEXICO Bill Devereaux, Vice President Industry Strategy, ORACLE UTILITIES | USA Enrique vargas Nieto, José Ramon Ardavín, Sub diretor for Comercial Coordinator, Potable Water, Sanitation and Drainage, 16:30 - 17:00 Networking Coffee Break CFE | MEXICO CONAGUA | MEXICO 17:00 – 18:00 Special Session: B to B & 1 on 1 meetings Here is something you can’t miss! We are saving an specific time slot for 10:30– 11:00 Networking Coffee Break meetings previously scheduled by the conference coordination 11:00– 13:00 Plenary Session: Central American utilities’ drivers to invest in between event’s participants, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and metering technologies and its current Metering challenges partners to generate business opportunities and commercial Covered Topics: networking with all of the participants. Ask for information regarding • Current status of utilities’ distribution challenges: loss prevention, these round tables with our organization. metering investments, efficiency gain, billing challenges; • Perspectives for electricity and water metering; • Possible solutions for a more efficient distribution. George Reinoso, Energy Counselor, Jairo Benito Castellanos, Regional CDEEE | DOMENICAN REPUBLIC Manager, ENEE | HONDURAS Gerardo Rodríguez, Metering and Roberto Olivares, Representant Substation Manager, AES EL Governor, WORLD WATER CONSIL | SALvADOR | EL SALvADOR MEXICO Miguel Toriz, Billing and Meter Jose Francisco Manjarrés, Sr. Reading Manager, ENSA | PANAMA Specialist, IADB | MEXICO Alfonso valverde, Energy Rolando Araya, Technology Management Chief, CNFL | COSTA RICA Development Director, INSTITUTO Otto Walter, Meternig Technology COSTARRICENSE DE ACUEDUCTOS 18:00 VIP Cocktail and end of the conference’s first day Manager, U.F. DEOCSA-DEORSA | Y ALCANTARILLADOS | COSTA RICA GUATEMALA 13:00– 14:30 LunchLa energía es la fuerzacon la que vivimos.En Cisco queremos ayudar a las empresas deenergía a crear una infraestructura de extremoa extremo, que sea con able y segura en losdespliegues de Smart Grid.La red IP, como una plataforma inteligente, esla solución.
  4. 4. Day 2, May 18 th – Morning METERING WATER METER AMERICA S U M M I T 9:00 – 10:30 Remote Metering Implementation in Central America Water Conservation This session’s objective is to present some of Central American first AMR Water conservation is a major issue for water utilities, specially for those in countries implementation programs, evaluating its results and future developments. with drinking water shortage such as Mexico. This session’s presentations address Moderation: Javier Galvan, Sponsored by: how to improve the efficient consumption of water, minimize technical losses and Project Manager and Customer Service, ITRON | MEXICO contribute for a more rational water distribution. 25’ Honduras’s improvements in remote metering automation Utility case study: Nuevo León’s water supply and the distribution Jorge Córdova, Remote metering manager, ENEE | HONDURAS sectorization strategy in the central area of Monterrey Emilio Rangel, General Director, SADM MONTERREY | MEXICO 25’ CNFL’s remote residential meter reading projects CESPT’s efficiency and water conservation programs Rodrigo Espinoza Porras, Metering Lab Manager, CNFL | COSTA RICA Hernando Durán, General Director, CESPT TIJUANA | MEXICO 25’ How do Mexican and Central American Utilities perceive Smart Metering Case study: the water conservation program from the city Celaya, implementation? Guanajuato, focusing on flow recovery Javier Galvan, Project Manager and Customer Service, ITRON | MEXICO Willinton Navarro, Technical Director, JUMAPA | MEXICO 10:30 – 11:00 Networking Coffee Break 11:00 – 12:30 Smart Metering Case Studies Regulations and strategic tools to increase operational eficiency This session will present successful case studies on smart metering Knowing specific regulations on the water sector is fundamental for utilities implementation: utilities investments drivers, challenges, technology choice, compromised with efficiency gain. Strategic tools also play an important role in results and further development. the increase of global efficiency programs. This sesion will present regulations’s Moderation: Ricardo Kirschner, Sponsored by: specificitys and Utilities programs that are involved in helping the utility increase Commercial Director, IUSA | MEXICO its global operational eficiency rates. 25’ Special Presentation: CFE’s Smart Grids projects Mexico’s Utilities current status: goals and improvements opportunities Rafael Mateu Lazcano, Engineering and Client Services Manager, víctor Alcocer Yamanaka, Urban Hidraulic Manager, IMTA | MEXICO CFE | MEXICO 25’ Case study: Post Go-Live: how to organize your business to maximize the Mexico’s regulatory framework linked to water utilities efficiency upgrade benefits from your AMI solution Maria Eugénia De La Peña, Strategic Projects Submanager, CONAG UA| MEXICO Brian Novak, Advanced Metering Systems Program Manager, JACKSONvILLE ENERGY AUTHORITY | USA 25’ Smart Metering: Practical Experiences Case study: SEAPAL vallarta’s experiences in improving its global Rafael Cueto, Independent Consultant | DOMENICAN REPUBLIC efficiency rates Humberto Muñoz vargas, General Director, SEAPAL vALLARTA | MEXICO 12:30 – 14:00 LunchNOBODY COVERS THE “LAST MILE” LIKE WE DO!!VISIT US IN EXPO METERING MEXICO & CENTRAL AMERICA- BOOTH #16Eran DoriGRUPO DAISSA - MEXICO CITY.e mail: edori@daissa.comTel: (55) 55459770cel: (+52.1) 998.155.1471WWW.MTRCOM.COM
