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Execu Net Executive Job Market Intelligence Report 2012

  1. 1. EX 20 2012 EC AN E th UN NU T R AL E PO RT Executive JobMarket Intelligence Report
  2. 2. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTExecutive Hiring and Job MarketPrepared to Advance in 2012Business And Career Clarity Comes Into 20/20 FocusT he year that was 2011 was filled with hope for a broad economic recoverythat would put businesses and careers on one’s capacity to adapt rapidly to a new operating environment,” he adds. Companies are indeed looking to grow, as ExecuNet research reveals that more than a quarter of employers are nowon a firming footing, particularly as Increasingly, globalization and the rapid adding new management positionscompanies and executive leaders moved pace of change is transforming industries and more than half of employers areduring an unprecedented economic and rewriting the skills required of leaders selectively “trading up” with new hiresenvironment from survival mode to a to address challenges and capitalize on for existing executive roles to fill gapsfocus on slow, albeit uncertain growth. opportunities. These pressures have put a or improve teams. Of course, the pace premium not only on corporate continuity of hiring activity is not equal across allLooking back, 2011 might best be planning, but have also made executives’ industries, but it is especially strongremembered as a year of uncertainty considerations of career sustainability a across many sectors. Equally promisingpunctuated by economic “bookends” clear and ongoing mandate. news comes in the revelation that onlyfrom employers’ perspectives (given how 2 percent of companies are continuingthe year started and ended with such As executives and employers closed the management cutbacks that manyoptimism only to be stymied by a highly the books on 2011 and entered 2012, executed beginning in 2008 and throughuncertain spring, summer and fall), they did so indicating they are more much of the downturn.and of deferred career plans for many concentrated on growth, renewal andexecutives. For both, it amounted to a thoughtful investment to seize on “The search is already on for sales,waiting game and a search for confidence increasing market opportunities even business development, sales enablementthat in many cases simply failed to in the slow growth environment that and marketing leaders who can grow thematerialize until a particularly bright last many U.S. employers find themselves corporate top line,” observes ExecuNetfew months of the year. facing domestically. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dave Opton. “Companies are also seeking to“If employers and executives have As ExecuNet surveyed executive add more general managers with thelearned anything over the tumultuous viewpoints from all angles in preparing capacity to lead by example, make soundpast five years, it is that economic to share this 20th anniversary Executive business decisions and inspire their teamscurrents, global market dynamics, Job Market Intelligence Report, it became to improve performance,” Opton shares.disruptive business models and new clear that executives and their employerscompetitors can redraw strategic are seeing the world, the markets they Employers are also focusing more onpositioning overnight,” says ExecuNet’s serve and their respective futures with executive retention, an increasingPresident and Chief Economist Mark M. more clarity than at any time since the recognition of the escalating competitionAnderson. “In this climate, executive emergence of the global economic crisis. for executive talent and the significantperformance may hinge more than ever cost of losing elite performers. This “You can see real synergy in the networking investment by executive recruiters and senior management leaders to find one another,” says ExecuNet Founder and CEO Dave Opton. “In 2012, we expect that employers will continue to invest more resources in business networking to achieve strategic staffing and other human capital priorities in real time, on budget and in line with corporate objectives.”2 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  3. 3. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTrenewed focus on talent and retentionsuggests that opportunity is already Executive Job Creation Growth (2009-2012)knocking for well-networked executives 40across all industries and functions, 30including for those who aren’t currentlyconsidering a career move. 20 10Whether engaged in job search or 0comfortably positioned with no -10immediate interest in career transition, -20executives continue their move onlineand are making themselves more visible – -30be it to connect with peers who can help -40them understand what’s going on in their -50 Feb—2009 Mar—2009 Apr—2009 May—2009 Jun—2009 Jul—2009 Aug—2009 Sept—2009 Oct—2009 Nov—2009 Dec—2009 Jan—2010 Feb—2010 Mar—2010 Apr—2010 May—2010 Jun—2010 July—2010 Aug—2010 Sept—2010 Oct—2010 Nov—2010 Dec—2010 Jan—2011 Feb—2011 Mar—2011 Apr—2011 May—2011 Jun—2011 Jul—2011 Aug—2011 Sept—2011 Oct—2011 Nov—2011 Dec—2011 Jan—2012 Feb—2012 Mar—2012marketplace, or to be found by recruiters.Executives are “going social” in growingnumbers, seeking answers to businessand career challenges alike. • ExecuNet’s exclusive Executive Job Creation Index reveals an improvingNetworking has long been a critical environment for executive hiring – be it to fill new management roles or tocandidate sourcing activity for executive selective upgrade talent by hiring new leaders for existing leadership roles.recruiters, and that continues to be the • ExecuNet’s latest barometer on executive job creation reveals executivecase. After a challenging four years, recruiters anticipate 51 percent of employers will leverage this economic climateexecutive recruiters are poised for by “trading up” with new hires for existing executive jobs, and 27 percentdouble-digit growth in 2012, and some will add new executive-level roles over the next six months. Only 2 percent ofhave already indicated that their task employers are expected to eliminate executive positions, with the balance ofis being made more difficult because employers expected to forego filling currently vacant roles or choosing not toemployers are increasing salaries, add new jobs.bonuses and counter-offers to keep top- • “With more than 75 percent of companies expected to engage in executive hiringperforming talent. activity to fill new jobs or replace underperforming leaders and only 2 percent expected to cut management jobs, we believe there’s reason for optimism thatFrom the individual executive perspective, the executive employment market is beginning to open up once again,” sayshowever, cash is no longer king. While Anderson.it still constitutes the foundation of a • “The frustration many employers felt over the past four years is giving wayprospective employers’ compensation now to a real concerted push for growth. That’s good news for shareholdersoffers, more business leaders are and especially welcome news for executives who have been waiting for moretaking work/life balance, advancement meaningful career opportunities to come their way,” Anderson observes.potential, the overall attractiveness of an • Joining executive job creation in a positive trend is “confidence among executiveemployer’s brand and industry space, and recruiters,” 59 percent of whom are “confident” or “very confident” the executivethe likeability of a prospective new boss employment market will improve over the next six months. Further, executiveand team into more serious consideration recruiters expect to realize a 19 percent jump in new search assignments throughthan ever before. Although many the first quarter of 2013.executives feel compensation hasn’tkept pace in recent years, many have also opportunities for growth and open Anderson defined as “a new approach torecognized that money isn’t their sole up new paths to achieve it. Because networking their way to new ideas, newmotivation when it comes to growing executives’ own “inner circles” are not business and career opportunities.” ntheir careers. keeping up with the pace of change nor consistently diversifying points ofEmployers and executives find consensus view, more leaders will achieve thisin the view that 2012 will bring more growth through “peer sourcing” – which WWW.EXECUNET.COM 3
  4. 4. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTProspects for Growth areGrowing More Solid in 2012Recruiter Confidence Rebounds Amid Forecastof Strong Growth in Executive Job MarketW hile mixed signals on the broader economy punctuated a businessagenda beset with uncertainty and a European sovereign debt crisis weighing heavily on executive recruiter confidence through the third quarter of 2011. For for growth and investing in opportunities. This renewed sense of corporate intent to grow has led to a sustainedfocus on risk management, business many, these factors made 2011 a rather recovery in confidence among executiveexecutives engaged in a waiting game disappointing year. But 2012 is already recruiters, who will help lead the searchfor most of 2011. Many spent the year shaping up to be a much different story. for executive leadership as employerskeeping vigil for signs of business growth Consumer confidence has risen to its invest to target new markets and seek toand increased consumer confidence while highest levels since 2008, and consumer upgrade the capabilities of their seniorbiding their time in anticipation of new spending has built on a strong final few management teams.career opportunities that in most cases months of 2011 to stretch and grow insimply failed to materialize. 