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TVLinks Presentation


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TVL presentation for Buc Hub.

Published in: Technology, Business
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TVLinks Presentation

  1. 1.  2006-??  Business model : exploring new markets/niches.  Activitati: achizitii/vanzari sites, dezvoltare regie proprie, agentie publicitate, affiliate marketing  Numere: curand 100 mil. UU LT
  2. 2. What: aggregator, video search, social network, internet TV Guide. ( ) Essential: programming guide for internet TV. Navigational device. We structure data. No hosting: discover/navigate to video content. Numbers: aprox 2 mil UU / mo; 20 mil PV / mo. 5-10% MTM growth rate.
  3. 3. 2000 (small) independent websites
  4. 4.  Data. Toys: Dual QuadXeon 2.5Ghz, 16 GB RAM, Velociraptor HDD, LAMP, Plesk CP.  Monetizare.  Competitie. ◦ Yidio/SideReel/OVGuide/Clicker.  Future. TV version. GoogleTV App. New verticals.
  5. 5.  “I did a bubu”. 1.indecision; bad/no strategy. 2.slow growth: users running away. Ads. 3.wrong goal: money. “milk the cow”. 4.No profit reinvesting. 5.No smart money (seed, venture funding). 6. going stealth: no advice, no feedback. 7. bad branding.