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Twenty Recruitment Brochure

  2. 2. RECRUITMENT GROUPTWENTY RECRUITMENT IS THE WORLD’S FASTEST EXPANDINGINDEPENDENT RECRUITMENT BUSINESSIn January 2009 while the recruitment sectorwas suffering from the effects of globalfinancial meltdown, we were rewritingthe rule book and setting up the nextgeneration of recruitment business. From a standing start in the very depth of the recession, we are profitable, have eleven business streams covering three industry sectors, a global client base and have launched a US operation in New York. We’ve gone from a UK start up to an industry defining global recruitment brand – a brand which is fast becoming the industry benchmark.
  3. 3. OUR BACKGROUNDTwenty was founded by industry experts Paul Marsden and Adrian Kinnersley who wereresponsible for the rapid growth and sale, in a £17.5m management buyout at the top of themarket, of Astbury Marsden. They also had the foresight to recognise that January 2009 wasthe bottom of the cycle and was therefore a perfect time to start a well funded business.Why? Because competitors were disappearing, and set up costs were around a third of whatthey would have been in 2007.“ One of the major benefits of having built and sold a CURRENT recruitment business before is that we were able to PRACTICE AREASwork back from the exit point.While most start ups have all Europethe pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, we also had the benefit ofknowing what the finished picture should look like. FINANCIAL SERVICES I Finance Another obvious benefit was that I Technology we had the funding – but also the I Compliance knowledge and experience not to I Operations be wasteful - and so our first move COMMERCE & INDUSTRY was to take advantage of the I Finance downturn and make it work for us. I Technology We negotiated great deals on I Risk infrastructure and premises and PROFESSIONAL SERVICEScrucially were able to attract some real talent away from I Auditorganisations who were struggling to maintain morale. I Advisory I LegalWe decided to build from the top down and so recruited anumber of very experienced business heads from major TALENT OUTSOURCINGcompetitors in the financial services, commerce and industry I Total outsourced recruitmentand professional services sectors. These are all outstanding solution for SMEsambitious entrepreneurial people with extensive client ” North Americaand candidate networks who have subsequentlybuilt their teams around them. FINANCIAL SERVICES Adrian Kinnersley – MD I Finance
  4. 4. OUR VALUESLIFE’S SHORTAnd far too short to be justaverage. Twenty is about a realdrive to succeed, a fearless attitude BE ECLECTIC Twenty is an innovator and has created the next generation of recruitment businesses - a group CRYSTAL CLEAR For Twenty to succeed with our clients and candidates in a new market, we need people who notto business and a belief that of individually highly successful only have a crystal clear vision ofsuccess is about having fun as well companies which will cover a diverse the goals ahead, but also what isas working smart. range of sectors, geographies and needed to achieve those goals. levels - but which will have the Open communication, clear collaborative power, support and responsibilities and transparency are backing of one strong brand -Twenty. the very bedrock of Twenty’s style.“ Recruitment is an industry where sometimes the egos of the founders can suffocate any attempt at creativity or originality – not at Twenty. We workedvery hard on our values and ensure that the whole team are the ones driving what ”they actually mean. Every new joiner gets an opportunity to help shape ourbusiness and a platform to gain a share in the business. Paul Marsden – CEO THE GOAL of the business is and always has been to bean industry defining brand & the industry benchmarkin professional mid – senior level recruitment To us that’s not just an empty missionacross multiple sectors, disciplines and geographies. statement – it’s a vision that we are turning into a reality. This is founded on the principal that the future of recruitment will be based upon professional market experts extracting and delivering talent and providing quality career advice to candidates NOT graduates surfing job boards and posting CV’s to portals.
  5. 5. THE PROOF 2010 turnover up 350% from £0.9m in 2009 to just shy of £4m in 20102010 net fee income up 250% from £0.6m in 2009 to £2.2m in 2010 2010 headcount up from 13 to32 in 2011 we expect this to more than doubleIn 2010 we have made placements with 92 companies across Europe and the US We are on target to be in the top three fastest growing companies in the UKWe are on target to be the number one fastest growing, profitable recruitment business in the UK We are planning aggressive growth during 2011 and have forecasted a turnover of around £12 - 13m, a net fee income of around £6 - £7m and a sales headcount of around 65.