2012, providing a positive tone for the “ExecuNet’s exclusive Recruiter Confidence broader economy as the stock markets Index has proven to be a leading economicThe combination of stubborn lack of rise to near pre-recession levels. indicator during upturns and downturnsgrowth prospects, a lack of consumer and reflects the relative optimismconfidence, record home foreclosures While uncertainty still lingers, it is no longer executive recruiters have in the futurerevealing no turn in the real estate dominating discussions of organizational growth of the executive employmentmarket, Washington’s political failure and professional growth in 2012. High market,” says Anderson. The indexto cut budget deficits and the national energy prices could constrain growth reading above 50% for the last severaldebt, the downgrade of U.S. credit by and inhibit consumer spending this year, months should give executives a sense ofratings agency Standard & Poor’s, and the however, most businesses are impatient confidence. n 2011-2012 Monthly Confidence LevelsExecuNet’s Recruiter Confidence 80Index 2003-2012 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. BY QUARTER HURRICANE KATRINA80 CONSUMERS FUEL RECORD BLACK FRIDAY SALES U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION DJIA = 14,000 NAVY SEALS KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN70 U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT = 10%60 U.S. MIDTERM ELECTIONS50 U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT = 6.1% GULF OIL SPILL4030 U.S. MIDTERM ELECTIONS U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT = 9.0%20 DJIA = 6,500 U.S. LOSES AAA CREDIT RATING10 DJIA = 8,600 APPLE LOSES STEVE JOBS BUT TOPS $100B IN SALES 0 Q1.12 Q4.11 Q3.11 Q2.11 Q1.11 Q4.10 Q3.10 Q2.10 Q1.10 Q4.09 Q3.09 Q2.09 Q1.09 Q4.08 Q3.08 Q2.08 Q1.08 Q4.07 Q3.07 Q2.07 Q1.07 Q4.06 Q3.06 Q2.06 Q1.06 Q4.05 Q3.05 Q2.05 Q1.05 Q4.04 Q3.04 Q2.04 Q1.04 Q4.03 Q3.03 Q2.034 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  5. 5. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTCompanies and Executives PoisedFor a Much Anticipated Year of ChangeW hile much of 2011 forced a lot of fits and starts for companiesand executive careers, growth activity in Hiring Shift Continues: Top Industries Recruiters Say Will Lead Executive Job Growthsome pockets of the broader economy 2010 2011 2012continued to drive executive transitions 1. Healthcare 1. Healthcare 1. Healthcareand a corporate concentration of effective 2. Clean/Green Technology 2. High Technology 2. High Technologytalent management. 3. High Technology 3. Clean/Green Technology 3. Manufacturing 4. Life Sciences (Pharma./ 4. Life Sciences (Pharma./ 4. Business ServicesSome industries that remained Medical/Biotech) Medical/Biotech)particularly resilient during the trying 5. Energy/Utilities 5. Manufacturing 5. Energy/Utilitiestimes of the recession and the firstthree quarters of last year continue to 6. Business Services 6. Financial Services/ 6. Life Sciences (Pharma./promise significant business growth and Banking/Insurance Medical/Biotech)executive career growth opportunities 7. Financial Services 7. Energy/Utilities 7. Consumer Productsin 2012. Despite the sluggishness in 8. Government/Nonprofit/ 8. Business Services 8. Internet/Online Servicessome sectors, pockets of strength still Educationreside in others, opening up new career 9. Environmental Products/ 9. Internet/Online Services 9. Clean/Green Technologyopportunities and proving grounds for Servicesexecutive in-role performance as the 10. Manufacturing 10. Consumer Products 10. Financial Servicesglobal economy continues to take stepstoward a more comprehensive andsustained recovery. Top Growth Regions for Executive Hiring, According to Executive Search FirmsThe growth story continues inindustries such as healthcare and 1. NORTHEAST/high technology, which again top 4. NEW ENGLAND WEST COASTthose expected to generate thegreatest growth in executive hiring. MIDWEST 5. 