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Pitch deck

  1. 1. The Sustainable Economy Goes Social Adrian Dahlin Founder & CEO (413) 695-1998 adrian@risinggreen.com
  2. 2. SummaryWere building a 21st-century sustainableeconomy in which all people can build careersthat serve humanity, the planet andthemselves. Our multi-platform model willreform the recruiting industry while placingyoung professionals in meaningful jobs,internships and study abroad programs.
  3. 3. The Problem● Current economic model is unsustainable.● Hundreds of thousands of young green professionals don’t know where to find jobs and internships.● Tools to help green companies find talent are inefficient and cost ineffective.● Information about the green sector is scarce and disorganized, even in university career centers.
  4. 4. The Solution● A combination of in-person and online recruiting.● One-stop shop: jobs, internships and study abroad.● Public profiles: a searchable talent database.● Industry-specific networking luncheons and career fairs.● A leading hub for information to help job-seekers and companies understand trends in the green economy.
  5. 5. Competition green job boardsComprehensive yes yes no yesCategory SearchSearchable Public no yes no yesProfilesNetworking no no no yesEventsSocial Media somewhat somewhat no yesIntegration No inspiring brands, green niche underserved, no new innovations in job-seeker profiles, no marriage of in-person and online interaction.
  6. 6. Competitive Advantage● Combined online and in-person machine for customer acquisition and brand promotion.● More powerful and more targeted search.● A brand with clear values that everyone can support.● Our understanding of the emerging green job market.● Network effects = a viral engine of growth.
  7. 7. MarketingSocial Media & Blogs● The source of 2/3 of our traffic.● Where this generation is most comfortable.Campus Ambassadors● A student on each campus becomes the face of RG.● Attract users. Build support networks of faculty, career services, study abroad offices & campus publications.● Organize networking luncheons & career fairs.
  8. 8. The Team Adrian Dahlin, President & CEO: ● Compton Mentor Fellow 2011-2012 ● Community Sustainability Leader ● 2011 Tufts Sustainability Award Winner Justin Sinichko, Web Developer: ● Project Manager, GoVerse mobile app ● Solar Car Engineer ● Conservation Biologist Advisory BoardAntje Danielson: Co-Founder @ Zipcar; Executive Directer @ Tufts Institute of theEnvironmentAntonio Tambunan: GreenDrinksBoston; Formerly @ Deutsche Bank, Bear StearnsDave Oakes: Co-Founder, Co-Director @ Center for Ecological Living and LearningPosy Gering: Founder @ MyNextU, Communication and Branding ExpertRobert Mather: Business Analyst @ IBMRyck Lent: Partner @ Leader Networks; Formerly @ Monster.com
  9. 9. Funding & Accomplishments ● Seed Investment of $50,500. Investors: Adrian Dahlin, Robert Mather, Antje Danielson, Brian Mountford● Built three website prototypes, held four focus groups.● Refined vision, added focus on in-person events.● 1200+ site visits in July. Up 300% from June. 460 Facebook & Twitter fans. With no marketing budget.● Attracted 30+ interns and bloggers.
  10. 10. Business ModelOnline Revenue:● Listing Fees ($100+/month). Ads (high CPM).● Profile Search Recruiter Tool (subscription).Human Interaction Revenue:● Networking luncheons. All participants pay to attend.● Career fairs and abroad fairs. Schools pay to host, presenters pay to attend.