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Evaas training 10 12-12 pdf


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RESA Session

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Evaas training 10 12-12 pdf

  1. 1. EVAAS for EducatorsAdriane Mingo, Heather Stewart, Yvette Stewart
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Adriane Mingo Professional Development Consultant Region 6 Heather Stewart Professional Development Consultant Region 4
  3. 3. Purpose• Be familiar with proactive assessments• Understand the various EVAAS reports• Be familiar with student projection reports
  4. 4. Outcomes:• Locate resources associated with the EVAAS• Be familiar with various EVAAS Reports• Understand At-Risk and Preparedness Reports• Be familiar with Student Projection Reports
  5. 5. Can We Agree?• To be actively involved• Value differences• Agree to disagree• Listen
  6. 6. Agenda• Welcome, introductions, agenda overview• Resources• Value-Added• Reports• Reflections• Questions
  7. 7. Resources
  8. 8. Cycle of Support
  9. 9. 2012-2013 Professional Development Plan 2012 2013 Sept June May Aug Dec Mar Nov Apr July Feb Oct Jan Common Core State and NC Essential Standards PD  ~96 sessions Information and Technology Essential Standards PD  ~24 sessions Fidelity Support PD  8 sessions 8 sessions NC Educator Evaluation System PD   ACT or PLAN PD  Creating the 21st Century Classroom PD   AIG-Focused PD  EVAAS PD  +90 optional sessions
  10. 10. Online Modules and WebinarsAvailable since 6/2011►Modules available at• Call for Change: An Overview of Common Core and Essential Standards• Developing Local Curricula• NC Professional Teaching Standards• Understanding the Standards• Understanding Student Behavior I• Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy• NC Falcon (Formative Assessment)►Webinars available at
  11. 11. Online Modules and WebinarsAvailable 6/2012►Modules available at • NC School Executives Standards • Digital Literacies in the K-12 Classroom • Introduction to Data Literacy • Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects • Understanding PreK-6 Student Behavior in the Classroom • Connecting with our 21st Century Learners • NC Falcon Student Ownership Module • Educator Evaluation System Tutorial • North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards Module Implementation Guide available at
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Additional Resources:• EVAAS Wiki Page Here
  15. 15. Virtual Professional Development
  16. 16. Data Literacy Module Data Resource Guide
  17. 17. Educator Effectiveness• Questions on Standard 6 or 8? Email• Learn more about Measures of Student Learning/Common Exams at
  18. 18. Questions about Cloud & IIS• The Cloud is here – www.Cloud.FI.NCSU.EDU• For further questions, email… – –
  19. 19. Pre-Assessment
  20. 20. Current Practices How do you currently use EVAAS?
  21. 21. It’s Connected
  22. 22. Benefits and Considerations for Teacher Use• Understand academic Professional preparedness of students Development is the before they enter the Key classroom. • Culture of School• Monitor student progress, ensuring growth opportunities • Sensitivity of Data for all students. • Finger Pointing and Blame• Modify curriculum, student Game support, and instructional strategies to address the • Window vs. Mirror needs of all students.
  23. 23. Benefits for Principals• Gain a consolidated view of student progress and teacher effectiveness, as well as the impact of instruction and performance.• Bring clarity to strategic planning and function as a catalyst for conversations that must take place to ensure that all students reach their potential.• Understand and leverage the strengths of effective teachers.• Use the valuable resource of effective teaching to benefit as many students as possible.
  24. 24. Principal’s Role • Principal Access • Your Role as Gatekeeper • Making Choices Regarding Teacher Access • Professional Development Support for Teachers
  25. 25. Education Value-Added Assessment System• Answers the question of how effective a schooling experience is• Produces reports that -Predict student success -Show the effects of schooling at particular schools -Reveal patterns in subgroup performance sharing.html?videoToLoad=rtmp:// Frame=null&caption=null&captionShowAtStart=0&referralPage=http%3A//
