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Executive Job Market Intelligence Report 2011


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Executive Job Market Intelligence Report 2011

  1. 1. 1 9 TH A N N U A L E X E C U N E T R E P O R T2011 ExecutiveJob MarketIntelligenceReport
  2. 2. [ ] 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTMarket OverviewMANAGING WITH ONE EYE ON GROWTH, ONE FOCUSED ON THE REAR VIEW MIRRORC ompanies across the U.S. economy and in every industry learnedsome tough lessons during the “great innovating and maximizing the financial contribution of smaller operating teams. “Want a strong globalrecession.” But as they entered 2011, This focus on revenue is revealed in broad business focus. Need tomany had also learned how to maximize corporate demand for sales, business know how to use metricsproductivity, mitigate risk and stretch development and sales enablement to demonstrate businessmanagement capability and creativity as leaders across the U.S. economy, andnever before. especially in dynamic industry segments results.” from healthcare and biotech to highBuoyed by slow but continuing economic technology, energy and utilities and therecovery, more employers are starting emerging green tech and environmentalto focus on growth and beginning services markets. Equally positive, severalto fill gaps in executive performance sectors hit hardest by the recession – fromby selectively recruiting for new consumer products to financial services business confidence by picking off topmanagement positions, “trading up” with and manufacturing – are rebuilding their talent from competitors. This is especiallynew hires for existing leadership roles management infrastructure to support true, for example, in the high technologyand working to retain high performers at business objectives. space, where some companies areevery level. expanding rapidly. Unlike previous economic recovery cycles,Yet, while they are increasingly employers have assumed the potential Overall, business growth is poised totaking steps to capitalize on future double jeopardy of balancing growth continue through 2011. Executive recruitersgrowth potential and the yield of high plans with conservative investment. The expect double-digit growth in demand forproductivity from business streamlining, sustainability of this approach will play management talent this year, comparedcompanies are also clinging to what they out through 2011, as many employers to the double-digit drop nearly all of themlearned from the recession and keeping reach a pivotal break point with key experienced during the global economicone eye rearward should recent history executive leaders who have pushed crisis. This is evidenced in executive searchloom to repeat itself. themselves and their teams to their own firms’ own hiring plans, as many, just performance thresholds for more than like their corporate clients, say they’re two years running. poised to rebuild their executive research and consulting teams to keep pace with “Quality folks in short Resilient North American employers escalating demand for top talent. supply as demand grows are also proving themselves more circumspect when it comes to investing But today’s increasing demand for rapidly.” in new markets, expanding their real management talent comes with a estate and capital equipment holdings, twist. Employers want more value from and growing their workforce and the recruitment process, especially as management resources. technology puts more of the process in their hands and they seek to cultivate the Throughout the economic downturn, most impressive candidates from socialHaving banked cash reserves as a fiscal the “strong” have survived, some have media and business networks.precaution, companies continue to prospered; most have worked to retaindemonstrate restraint when it comes to their cash positions. Profitability has Looking ahead, the good news is that wide-making fresh investments. While cash been driven by cost reduction and scale business retrenchment has slowedwas king during the darkest days of the streamlining. Now, more employers are and more companies are poised to investglobal financial crisis, the corporate focus sensing opportunities and starting to with caution in the right markets and withtoday is clearly on growing revenue, take advantage of them, and many are the most capable, battle-tested executivemaintaining expanded productivity, beginning to capitalize on improved management leaders at the helm. n2 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  3. 3. 