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Yelp: Designing an Itinerary Feature


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A user experience design project where we design a itinerary feature for the Yelp app. Retrospective available here:

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Yelp: Designing an Itinerary Feature

  1. 1. Trips: Itinerary Feature for for
  2. 2. The Team Matthew Kroll UX Designer Farhana Begum UX Designer Adrian Lin UX Designer
  3. 3. Our goal is to support your business growth and increase user engagement through the creation of the itinerary feature
  4. 4. What We Will Cover Business Research and Key Findings User Goals Features Prototype Walkthrough Next Steps
  5. 5. Business Research + Itinerary Discovery Records Collaboration Check-in x + + + x o o o o + + + + + + x + +x+ x x x x x x + x x x + + + x x + x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x+ o available but not a featureavailable not available
  6. 6. Yelp is missing out on a huge market opportunity
  7. 7. User Interviews We Interviewed 11 People Age 18-24 18% 25-30 55% 31-35 18% 36-45 10% Travels for Leisure Very Frequently 10% Frequently 55% Sometimes 37% Gender Male 36% Female 64% Travels for Work Very Frequently 37% Sometimes 45% Rarely 18% Creates Itineraries yes no 64%36% They Use Their Mobile Devices Reviews Trip Planning 73%55% Documenting Experiences or Event Discovering New Activities 90% 45% need to collaborate with travel partner(s) when making travel plans Who are they? How do they plan? What do they consider? 55% travel plan around events 45% prefer creating itineraries around locations or attractions 82% prefer flexible intineraries
  8. 8. The Users Susan The Planner AGE 38 OCCUPATION Marketing Manager “I’ve got a great idea for a trip. I’ll plan if you come along!” Susan is a Marketing Manager and social butterfly. She loves watching movies and going out with friends. She is active on social media and wants to feel connected. She frequently checks-in or posts photos of her experiences to her networks. Susan tries to travel as much as she can, and she particularly enjoys going on trips with her friends. Since she generally finds herself taking on the role of trip planner, she uses the internet to research information on activities and locations she thinks the group will enjoy. She enjoys creating itineraries for everyone but is not always sure of her fellow travelers’ interests and expectations. Travel Frequency Creates Itineraries Documents Trips Tech Empathy NEEDS PAINS Touristy Recommendations Finding Trustful Information Poor Mobile Experience Ability to Update Plans Collaborative Planning Social Integration Ways to Document Experiences PRIMARY
  9. 9. The Users Philip Mr. Go with the Flow AGE 30 OCCUPATION Freelance Graphic Designer “We’ll figure it out when we get there. Relax, this is a vacation.” Philip is a Freelance Graphic Designer and self-proclaimed foodie. To get design inspiration, he enjoys riding his bike around the city and taking photographs. He considers himself a “go with the flow” type of guy, and he loves finding new things before they become popular. Philip likes to visit areas within a reasonable driving distance, and he likes to make a short list of the main things he wants to accomplish while in any specific location. Outside of that, he is more interested in wandering until he finds something or until he gets suggestions from the locals. Just like at home, he enjoys taking photos while traveling. He also has been known to keep a journal of his experiences. Travel Frequency Creates Itineraries Documents Trips Tech Empathy NEEDS PAINS No Internet Data Reviews from Non-Locals Poor Design SECONDARY Maps Location-Based Information Minimal User-Input Intuitive Layout
  10. 10. The Users Tobi Fun Finagler AGE 23 OCCUPATION Architectural Intern “Can I fit this in between meetings? I’ll check my schedule.” Tobi is an Architectural Intern finishing up her Master's Degree. She spends a lot of time studying and working but likes to visit museums and attend cultural events when she has the time. She likes hanging out with her friends but also doesn’t mind experiencing new things on her own. Since she needs to meet with clients and do site visits regularly, Tobi travels quite frequently for work. After setting up most of the schedule, the Office Admin emails all the details to Tobi. Work itineraries are very rigid, and there usually isn’t a lot of free time, but she tries to fit some activities in where she can. If anything, makes sure to find a few good places to eat while on business trips. Travel Frequency Creates Itineraries Documents Trips Tech Empathy NEEDS PAINS Receiving Suggestions Too Far Away Getting Stuck in Crowded Places Too Many Suggestions SECONDARY Schedule Events by Time Ability to Add or Sync Meetings Reminders for Work Events Notifications for Planning Changes
  11. 11. The Feature Must Should Could Won’t Allow travelers to create itineraries with designated locations and services Allow travelers to record their actual experiences Allow travelers to view itineraries offline Allow for organization of travel plans based on time, categories, preferences of traveler(s) Be mobile friendly Allow for reading and writing reviews Allow for collaboration with travel partners Convert between imperial and metric measurements as necessary Allows travelers to store information while offline to later update when online Connect to Google Calendar to allow travelers to pull relevant information as necessary ex: flight details Allow travelers full access to Yelp’s database offline
  12. 12. Prototyping and User Testing
  13. 13. Itinerary Feature Overview
  14. 14. Prototype Walkthrough
  15. 15. Next Steps Further testing and iteration Explore options to add personal events to the itinerary Explore the ‘could’ features for our feature prioritization Consider Yelp’s information architecture
  16. 16. Thank You For Listening!