  26. 26. The EVAAS Philosophy• All students deserve opportunities to make appropriate academic progress every year.• There is no “one size fits all” way of educating students who enter a class at different levels of academic achievement.
  27. 27. The EVAAS Philosophy• Adjustments to instruction should be based on the students’ academic needs, not on socio-economic factors.• "What teachers know and can do is the most important influence on what students learn." (National Commission on Teaching and Americas Future, 1996)
  29. 29. Student Achievement Proficient End of School Year
  30. 30. Student Growth Proficient Not Proficient Start of End of School Year School Year
  31. 31. Achievement and Poverty How is this fair?
  32. 32. Academic Growth and Poverty No one is doomed to failure.
  33. 33. Global Menu
  34. 34. Changes in Reporting for 2012-13 2011-12 2012-13 Above Exceeds Expected Growth Not Detectably Meets Expected Growth Different Below Does Not Meet Expected Growth
  35. 35. Value-Added Reporting
  36. 36. Pie Charts
  37. 37. 1. Go to the website
  38. 38. 1. Go to the website
  39. 39. 1. Go to 2. BOOKMARK IT! 3. Secure & Convenient Online Login
  40. 40. Do you see this? Then Sit Tight!
  41. 41. What Are Projections?
  42. 42. What Are Projections Anyway? Given a specific set of circumstances… …what’s the most likely outcome?
  43. 43. What Are Projections Anyway? Given this student’s testing history, across subjects… …what is the student likely to score on an upcoming test, assuming the student has the average schooling experience?
  44. 44. EVAAS ProjectionsWhat are they based on?• Expectations based on what we know » About this student and other students who have already taken this test » Prior test scores (EOC/EOG), across subjects » Their scores on the test we’re projecting to
  45. 45. What’s the Value of the Projections? Projections are NOT about predicting the future. They ARE about assessing students’ academic needs TODAY.
  46. 46. Assessing Students’ Needs• What are this student’s chances for success?• What goals should we have for this student this year?• What goals should we have for this student in future years?What can I do to help this student get there?
  47. 47. Using Projections to Take Action • Identify students • Assess the level of risk • Plan schedules • Identify high-achievers • Assess the opportunities • Inform
  48. 48. Academic At-Risk Reports • Reports – Academic At-Risk Report
  49. 49. Making Data Driven Decisions
  50. 50. Data Mining Data or Knowledge discovery
  52. 52. Disaggregated by AchievementProbability
  53. 53. Student Reporting
  54. 54. Custom Student Report HANDOUT
  55. 55. Thinking of the State Distribution byQUINTILES
  56. 56. How canyou usethesereports?
  57. 57. Digging Deeper…
  58. 58. The Deeper We Go, The MoreQuestions We Raise How much impact What Why did this did school conversation do I student change environment have need to have with schools? on this student? guidance? What are her What is the What’s going on connections to teacher’s at home? school? perspective?
  59. 59. Questions?
  60. 60. EVAAS Assignment Take 30 minutes to complete the three tasks on the assignment sheet.
  61. 61. Graffiti WalkTell uswhat youthink aboutEVASS
  62. 62. Review Insights from Assignment Questions What’s Next?
  64. 64. More Support with EVAAS• Dr. Sandy Horn – retired NC teacher, employed by SAS to provide PD for EVAAS.• Full list of PD opportunities and Dr. Horns contact information is available here:
  65. 65. Overview of Four Types of InteractivePD Opportunities • Drop-in • One-Hour Web Conferences: 30- Conferences with minute live sessions Individual Districts on various topics – District-specific – EVAAS Q and A reporting for central office staff charged – EVAAS Diagnostic with deployment of and Academic EVAAS training. Preparedness Reports: Tools for School Improvement •
  66. 66. Overview of Four Types of InteractivePD Opportunities • One-Hour Web • One- to Two-Hour Conferences with Web Conferences Individual Schools – Customized to meet – Explore needs of participants interpretation of school’s reporting and how it can be used to improve AYP success this year as well as prepare for upcoming school year
  67. 67. Closure Please take a moment to answer the survey.
  68. 68. Regional PD Contact InformationAdriane 326-1301