6. MID-ATLANTICManufacturing continues its steady 2. SOUTHWESTclimb near the top, reflecting a serious (INCLUDING TEXAS) 3. SOUTHEASTtalent deficit triggered by the greatglobal recession and the need forthese companies to reinvest in humancapital and management leadership “Rapid changes are becoming a normal Market strength in any one of thesein particular. state of affairs for executives in every talent-focused industries may be enough industry,” says ExecuNet Editor-in- to compel proven business leaders toThe consumer products industry, buoyed Chief Robyn Greenspan, an expert on assume the risk of transition into a newby stronger consumer confidence, is social media strategy. “Executives are sector, a new employer and a new careeralso on the rise, as is business services. being challenged like never before. track. Executives are tired of waiting forThe apparent decline in projected Additionally, how they conduct the economic climate to improve. Manyexecutive hiring in the clean/green their own career management has already see growth on the horizon if nottechnology industry may be more been pushed to evolve at the same already afoot, and they’re actively creatingaccurately accounted across multiple pace, particularly when it comes to and sorting their options. nother industries as it integrates into more assessing the value and sustainabilityemployers’ operations. of their industry, employer and new opportunities,” Greenspan adds. WWW.EXECUNET.COM 5
  6. 6. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTThe Intersection of Business Needsand Executive TalentT he great global recession had one universal impact on companies ofall sizes, across all industry sectors – it Executive Management Functions Companies Expect They Will Most Need to Add in 2012forced them to focus internally to find the 1. Sales and Sales Enablementoperating efficiencies required to survive 2. General management/leadershipthe tumult on the outside. 3. Marketing (including “Go-to-Market” Strategy Development and Market Research) It also had a big impact on corporate (tie) Technology and Information Managementexecutives across a broad swathe of 4. Financial Managementfunctions, forcing them to recommit 5. Innovationto operational excellence, structuralefficiency and risk management. This Most Sought-After and Hardest to Find Executiveinward focus moved many business Characteristics, According to Executive Recruitersleaders to abandon normal careeradvancement and transition as a viable MOST SOUGHT-AFTER BY EMPLOYERS HARDEST TO FIND FOR EXECUTIVE RECRUITERSoption because of either a dearth of newmanagement opportunities (depending 1. Ability to build, lead high-performance 1. Industry-specific experienceon the industry space) or a general lack of teamsconsistent intelligence about the propriety 2. Industry-specific experience 2. Strategy and execution leadershipand best timing of a critical career move. 3. Strategy and execution leadership 3. Ability to build, lead high-performance teamsYet, as proven business leaders look 4. Functional/Technical experience 4. Functional/Technical experienceto business challenges and enterprise 5. Problem-solver 5. Record of innovationopportunities for 2012, they are beginning 6. Change agent 6. Change agentto see the signs of career opportunity moreclearly. With corporate focus now on top- 7. Cross-functional expertise 7. Turnaround experienceline growth, from a functional perspective,companies of all sizes will rely most on hinge on corporate strategy plans and loyalties and buying habits drivesales and business development leaders, leaders’ capacity to create and inspire business growth.as well as those with a broad view of high-performing teams,” says ExecuNetorganizational, cultural and end-customer Senior Contributing Editor Joseph The next step for transitioning executivesengagement best practices. Daniel McCool, an author and expert on is clear: Demonstrate how your unique management succession. “Particularly in experience, expertise and capacity to leadAs businesses seek to grow market hyper-competitive consumer markets, the others adds up to a compelling opportunityshare and connect with new consumers, companies with the best executives and for business growth and renewal.their external focus will also drive more the best management teams will achieveinvestment in marketing. Additionally, a significant market advantage over their Characteristically, industry and functionalas they connect more meaningfully with rivals,” McCool adds. experience and demonstrated leadershipcustomers, vendors, market influencers skills were the top three most sought-afterand media in 2012, they will invariably Now is the time for sales, sales support executive skill sets. Now, seeing a shift thatlearn what it takes to satisfy discerning and marketing leaders to shine; for has implications for executives, employersconsumers and invest more heavily and innovators to innovate; for those are demanding new executive recruitsmore consistently in innovation. who understand the critical linkages bring an ability to lead high-performing between human capital and sustainable teams and strategy and execution“Creating the right products and services returns to investors to reconnect with leadership has become even more criticalto earn consumer loyalty will also the patchwork of customers whose than functional skills. n6 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  7. 7. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTExecutives and Companies Invest inBroader Peer Networks to Achieve Key GoalsS easoned business executives have long known that one of the bestways to get ahead is to network with the How Recruiters Find Executive Candidates Online Job Postings 6% 2% Advertising Searching Résumé Databases 7%right people to accelerate their learningcurve on complex business issues and to Research 9%accelerate their careers.“Today, more executives are increasingly 57% Networking Tapping firm’s own database 19%going online to connect,” says Greenspan.Driven by the need to connect withaccomplished peers and to learn quickly,they are engaging in more networking How Executives Create/Find New Career Optionswith purpose – online and face-to-face Posting résumé 5% 2% Other– than at any previous time in theirprofessional careers to create business Identifying target 66% Networkingopportunities, to gain answers and companies, recruiters 8%solutions from peers and, in the process, 20% Face-to-Face Creating/Updatingmultiply career options for themselves. online profile 8% with peersBut purposefully networking isn’t Searching/Responding toonly a medium for executive career online job postings 11% 19% With network advancement. Executive recruiters referralsand corporate employers are likewiseinvesting more time, energy and capital 15% Via online networkingto turn business networking into a highlyefficient source of superior management 10% With search firms and recruiterstalent for recruiting and upgrading their 2% With people found through researchmanagement bench strength. Percentage of executives who have“Consistent and effective businessnetworking remains the catalyst for 67 PERCENT actively worked to become moreexecutive career advancement,” says visible onlineOpton. “Yet we’re also witnessing thecontinued emergence of professionalnetworking as a tool for business The Shift Toward Executive Profile Visibilityintelligence, brand-building, resourceplanning and global expansion.” Business executives of all ages are making their online“Not only are executives going online profiles more visible toincreasingly to connect with one another,” support their professionalsays Greenspan, “it’s mission critical to networking activities and 62create digital career identity strategies objectives, and it’s not 67 PERCENTthat enhance their visibility and enablethem to be found by peers and recruiters just the digitally native Millennials, as the following 71 PERCENT PERCENT BABY BOOMERS (56-65) 59 PERCENT GENERATION JONES (46-55)to explore new opportunities.” n chart reveals… GENERATION X (AGES 31-45) TRADITIONALISTS (66 AND UP) WWW.EXECUNET.COM 7
  8. 8. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTCash Is Key, But Other Benefits Coming Into ViewW hile total compensation still ranks as the primary reason seasonedexecutives turn down an employer’s What’s in Executive Employment Packages? Percentages of executive pay packages that executiveemployment offer, and cash (mostly in the recruiters say now include the following elements:form of annual salary and bonus) remains akey consideration for any executive making PERFORMANCE BONUS 73%a big career move, pay is no longer the be-all NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT 40%and end-all when it comes to assessing the STOCK OPTIONS/EQUITY 31%most valuable career opportunity. EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT 29%For starters, more executives are SIGN-ON BONUS 25%evaluating long-term measures of GUARANTEED SEVERANCE 23%potential wealth-building than just short- 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80term metrics, adopting much the same PERCENTview many organizations have been forcedto adopt in recent years, either as a result Most Important Elements of Executiveof economic conditions, and regulatory or Compensation Packages (Other Than Base Salary)shareholder pressures, or all of the above. as Ranked By: EXECUTIVES SEARCH FIRMSThat means they’re looking closely atcompensation but also making highly Annual performance bonus 1 1consequential judgments above their Stock options/equity 2 2advancement potential within a new Healthcare contribution 3 6enterprise, the quality of the team they’ll Profit sharing 4 5inherit there and its capacity to drive Long-term performance bonus 5 4improved financial performance, and Perks 6 7whether a new boss