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT [ ]Will You Be Ready WhenOpportunity Knocks?E xecutive business leaders welcomed 2011 hoping for a continuation ofthe economic recovery that began to confidence in the growth of the executive employment market has been reinforced in recent months not only by broad “Great sales people areaccelerate last fall (at least in executive economic indicators but also by their difficult to move.”hiring activity terms) and banking on own experiences in the trenches withoptimism from knowing they were both corporate clients and executiveanother full year separated from the candidates.major downturn. Never before in the19 years that ExecuNet has chronicled The savviest of executive job seekers,the ups and downs of the executive be they currently employed or alreadyemployment market have the critical in transition, know that performancemeasures of business performance expectations remain very high, and theand executive excellence so perfectly time to demonstrate results remains Executive recruiters’ market access andintersected. Both now rely and hinge on painfully short. industry insights continually prove aorganizational and individual agility and bellwether of the broader corporatean equal focus on the road ahead as well These conditions invariably raise the bar hiring outlook. Their collective viewsas the abundant lessons of the difficult on and the competition for the most are encouraging and should signal toroad already traveled. sought after management roles. They also restless and career-proactive executives make the consequences of an ineffective that a sense of equilibrium is returning,This reality is crystal clear in the transition plan especially consequential and with it, more promising careervision of executive recruiters whose in their search for what’s next. opportunities. n ExecuNet’s Recruiter Confidence Index 2003-2011 2010-2011 Monthly Confidence Levels 90 80 70 60 50 40 DJIA = 12,391.25 30 DJIA = 9,686.48 20 10 0 Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. BY QUARTER90 HURRICANE KATRINA U.S. MIDTERM ELECTIONS80 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION DJIA = 14,00070605040 GULF OIL SPILL U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT = 6.1%3020 FINANCIAL MARKET MELTDOWN U.S. MIDTERM ELECTIONS10 DJIA = 8,600 0 Q2.03 Q4.03 Q2.04 Q4.04 Q2.05 Q4.05 Q2.06 Q4.06 Q2.07 Q4.07 Q2.08 Q4.08 Q2. 09 Q4 .09 Q1.10 Q2.10 Q3.10 Q4.10 Q1.11 WWW.EXECUNET.COM 3
  4. 4. [ ] 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTBusiness GrowthNOT A ONE-ACT PLAYS ignificant pockets of opportunity exist for battle-tested executives based ontheir industry and functional experience, High-Growth Industries, predicted by executive search consultantsas the following charts illustrate. Yet 2011while these will streamline the career 1. Healthcaredecisions of many top business managers, 2. High Technologythey will also force strategic introspectionin the minds of others considering the 3. Clean/Green Technologyrisks and opportunities presented by a 4. Life Sciences (Pharma/Medical/Biotech)potential cross-over to a new industry, 5. Manufacturingrole and/or relocation. 6. Financial Services/Banking/InsuranceDepending on your current position and 7. Energy/Utilitiesvisibility within your current employer 8. Business Servicesorganization, among its competitors and 9. Internet/Online Servicespartners and broader industry space,and/or amid your own unique business 10. Consumer Productsnetwork and among key executiverecruiters, opportunities for career Top Growth Regions for Executive Hiringdevelopment may be highly transparent BY REGION ACCORDING TO EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRMSor especially difficult to see beyond theday-to-day demands you face. NORTHEAST/NEW ENGLANDWhat the broader economy has already 2telegraphed is only reinforced by themarket views of executive recruiters,corporate staffing and talent acquisitionleaders. That is, the number and nature MIDWEST 5of highly attractive senior-management METRO NYC (INCLUDING NY/CT/NJ) 4roles is steadily escalating – slowly, butundeniably, for the past several months –and this portends the kind of opportunity 1 MID ATLANTIC 3many have been waiting for. THE SOUTH (SOUTHEAST AND SOUTHWEST, INCLUDING TEXAS)“We’re seeing a resurgence in the hightechnology markets that continues to AND WEST COAST (TIE) 1drive executive hiring on the West Coast,and the South remains an attractive 6 INTERNATIONAL - OUTSIDE U.S. ANDalternative for companies that want to CANADAtap into a lower cost of doing business,”says Mark Anderson, ExecuNet’s Presidentand Chief Economist. “The Mid-Atlantic Overall, the North American executive upon more resources to get their job doneregion has the benefit of a resilient employment market has been improving or to seek opportunity elsewhere, as wellpharmaceutical and biotech hub, and slowly but steadily over the past several as for the unemployed executive waitingthe New York tri-state area has been months, according to ExecuNet research. for business growth to serve as thewatching the rebuild of financial services 2011 portends more good news for catalyst for their next job offer. ninstitutions with great interest.” business leaders wanting either to call4 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  5. 5. 