  5. 5. Day 2, May 18 th – Afternoon METERING WATER METER AMERICA S U M M I T14:00 – 15:30 Prepayment Softwares Featured in Smart Meters Smart Metering for Water Distribution Prepayment softwares for electricity utilities are an intelligent billing alternative for New metering technologies for water distribution help increase utilities’ operational residential clients in Central America. Its implementation, however, needs to be and commercial efficiency as well as contribute for a more rational water carefully thought for it involves logistical challenges, high costs and risks. consumption. However, AMR for water distribution is not fully deployed in Latin This session will present some successful case studies on prepayment technology America. This session will present successful case studies on AMR projects for water deployment for utilities. distribution addressing its difficulties, costs and benefits. Moderator: Fabio Dominguez, Sponsored by: Moderation: Eduardo Neri, Sponsored by: VP, ELSTER SOLUTION LLC | USA Development Director, IUSA | MEXICO 25’ Case study: How do you create metering prepaid infrastructure that is user Utility case study: Intelligent Metering: experiences from Agua de friendly? Manizales, Colombia Nathaniel George, Commercial Manager, DOMINICA ELECTRIC SERvICES | Diana Lorena Gómez, Client Services Manager, AGUAS DE MANIZALES| DOMINICA COLOMBIA 25’ Utility case study: prepaid program in EPM, results, perspectives and Utility Case Study: Water Automated Meter Reading experiences from an innovation early adopter utility. JEA shares it’s experiences and lessons learned from 5 Eugenia María Duque Mejía, Energy Business Development Manager, years of AMR water meter operations. EMPRESAS PÚBLICAS DE MEDELLÍN | COLOMBIA Brian Novak, Advanced Metering Systems Program Manager, JACKSONvILLE ENERGY AUTHORITY | USA 25’ Case study: pre and post payment for energy purchase Utility case study: Sistemas de Agua de Huixquilucan’s self managed water Mohsen Deeb, Manager, ELECTROMETER | EGYPT system program Abel Huitrón, General Director, SAH | MEXICO15:30 – 16:00 Networking Coffee Break16:00 – 18:00 Strategies and Tools for Fraud Prevention and Market Recovery Loss Prevention Issues Smart Metering plays a major role in utilities’ general efficiency rates. IT tools and Both technical and commercial losses are major issues for water distribution utilities, efficient CRM also play important roles in reducing losses and enhancing market specially for those in countries with drinking water shortage such as Mexico. This recovery. This session will present utilities’ strategies that increased commercial session’s presentations address best practices for loss control in water utilities: efficiency and market recovery. technology investments, strategic tools and loss control case studies. Moderator: Ernesto Sanchez Proal, Sponsored by: CEO, ENERI | MEXICO 25’ Utility Case Study: Social actions integrated to technical actions to reduce Case study: South Africa’s efforts, new tools and processes to prevent / energy commercial losses minimize losses Gislene Santos Rodrigues, Social Projects Manager, AMPLA | BRAZIL Rens Bindeman, Technical Advisor, S. AFRICAN REvENUE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION| SOUTH AFRICA 25’ Utility Case Study: Role of IT and intelligent metering in loss reduction Case Study: Agua de Saltillo’s Sectorization program and its results in Rajesh Bansal, Metering Management Chief, BSES DELHI | INDIA reducing losses Alejandro Osuna, General Manager, AGUAS DE SALTILLO | MEXICO 25’ Case Study: AMI as a tool for loss reduction in energy distribution – the Case study: strategies for loss reduction in Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara experience México – PUMAGUA Ernesto Sanchez Proal, President and CEO, ENERI | MEXICO José Daniel Rocha, PUMAGUA coordinator, UNIvERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTóNOMA DE MéXICO| MEXICO 25’ Integrated Losses and Distribution Management System Losses control and reduction: the experiences of SABESP, São Paulo Miguel Muniz, CEO, ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES | DOMENICAN REPUBLIC Eric Carozzi, Operational Development Superintendent, SABESP | BRAZIL 18:00 End of conference’s second day Lectura PrimeRead ES Control El poder de la información Validación Intercambio Reportes Alarmas PrimeGuard Monitoreo Atento de las novedades Seguimiento PrimeGrid Centralización Balances Gestión de resultados Gestión de pérdidas Soluciones para empresas con energía