will give them roomto run and the recognition that should Professional development budget 7 11come with a smooth transition and great Employment contract 8 9business results. Commission structure 9 8 Severance terms 10 (tie) 10Also, consider that executive performance Relocation package 10 3bonuses are based nearly twice asmuch on organizational outcomes as Compensation remains one yardstick executives say is important andon personal output, with team/unit by which management candidates, what search firms observe about theperformance and other elements also employers and executive recruiters elements of executive compensation.factoring in to the size of business measure the gravity and intensity of a Executives rank healthcareleaders’ annual bonuses. key leadership role. Consider how it plays contribution among their three highest from these angles: considerations in a pay package, yetThe good news for executives is that • Sixty-three percent of executive it doesn’t even rank in the top fivecompensation is again on the rise. In recruiters say that compensation is registered by executive recruiters.2011, executives reported an average no longer the predominant influence • Further, professional development2 percent gain in total compensation, on executive career transition. budget was ranked higher bywhich was much better than the 4 • On average, executives expect a 14 executives than by executivepercent loss recorded in 2010 and the percent compensation premium recruiters, suggesting that executives12 percent slide they felt in 2009 amid when transitioning from one may be looking at new careersome of the darkest days of the global employer to another. opportunities with a longer-termeconomic recession. • There is a disconnect between what lens than the recruiters. n8 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  9. 9. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTCompanie s Expe cted to FocusMore on Execu tive RetentionW ith every new day putting them at a safer distance away from Percentage of employers expectedfinancial upheaval and the fog ofeconomic uncertainty, companies and 79 PERCENT to work harder to retain topexecutives are increasingly mindful executive talent in 2012of the opportunities that continue tosurface in what seems a less volatileoperating environment. Executive Attitudes about Their Current Job and theFor employers, business growth tops Next 12 Monthsthe agenda. For executives, career THINKING ABOUT LEAVING EMPLOYER 31%advancement ranks high on their list ACTIVELY PREPARING TO LEAVE EMPLOYER 12%of priorities for 2012, should it take theform of a transition to a new employer EXPECTING TO LEAVE EMPLOYER 9%or perhaps even to a new industry EXPECTING TO STAY WITH EMPLOYER 48%space, or even a redefined role within 0 10 20 30 40 50their current organization. PERCENTWith growth and the potential for changelooming large, employers are becoming Percentage of executives whoincreasingly aware of the flight risksamong their executive management 58 PERCENT have updated their résumé in theteams, amid their high-performance past three monthstalent pools, and within the ranks of theso-called “high potential.”Nearly eight in 10 employers will Top Triggers That Would Move Employedwork harder to retain top executive Executives to Look for a New Role in 2012talent in 2012, the third consecutiveescalation of what has become an 1. Receiving viable calls from executive recruitersannual human capital priority. Judging 2. Conflicts with current boss/managementfrom the willingness and preparedness 3. My employer’s overall poor performanceof executives to consider their career 4. Hearing about others finding success and landing new executive rolesoptions, it seems a smart move bycompanies. For some companies, 5. Improved business prospects/career options within my employer’s industryhowever, this focus on executive retentionmay come too late. Percentage of executive recruiters whoExecutive recruiters also confirmthat corporate efforts to retain top 55 PERCENT say companies are increasing salaries, bonuses and counteroffers to retainmanagement talent are making their jobsmore difficult. n executive talent WWW.EXECUNET.COM 9