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT [ ]Matching Key Business Goals withExecutive TalentW Mission-Critical Corporate hat can you really deliver on? This is the most important question that Objectives for 2011frames the inescapable challenge facedby companies as well as leaders “in-role” 1. Attracting new customers/increasing market shareand “in transition.” That’s because no 2. Expanding existing products and servicescompany can afford a fool’s errand. No 3. Launching new products and servicesexecutive can afford the reputationalrisk that springs from poor business 4. Focusing on our current core competencies, products and servicesdecisions. No executive employment 5. Investing in innovation to develop new competencies, products or services forseeker can get ahead and most effectively the future ANDmessage their potential without having Investing in/fostering innovation (tie)a solid, compelling and convincing storywith which to reply. Most Sought-After and Hardest to Find Executive Characteristics,What’s clear is that, for 2011, companiesare shifting from defense to offense and according to executive search consultantsplacing a premium on proven executives Most Sought After by Employers Hardest to Find for Recruiterswho can help them grow and exploit 1. Ability to build and lead high 1. Industry-specific experiencemarket opportunities ahead of the performance teamscompetition. As they do, it’s not surprising 2. Industry-specific experience 2. Ability to build and lead highto see executive search consultants performance teamsforecasting the highest demand forbusiness leaders who can help expand 3. Leadership skills 3. Strategy and execution leadershipthe corporate top line while boosting the 4. Strategy and execution leadership 4. Leadership skillsbottom line. 5. Change agent 5. Functional/technical expertiseThe executive talent market for thebalance of 2011 will be characterizedby continued selective and strategic a historic indicator of business growth The implications, Anderson explains,executive hiring to fill newly created and re-investment, a function that are that companies pay recruiters forpositions and to improve their executive recruiters expect to see more round pegs fitting specific qualifications,management bench strength by making demand for in the months ahead. and, therefore, industry and functionalnew hires to upgrade the skill sets for experience are more highly demandedexisting leadership roles. Today’s business growth story is centered by recruiters who have to fit their clients’ on building high-performing teams specifications. “If you are changingWhile many companies remain risk- in what remains an improved yet still industries or functions and want toaverse, there is some risk of waiting pressure-sensitive economic environment be a change agent, the clear messagetoo long to recognize a shifting and finding leaders who can execute. is ‘go direct to hiring companies’ andmanagement talent market and/or “Five years ago, ‘building and leading demonstrate your ability to build, mold,failing to identify critical retention risks high-performing teams’ didn’t even rank and motivate strong high-performingbefore such top performers head for among the top three most sought-after teams,” Anderson adds. ngreener pastures. management skill sets,” says Anderson. “Now, that’s the top talent-relatedIt’s important to note that Marketing demand dynamic among employers andranks in the top five highest growth the second highest targeting concern forfunctions after several years of lag. That’s executive recruiters.” WWW.EXECUNET.COM 5
  6. 6. [ ] 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTExpanding Network Remains the CriticalOpportunity Opener for Companies,Executives Alike“I Where Recruiters Find Executive Candidates n-role” and “in-transition” executives alike will reap the most meaningful 8%return on their career managementactivities if they put networking at the ONLINE JOB POSTINGS 2%hub of their efforts. ADVERTISING 10% SEARCHING RÉSUMÉThat’s because, at the executive DATABASESmanagement level, networking means farmore than jumping online and scouring 46%publicly advertised job postings. After 11% NETWORKINGall, employers say networking is the RESEARCHprimary means through which theirhiring managers recruit new leadershiptalent. Companies report that 92 percentof their jobs with salaries at or above 23%$200,000 per year are not posted publicly THE FIRM’S DATABASEonline. This trend continues to increaseas companies become overwhelmed byresponse to advertised positions because interest in the company or future Top Methods Search Firmswhat is published on their websites is potential opportunities, corporate talent Use to Evaluate Candidatesre-published by an increasing number of acquisition leaders are adopting some ofjob ad aggregators. the basic talent hunting skills of effective (in last 12 months) third-party recruiting because of how 1. Phone screenIt is for these reasons, among others, technology has leveled the candidate 2. Face-to-face interviewthat companies have long valued the sourcing playing field. Third-party 3. Online researchrole of external management recruiters recruiters no longer own the exclusive 4. Personality