  6. 6. Day 3, May 19 th – Morning METERING WATER METER AMERICA S U M M I T9:00 – 10:30 How to minimize losses and optimize MDM Billing and CRM for Water Utilities This workshop will look at all the aspects of metering issues to effectively Billing plays a major role in utilities’ general efficiency rates and this session will manage the demand: how to identify shortcomings in the metering system, present utilities’ billing strategies that increased commercial efficiency and how to plan ahead, how to minimize non technical and technical losses, how to customer relationship. know which meters should be used for what application, how to effectively Moderator: Edward Kobeszka, Sponsored by: manage metering data, MDM platform requirements when integration meter Marketing Manager, ACLARA | USA data in business and operational processes, how to get the consumers to support the effort and how to deal with legal matters and compile guidelines to give guidance to Utility officials. Moderator: Martín Camargo, Sponsored by: Energy Account Manager, CISCO | MEXICO 40’ The evolution of AMI, an integral element of Smart Grid Case study: metering and client management investments, profitability Martín Camargo, Energy Account Manager, CISCO | MEXICO from customer care quality Francisco Núñez Escudero, Client Services Director, SACM | MEXICO 40’ Efficient demand management through metering aspects: South Africa’s Aguas de Pereira’s billing program and its impact on financial stability experiences Maria Irma Noreña, Manager, AGUAS Y AGUAS DE PEREIRA | COLOMBIA Rens Bindeman, Technical Advisor, SOUTH AFRICAN REvENUE PROTECTION Case Study in Leakage Control and Research Findings on Customer Meter ASSOCIATION | SOUTH AFRICA Edward Kobeszka, Marketing Manager, ACLARA | USA10:30 – 11:00 Networking Coffee Break11:00 – 12:30 Smart Grid Implementation Issues WORKSHOP: Planning and execution of a water Meter project Smart Grid is a broad concept that regards a more intelligent way of generating This workshop will engage the audience in finding answers to key issues and distributing energy to consumers. To invest in a smarter grid means regarding decision making for metering systems and commercial management. Using integrated mathematical models and a Strategy Program, this workshop implement many innovative technologies that will reduce utilities costs and will address: increase their operational efficiency. Nowadays,however, these investments still • When to foretell the efficient life of a meter or the best moment for its carry many risks and utilities need to think thoroughly in issues such as: substitution equipment interoperability, telecommunication technologies, client • How to optimize the billing levels of your meters relationship amongst other issues. This session will present case studies of • How to distinguish price differences between an economic meter and a projects of smart grid implementation and its major challenges. ‘’cheap’’ meter • Which investments in metering technology and commercial management Moderator: Martín Maqueda, Sponsored by: involves best benefits for utilities and consumers Project Manager, IIE, MEXICO • How can a smart metering system help water distribution be more efficient and cost saving 25’ Case Study: The importance of customer interaction in the deployment of Amsterdam Smart City program Fernando Milanes, President, CICASA | MEXICO Pallas Agterberg, Director Strategy & Innovation, ALLIANDER | NETHERLANDS Sponsored by: 25’ Why the utilities need to engage the customer for the smart grid deployment to be successful? Carlos Ramón, General Manager – Global Ventures, SILvER SPRING NETWORKS| USA 25’ Case study: development and implementation of a RF Gridstream inteligent Closing Debate Panel network in Colón City, Panama: objectives, considerations and benefits This session will engage the audience in a closing debate, refreshing key issues Miguel Toriz, Billing and Meter Reading Manager, ENSA | PANAMA discussed during the event and emphasizing utilities’ next steps to enhance its distribution and efficiency rates.12:30 – 12:40 Metering BINGO: take part of our vendor BINGO and get a Blue Label Whisky12:40 – 14:00 LunchDay 3, May 19 th – Afternoon METERING WATER METER AMERICA S U M M I T 14:00 – 18:00 Site visit: IUSA’s water and electricity meter factory in Pastejé * Metering Central America and Mexico ends with a site visit to IUSA’s industrial complex in Pastejé. Energy and water distribution companies can find both interesting and ilustrative this visit to the impressive meter factory. A former Hacienda, Pastejé is a unique Industrial City, one of the largest in Latin America. It is home to IUSA´s manufacturing facilities, holding over 70 different industrial processes and manufacturing more than 6000 products. At Pastejé, you will witness the high quality process which involves the manufacturing and testing of IUSA´s water and electricity meters. This guided tour will give you the chance to better understand how can meters be more accurate, reliable and effective, clarifyingwhich are the aspects you should look for when looking for meters to your company. 14:00 Departure from Hotel 15:30 Beginning of the guided visit 17:30 Return to the Hotel and end of Metering 2011 *visit allowed for utilities, associations and university personnel only. ID presentation is mandatory