  10. 10. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTExecutives and CompaniesCreating Their Own OpportunitiesS enior management executives and employers have turned the page. Top Activities That are Helping Executives Advance Their CareersWith hard lessons and new insights in 1. Routinely building network outside company/increasing visibility and participationhand, they’re focused with a renewed with industry groupssense of optimism on their careers, their 2. Continuing to expand functional/technical skills and expertisebusinesses and the potential rewardsassociated with taking new products, 3. Working “all out” to do my best in current roleservices and innovations to an ever more 4. Actively developing leadership skillsglobal marketplace. 5. Developing and building awareness of my “personal brand”Executives who have built incrediblepersonal and professional networks are more intimate, more aligned with transformational linkages remains one’stapping those unique ecosystems to customers and more effective, with own network of peers, friends, formerimprove their access to decision-makers suppliers, alumni and market influencers colleagues, industry insiders and referralsand inform their own decisions about all contributing their voices. from those trusted sources.business and career. The future of business and executive For many, what they take from thoseCompanies continue to build internal careers is grounded in relationship networks and relationships is only asnetworks to make global organizations building, and the genesis for good as what they put into them. nPeer Point-of-View: What Executives Say Will Get Them to the Next Level “Continue to focus on refining my leadership and communication skills to optimize overall effectiveness.” “Determine where I want to go next and what industry/field holds my interest. Determine what factors matter most to me in my next position and then begin marketing myself to companies that meet those criteria.” “Improve my visibility, both online and through networking and résumé development.” “Think smarter. Work smarter. Have better discernment. Learn how to grow my team to a higher level of excellence quicker.”10 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  11. 11. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT “Within the company, help CEO recognize the impact of the cultural and performance changes made in my business unit and the impact they would have on a broader scale. If outside current company, improve networking activities and skills.”“Be open to opportunities that may not at first appear to be so. Recognizetrends of change in the healthcare industry and be ahead of theirimplementation by being the ‘smartest guy in the room’ to effect revenueenhancing policies and procedures.” “Develop and build awareness of my ‘personal brand.’ I do not do this as well as I should.”“Become more computer-savvy and more skills in all types of social media.” “Willingness to change.”“Pick a path and stay committed. Do what it takes.” “Bring idea to life cross-functionally.”“Enhance skills in global leadership.” WWW.EXECUNET.COM 11
  12. 12. 2012 EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORTAbout The Report 2012 Executive Job Market Intelligence ReportE xecuNet’s 20th annual market intelligencebriefing, 2012 Executive Job CONTENT: SENIOR CONTRIBUTING EDITOR AND AUTHOR Joseph Daniel McCoolMarket Intelligence Report, EDITOR-IN-CHIEFis based on simultaneous Robyn Greenspansurveys of ExecuNet’s 5,733 ONLINE EDITORexecutive members and the Will Flamméexecutive search firms and Total 2012 survey respondents SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER Laura Magnusoncorporate recruiters whoregularly engage ExecuNet’s RESEARCH AND DATA COLLECTION:candidate sourcing services. In addition, we invited participation from the MANAGER, REPORTING AND ANALYSIS Jim Ashmanexecutive, search firm and corporate human resource communities of strategicpartner organizations: Forbes; CMO.com; WOBI, a powerhouse of actionable PRODUCTION MANAGER Kathy Millerideas from people shaping the business world; and Dillistone Systems, publishers SENIOR PRODUCERof search-consult. The surveys, which we have conducted annually for the past Sophia Sealy-Jones20 years, seek to determine trends and best practices in executive-level career PRODUCERdevelopment and candidate search, hiring and retention. For the purpose of Steve Markusthis research, executive-level denotes those professionals at the Director/Vice REPORT DESIGN:President/C-level and above with annual total compensation (salary plus bonus) CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICERof $150,000 or greater. Susan DiAmico• A total of 5,733 participants were surveyed in January 2012: 4,282 executives CREATIVE DIRECTOR from North America and an additional 874 executives from outside North Nick Brenia America; 539 search firm consultants and corporate human resource DESIGN and talent acquisition leaders; and 194 search firm consultants from a 5050Design.com companion global survey. Those outside North America were predominantly from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, among others. FOUNDER AND CEO• Seventy-nine percent of the North American