tests/assessment toolswho bring their own networks, and the access to candidates; however, theirdiscretion required to cultivate them ability to assess the right fit and convince 5. References/Otherfor superior talent, to bear against the best candidates to make a careercritical corporate talent needs. The role change is their competitive advantage.of the executive search consultant astrusted advisor is not going away, but Of course, since finding compelling Founder Dave Opton. “It’s all about whoit is changing as corporate recruitment candidates is only the first step in you know, who knows you and what youneeds change. the recruiting process, the quality of know about business, leadership and introductions and referrals affected through yourself.” The knowledge you possess,It is important to note that companies networking – face-to-face or face-to- Opton adds, is comprised of technicalare increasingly leveraging social and screen – carries the advantage of expedient expertise and increasingly, a function ofestablished business and association candidate screening and evaluation, the the meaningful business connections younetworks to connect with top critical next step before trying to close any maintain and learn talent. Whether to management search with the extension ofdirectly hire individuals whose profiles an employment offer. “Being visible and active in the rightare with increasing frequency found networks, therefore, is the door-opener toonline or merely to initiate professional At the executive level, the old saw so many compelling business and careercontact in the hopes of scouting their remains true, says ExecuNet CEO and opportunities,” Opton concludes. n6 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  7. 7. 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT [ ]Compensation Pressures Ease asCompetition for Talent Escalates Employed Executives Expect ModerateA fter two years of significant cutbacks Increase in Compensation on executive compensation, morecompanies are loosening their paypractices to align with their recruiters’ 2009 to 2010 2011 Job Change Experience Expectationsneed to attract proven leaders with arealistic job offer. Employed Executives Overall 4% 7% President/CEO/COO/Partner/Chairman -8% 10%There are few bargains with respect to CXO (Other C-level)/Senior or -4% 6%compensation. Companies and executives Executive Vice Presidentare learning from individual executives that Vice President -3% 3%the risks involved in management transition Director -2% 8%and the inherent risks of a still volatile real Male -4% 6%estate market (in the case of a relocation)simply aren’t worth it if the composition Female -5% 7%of a pay package isn’t fair, reasonable andmindful of an improving economy. Most Important Elements of Compensation PackagesConsider that 67 percent of executive (Other than Base Salary) Ranked by:recruiters believe companies lose top-notch executive candidates because their Executives Search Firmscompensation practices are too inflexible. Annual performance bonus 1 1 Healthcare contribution 2 6Executive job-changers’ expectations Stock options/equity 3 3remain modest, when one considers Profit sharing 4 5their views about what it would take to Perks 5 7entice them into a career move in 2011. Long-term performance bonus 6 4In past years, particularly during high-growth spurts in the economy, executives Professional development budget 7 11have sought – and been granted – Employment contract 8 10compensation premiums of 20 to 30 Commission structure 9 8percent in the recruiting process. Severance terms 10 9 Relocation package N/A 2North American employers will invariablywin some and lose some when it comesto their attempts to consummate be a slow and far more methodical and and not over-price oneself out of theemployment overtures to superior scrutinized process given the broader corporate demand for one’s unique skillscandidates, who, increasingly, recruiters organizational pressures, increasing and, have more than one employment regulatory oversight and the move towardoffer to consider. In fact, 51 percent of more pay-for-performance accountability While base salary remains the mostexecutive search consultants report the in executive pay and contracts. critical yardstick for executives to considercandidates they’ve been engaged to when it comes to assessing a job offer,recruit are indeed contemplating more With increased demand, the performance benefits – be they measuredthan one solid job offer. compensation outlook is positive for in the short-term in bonus terms or over executives, but certainly not as robust as the long haul by increases in stock valueCompensation restraints will ease in it was before the recession hit. It’s also and profit share potential – and healthcare2011 as the market heats up, but it will important to keep things in perspective considerations remain critical variables. n WWW.EXECUNET.COM 7