  6. 6. We’re interested in ambitious, hungry recruiters who are looking for more inspirational surroundings. Consultants who see recruitment as a profession, not a process, who will challenge - not merely facilitate.WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Consultants with experience - not just enthusiasm. Consultants who are as career focused as the people they place Consultants who are imaginative, self believing and fun Consultants who are comfortable with – and actively seek change Consultants with impressive personal billings in a professional services sector
  7. 7. CASE STUDIES Oliver Gibbons Director: Commerce and Industry - Technology “Twenty turned my head with an opportunity that enabled me to live a professional goal; learn and develop the fundamental business skills to start and grow a successful recruitment business from scratch whilst working alongside talented, experienced people who share a common goal. Whilst I was not looking to leave initially, I have never had a single regret. The team we have built is much stronger that I have ever experienced – bringing the best out of each other and the management team . ”Thea Richardson Senior Consultant: Commerce and Industry - Risk“Twenty was the obvious move to make at a time when I felt my personaldevelopment was being stifled in a business, that although a key player inthe market place with a reputable brand name, had realised its potentialand left little scope to make your mark.The proposition of a business that fostered a ‘new’ approach to recruitment,with the scope to branch out from the ‘norm’ and a core value of ‘Crystalclear’ afforded me the opportunity to further develop my career whilstlearning first-hand how to successfully establish and grow a business in a ”challenging market place . Edward Ekins Managing Consultant: Financial Services - Technology “I joined Twenty to fulfil a desire to be part of a growing recruitment organisation with a culture that promotes autonomy and has a clear blueprint for the future. I also wanted to join a Technology division where I would be working alongside Consultants with many years of success in ” recruitment as opposed to junior level staff .
  8. 8. CASE STUDIES Ogetay Akman Associate Director: Professional Services - Head of Legal “There were two pivotal factors in me joining Twenty and they became evident to me very early on in the interview process. Firstly, they knew exactly what they wanted to achieve by creating Twenty, and refreshingly, an even clearer approach as to how they were going to achieve it.There was no confusing narrative when explaining the model, and no hesitation from any of the Directors when they explained how they were rolling out the model to their respective market. Having been in the world of recruitment for over 10 years often you find companies who have great ideas but no execution plan,Twenty stood out as being a firm that knew exactly who they were, what they wanted to achieve and how they would do it. Secondly – the people. I was pretty clear in my mind having met the respective business heads who clearly knew every nuance of their market and had the necessary gravitas to create a new proposition in a tired ” market, that I wanted to be part of this innovative team .Greg Cook Director: Global COO“Having completed a variety of roles in larger recruitment companiesI was looking for a new challenge that would broaden my experience ratherthan narrow it by specialising, and compensate me well for it along the way.I soon narrowed my choices down to companies like Twenty that hadroles and growth plans that fitted.The final selection between them wasbased on culture and belief - Twenty won convincingly in terms of the ”team, their drive, ability, track record and funding to achieve the plan .
  9. 9. CASE STUDIES Nick Careless Director: New York “The appeal of twenty lies in the opportunity to build and shape a successful recruitment business and to be able to participate in its success. Having managed successful international recruitment businesses for others, the opportunity to leverage this experience and take ownership of my own business made perfect sense.The common denominator at twenty is quality - the consultants are focused professionals with a good handle on their respective markets and the management team are highly credible and 100% engaged in supporting their consultants . ”Michelle Myers Senior Consultant: Financial Services - Compliance“Basically, I joined based on the calibre of the people I’d be working withplus the values that really resonated with me and are clearly at the coreof everything that Twenty does. I felt Twenty was truly unique encompassingflexibility/eclectic working styles/opportunity to learn from others, grow,improve my own recruitment styles and methods, see the company growfrom start up to a major business and gain some equity. It didn’t seem like ”the easiest choice but was definitely the most challenging and compelling . Alistair Lind Consultant: Professional Services - Audit “I joined Twenty Recruitment because the vision for the business appealed to my long term career aspirations and I haven’t been disappointed. Joining a fast growing business that will give me realistic career progression opportunities and working with like minded individuals has been the best ” decision of my career so far .
  10. 10. OUR CULTURE provides a genuine platform for achievement to motivated recruiters, withoutthe politics found within many of our competitors.This is an outstanding opportunity to be partof a business that has already achieved the first part of its growth plan and is set to become adominant global recruitment brand. While we disrupt the market and upset the status quo, wehave seen our competition either struggle and/or disappear through ‘credit crunch hangovers’. THERE IS NO OTHER recruitment business that has the private funding available to facilitate aggressive WHAT CAN WE OFFER? expansion, but which is also profitable in its own right. Obviously we offer market leading THERE IS NO OTHER compensation packages – we are recruitment business that has willing to pay the best to get the best! our depth of experience. THERE IS NO OTHER recruitment But the real opportunity is the fact that business that has grown as fast as we have. you’ll be joining in the next phase of our growth plan – a plan that will give you the opportunity to help shape our global business and to learn about building a dominant global brand.There OUR MODEL of focusing solely on experienced, is also the possibility of securing a piece credible, mature and professional recruiters is of the action through share options. unique for a business growing at our pace. iPhone synced to all systems • Pension • Life insurance • Private medical insurance • THERE IS NO OTHER business that ensures it is Critical illness insurance crystal clear to everyone how you progress and • Partner critical illness insurance how you achieve a share in the business. • Health cash plan • Travel insurance • Dental insurance • Childcare vouchers • Bike to work • Quarterly, half yearly and annualTHERE IS NO OTHER recruitment business that will teach you all parties/overseas trips/lunches etcyou need to know to run your own successful recruitment •company as you progress through your career. Discount gym memberships