executive respondents are male, Dave Opton while 21 percent are female. Overall, their average age is 51, and they report PRESIDENT AND CHIEF ECONOMIST an average annual compensation (salary plus bonus) of $220,000. Mark Anderson• Of executives surveyed, 22 percent are the President, CEO, COO, Partner Since 1988, ExecuNet has helped business leaders or Chairman in their organization; 18 percent identified themselves as shape positive change to achieve what’s next in their other C-level or Senior Vice President; 25 percent are Vice Presidents; and individual executive lives. From its beginnings as a small gathering of executives in the Connecticut 35 percent are Director level. Fifty-two percent hold advanced educational home of founder Dave Opton, ExecuNet has evolved degrees, of which 35 percent are MBAs; 10 percent have obtained some other into a private network of over 250,000 members with a belief in the transformative potential of Master’s degree; 4 percent hold doctorates; and 4 percent have a professional trusted insight, real connections and personal degree such as MD or JD. introductions to help them find meaningful new work, innovate their individual careers, better• Thirty percent of executive respondents work in organizations where manage the growth of their businesses, and revenues are greater than $1 billion annually. become high-value leaders. Learn more and become a member at www.execunet.com.• Seventy-one percent of executive respondents are employed, with the balance of 28 percent in or expecting to enter transition soon. ©2012 Exec-U-Net Inc. All Rights Reserved• Of the search firm professionals responding, these recruiters have been in the ExecuNet Inc. 295 Westport Avenue search industry for an average of 17 years. Of the corporate talent sourcing Norwalk, CT 06851 and acquisition executives responding, 79 percent are in leadership positions (800) 637-3126 or (203) 750-1030 (Presidents, C-level executives, Senior Vice Presidents or Vice Presidents, info@execunet.com www.execunet.com Business Owners), and 14 percent are Directors in their organizations. n12 WWW.EXECUNET.COM
  13. 13. 295 Westport Avenue | Norwalk, CT | 06851 | www.execunet.com | 800.637.3126 THE 20TH ANNUAL EXECUTIVE JOB MARKET INTELLIGENCE REPORT WAS PRODUCED BY THE EXECUNET RESEARCH TEAM WITH THE COOPERATION OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS: CMO.com is the senior marketing executive’s one-stop shop for digital marketing insight. We help CMOs stay informedWOBI: World of Business Ideas is a powerhouse of actionable and save time so they can more effectively lead theirideas from people shaping the business world: Events; TV; companies in the digital world. For more information, visitPrint Media; WOBI.com. www.CMO.comIt is powered by HSM and curates and spreads the bestmanagement ideas and practices to develop better leaders,build better businesses and ultimately create a better world.HSM has more than 20-years-experience with leadershipicons around the globe.Forbes Media encompasses Forbes and Forbes.com, the Dillistone Systems is a global supplier of FILEFINDER specialistleading business site on the web that reaches on average software and services to the Executive Recruitment community.more than 18 million people monthly. The company With more than 1,000 clients in 61 countries to date,publishes Forbes and Forbes Asia, which together reach a FILEFINDER software is used by both Retained Executive Searchworldwide audience of more than six million readers. It and in-house Talent Acquisition professionals, and it is thealso publishes ForbesLife magazine, in addition to licensee largest such supplier in the world. Visit www.dillistone.com oreditions in China, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, contact sales@dillistone.com

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  14. 14. At your level, there’s no settling forwhat’s on the lower branchYou’ve spent years honing your performance to be the kind of leader successful companiesdream of hiring. So when you’re looking for resources to help you attain your career objectives,look for people who are as experienced and exacting as you.ExecuNet is the leading private resource for senior-level executives who want to ensure theirskills are sharp and their expertise is known, and for companies seeking nothing short of thebest talent.If you’re eager to be among executives who are being identified for leadership roles andbuilding relationships that will serve them well into the future, join our exclusive membershiporganization today. We’d like the chance to meet your demands. Visit us online today atwww.execunet.com or call 1-800-637-3126 to speak with a Member Services specialist.