  8. 8. [ ] 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTCompanies Focus More on Retention asExecutives Prepare to Explore Job MarketM Executives Prepared and Ready to ore executives (51 percent in 2011 versus 35 percent in 2010) report Launch a Successful Job Searchtheir employers are working harder toretain top talent and will work harder 70 69%through 2011 on retention (58 percent in 60 56%2011 versus 41 percent last year). 50 43% 36% 40 34%Precisely one-quarter of executives 30expect “high levels of turnover” among 20their current employer’s management 10team this year. And with increasing 0corporate focus on executive retention, 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011the competition for proven managementperformers will invariably escalate – Executives with Updatedalong with the stakes. Professional Marketing Materials 2009 2010 2011What will likely reveal itself as an equallyimportant consideration for business leaders Executives with recently updated résumé 60% 54% 60%through 2011 is exactly who leaves and CEOs with recently updated résumé 48% 57%who stays. Particularly for small-to-medium- Executives who believe their résumé is “recruiter-ready” 56% 54% 59%sized enterprises, the impact of losing CEOs with recruiter-ready résumé 46% 55%even one high-performing executive can Executives with recently updated online public profile 71% 67% 72%disrupt productivity, customer relationships CEOs with recently updated online public profile 60% 74%and team morale to the point whereorganizational performance is dramatic.While the issue of who is ready to explore Indicators that Will Triggertheir options is a highly individualized Executives’ Job Searchesconcern, the trend line suggests a modest 1. Receiving viable calls from recruitersbut (based on the tumult of the executive 2. My organization’s poor performanceemployment market over the past coupleyears and the broader economy for that 3. Hearing about others finding success and landing new rolesmatter) not insignificant increase in the 4. My industry’s improved prospectsnumbers of executives poised to launch a 5. Seeing more job adssuccessful job search. 6. Better stock market performance AND Real estate market rebound and more homes selling (tie)The key storyline for executives whomay have been out of the job market is 8. Improved unemployment ratesthat you must think of marketing yourexperience, knowledge and leadership candidate pool. Executive readiness a clear vision and understanding ofabilities collectively as a “product” – for a successful job search varies little your unique value to a new employer.essentially, the solution to an employer’s by job level, function and even by Your individual job history clearly isspecific business problem(s). Doing so individual characteristics such as age not as important as your capacity towill enable prospective employers to and gender. Readiness to explore new demonstrate your potential — and themore quickly and clearly understand your career opportunities is less about having business results it can help employerspotential impact and differentiate you an updated résumé and more about the achieve — in terms that are clear, conciseamong what is likely a more competitive confidence that comes with messaging and uniquely compelling. n8 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  9. 9. 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT [ ]ExecuNet’s 2011 Market Data in PerspectiveA n improving economy is creating opportunity in many forms – forexecutives, companies and the recruiters 30 30 Executive Job Creation 20 MAR—2009 SEPT—2009 NOV—2009 AUG—2009 MAY—2009who connect them and help them explore OCT—2009 JUN—2009 DEC—2009 FEB —2009 APR—2009 20 JUL—2009the potential found in one another. 10 10There are many highly qualified and richly 0 0 JAN—2010 FEB—2010 MAR—2010 APR—2010 MAY—2010 JUNE—2010 JULY—2010 AUG—2010 SEPT—2010 OCT—2010 NOV—2010 DEC—2010 JAN—2011 FEB—2011 MAR—2011experienced executives in the active jobmarket and currently holding jobs whose -10 -10respective searches for new employment -20 -20will be stymied by a lack of access to -30 -30publicly unadvertised jobs and hiringleaders seeking executive talent. -40 -40 -50 -50But executives are learning to availthemselves of the tools of today’s ExecuNet’s exclusive Executive Job Creation Index reveals an ongoing commitmentexecutive career planning and transition to business growth, with 33 percent of North American employers expected tonorms, whether they follow the course add new executive management roles over the next six months and 50 percentof a sprint or something that feels more forecast to leverage the economic climate by selectively trading up with new hireslike a marathon. Some 72 percent of for existing executive jobs. Only 2 percent of employers are expected to continueexecutives have an updated online profile eliminating executive jobs during the same period of time.and 58 percent have actively worked tobe more visible online. They’re making Employers that have put their senior management teams to the test in recentit easier to be found and to be found for years to confront stark economic