Types of internet connections


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  • The two largest DSL carriers out there, but they also monopolize the market making them the most expensive choice.
  • Types of internet connections

    1. 1.  The Analogue connection, also known as Dial-Up access, is a very slow and inexpensive type of internet connection. A dialup connection uses a modem, phone line and ISP. With an analogue connection, a subscriber connects to the internet by dialing up a phone number gotten from an ISP. The modem converts Incoming data from analogue to digital and the reverse. The dial up access provides poor internet quality.
    2. 2. Very popular dial-up provider, only need a phone line and the following system requirements: Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP Windows Vista/7Computer Processor 90 MHz or higher processor 800MHz or higher processorMemory 64 MB of RAM 512 MB of RAMMonitor VGA monitor with 800x600 resolution SVGA monitor with 800x600 resolutionModem 28.8K modem 56K modem or higherFree Disk Space 20 MB of free disk space 20 MB of free disk spaceBrowser Internet Explorer 5.0.1 or higher Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
    3. 3.  A Cable modem is a type of internet connection that allows connection via cable TV lines. The Cable internet connection uses TV channels for data transmission. Cable internet provides fast internet access. Cable TV uses coaxial cable, which support higher bandwidth than telephone lines do. It is important to make it clear that broadband is a general name for cable, satellite and DSL types of internet connections. Broadband internet connections are highly reliable and fast. Like other types of internet connections, they require modems to connect to the internet.
    4. 4. The most popular cable internet provider. Comcast which now markets as Xfinityrequires a modem and a cable connection.
    5. 5.  Satellite connection provides uninterrupted internet connectivity. Internet over Satellite uses a communication satellite that is on a stationary position in orbit. Due to the huge distance the data has to be transmitted, the speed of satellite is a bit lower than Broadband types of internet connections.
    6. 6.  DSL, which also refers to xDSL, uses 2-wire copper telephone lines and it does not require dialing in to an ISP. In fact, DSL is an "always on" internet connection. There are different categories of DSL and they are SDSL, VDSL and ADSL.
    7. 7.  Internet2 provides the highest internet speed connectivity. It was developed by a networking consortium to meet the high-speed internet demand for research and education work. It has a speed of 100Gbps. The use of internet2 is not common.