realities, foreign competition and other businessreasons that match the demand they’ve pressures now recognize they can’t grow their business without adding new leaders.messaged based on their experience and The outlook for executive job creation remains bright, but also poised to follow theknow-how, problems they can solve and same “slow and steady” rebuilding course that most businesses are navigating.where there true passion resides. Recruiter confidence is up. More executives are more willing to take calls about promising job opportunities. And after a very difficult couple of years, the Active Executive Job executive search outlook is positive and poised for modest growth through 2011. Seekers Use their Professional Contacts Looking ahead, what matters most are the business results that spring from the executive recruiting process, not just the delivery of a candidate short-list that Most Often to… marries with the core competencies of a job specification. With a focus on profits, 1. Reconnect with former colleagues companies will need similarly focused recruiters to help them attract superior 2. Find advice for business problems management leaders who can transform challenges into opportunities and results. 3. Identify and develop new business who present their leadership value not as the task of effectively charting their next leads and referrals “experience” but rather translate that into steps a steep one. The unguided trail may 4. Identify job opportunities “what I can do for prospective employers present roadblocks and navigate you to 5. Learn about competition and what will change for the company to a dead end. What’s most important for have them aboard.” you to remember is that a solid businessAssuming their ability to overcome network and your work to proactivelythe challenge of online visibility and Executives, particularly those who’ve not build it and cultivate relationshipscontinual and effective networking, there engaged in a job search or considered through it can put you on the road tomay be significant opportunity for those a career move for some time, may find opportunity. n WWW.EXECUNET.COM 9
  10. 10. [ ] 2011 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT 2011 Executive JobABOUT THE REPORT Market Intelligence Report2011 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report is based on simultaneous surveys CONTENT:of ExecuNet’s executive members and the executive search firms and corporate SENIOR CONTRIBUTING EDITOR AND AUTHORrecruiters who regularly engage ExecuNet’s candidate sourcing services. In Joseph Daniel McCooladdition, we invited participation from the executive, search firm and corporate EDITOR-IN-CHIEFhuman resource communities of strategic partner organizations: Forbes; Financial Robyn GreenspanExecutives International (FEI);; HSM; and Dillistone Systems, publishers ONLINE EDITORof search-consult. The surveys, which we have conducted online annually for Will Flamméthe past 19 years, seek to determine trends and best practices in executive-level SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGERcareer development and candidate search, hiring and retention. For the purpose Laura Magnusonof this research, executive-level denotes those professionals at the Director/Vice COPY EDITORPresident/C-level and above with annual total compensation (salary plus bonus) of Carol Hamilton$150,000 or greater. RESEARCH AND DATA COLLECTION: MANAGER, REPORTING AND ANALYSIS• A total of 3,199 participants were surveyed in January 2011: 2,028 executives Jim Ashman from North America and an additional 462 executives from outside North PRODUCTION MANAGER America; 563 search firm consultants and corporate human resource and Kathy Miller talent acquisition leaders; and 146 search firm consultants from a companion SENIOR PRODUCER global survey. Those outside North America were predominantly from Australia, Sophia Sealy-Jones Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, the PRODUCER Steve Markus Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK, among others. INTERACTIVE DATA ANALYST Patrick Palaka• Eighty-one percent of the North American executive respondents are male, while 19 percent are female. Overall, their average age is 51.7, and they report REPORT DESIGN CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER an average annual compensation (salary plus bonus) of roughly $200,000. Susan DiAmico CREATIVE DIRECTOR• Of executives surveyed, 21 percent are the President, CEO, COO, Partner or Nick Brenia Chairman in their organization; 18 percent identified themselves as other DESIGN C-level or Senior Vice President; 25 percent are Vice Presidents; and 32 percent are Director level. Fifty-five percent hold advanced educational degrees, of which 36 percent are MBAs; 11 percent have obtained some other Master’s degree; 4 percent hold doctorates; and 4 percent have a professional degree such as MD or JD.• Twenty-five percent of executive respondents work in organizations where FOUNDER AND CEO revenues are greater than $1 billion annually. Fifty-nine percent are employed Dave Opton by private companies; 32 percent in publicly traded companies; and 9 percent PRESIDENT AND CHIEF ECONOMIST in nonprofit/government entities. Mark Anderson VICE PRESIDENT AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR• Seventy percent of executive respondents are employed, with the balance in or Lauryn Franzoni expecting to enter transition soon. However, 56 percent of respondents report Founded in 1988, ExecuNet is a private membership network for business leaders who believe that they are actively seeking a new position. the right connections can produce extraordinary results in their careers and organizations. A• Of the search firm professionals responding, these recruiters have been in the recognized authority in executive recruiting and human capital, ExecuNet provides members search industry for an average of 16 years. Of the corporate talent sourcing access to confidential six-figure job opportunities, and acquisition executives responding, 73 percent are in leadership positions proprietary research and pragmatic advice. For more information, visit (Presidents, C-level executives, Senior Vice Presidents or Vice Presidents, ©2011 Exec-U-Net Inc. All Rights Reserved Business Owners), and 14 percent are Directors in their organizations. n ExecuNet Inc. 295 Westport Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 The quotes in these bubbles are from survey respondents. (800) 637-3126 or (203) 750-1030 www.execunet.com10 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  11. 11. At your level, there’s no settling forwhat’s on the lower branchYou’ve spent years honing your performance to be the kind of leader successful companiesdream of hiring. So when you’re looking for resources to help you attain your career objectives,look for people who are as experienced and exacting as you.ExecuNet is the leading private resource for senior-level executives who want to ensure theirskills are sharp and their expertise is known, and for companies seeking nothing short of thebest talent.If you’re eager to be among executives who are being identified for leadership roles andbuilding relationships that will serve them well into the future, join our exclusive membershiporganization today. We’d like the chance to meet your demands. Visit us online today or call 1-800-637-3126 to speak with a Member Services specialist.
  12. 12. 295 Westport Avenue | Norwalk, CT | 06851 | | 800.637.3126 THE 19TH ANNUAL EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT WAS PRODUCED BY THE EXECUNET RESEARCH TEAM WITH THE COOPERATION OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS: is the senior marketing executive’s one-stop shop for digital marketing insight. We help CMOs stay informed and save time so they can more effectively lead their companies in the digital world. For more information, visitFinancial Executives International (FEI) provides exclusive www.CMO.compeer networking for chief financial officers, controllers,treasurers, tax executives and finance and accountingprofessors in academia. FEI is the leading advocate for theviews of corporate financial management and enhancesmember professional development through peer networking,career planning services, conferences, publications, specialreports and research. More than 15,000 members participatein the activities of 85 chapters, 74 in the United States and11 in Canada. Visit for moreinformation. Dillistone Systems is a global supplier of FILEFINDER specialist software and services to the Executive Recruitment community. With more than 1,000 clients in 61 countries to date, FILEFINDER software is used by both Retained Executive Search and in-house Talent Acquisition professionals, and it is the largest such supplier in the world. Visit or contact sales@dillistone.comForbes Media encompasses Forbes and, theleading business site on the web that reaches on averagemore than 18 million people monthly. The companypublishes Forbes and Forbes Asia, which together reach aworldwide audience of more than six million readers. It HSM provides the best management knowledge for decision-also publishes ForbesLife magazine, in addition to licensee makers in every sector of business. For over 20 years we haveeditions in China, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, been selecting, adapting and distributing breakthrough ideasLatvia, Middle East, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, for those who are creating, leading and transforming businesses.Turkey and Ukraine. Other Forbes Media websites are: and Our annual World Business Forum ( is;; RealClearMarkets. largest gathering of senior executives in the United States andcom;; and the has been acknowledged as the #1 best forum in the U.S. Business and Finance Blog Network. Together Burson-Marsteller. Covering issues critical to the success of anywith, these sites reach on average nearly 25 business, HSM’s forums, special management programs andmillion business decision-makers each month. online webinars are invaluable resources.