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Netflix Cloud Prize Launch


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Slides from the launch of the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize - Updated slightly to include links to press and blog posts on the story.

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Netflix Cloud Prize Launch

  1. 1. NetflixOSS Cloud Prize Launch March 13th, 2013 Adrian Cockcroft
  2. 2. Announcement
  3. 3. In 2012 Netflix Engineering won this..
  4. 4. We’d like to give out prizes too But what for? Contributions to NetflixOSS! Shared under Apache license Located on github
  5. 5. How long do you have? Entries open today Entries close September 15th Six months…
  6. 6. Who can win? Almost anyone, anywhere…Except current or former Netflix or AWS employees
  7. 7. Who decides who wins? Nominating Committee Panel of Judges
  8. 8. Judges Aino Corry Martin FowlerProgram Chair for Qcon/GOTO Simon Wardley Chief Scientist Thoughtworks Strategist Werner Vogels Yury Izrailevsky CTO Amazon Joe Weinman VP Cloud Netflix SVP Telx, Author “Cloudonomics”
  9. 9. What are Judges Looking For? Eligible, Apache 2.0 licensed Original and useful contribution to NetflixOSS Code that successfully builds and passes a test suite A large number of watchers, stars and forks on github NetflixOSS project pull requests Good code quality and structure Documentation on how to build and run itEvidence that code is in use by other projects, or is running in production
  10. 10. What do you win?One winner in each of the 10 categories Ticket and expenses to attend AWS Re:Invent 2013 in Las Vegas A Trophy
  11. 11. How do you enter? Get a (free) github accountFork Send us your email address Describe and build your entry Twitter #cloudprize
  12. 12. Award Apache Registration Close Entries AWS CeremonyGithub Opens Today Github Licensed Github September 15 Dinner Contributions Re:Invent November Judges Winners $10K cash $5K AWS Netflix Nominations Categories Ten Prize Engineering Categories AWSTrophy Re:Invent Conforms to Working Community Tickets Entrants Rules Code Traction
  13. 13. After Two Weeks• 635 forks of• Lots of good press coverage – Businessweek – Ashlee Vance was there – 000-in-prizes-for-coders
  14. 14. Blog Posts Keeping Story Going• How Netflix is Ruining Cloud Computing – Great discussion in the comments – computing/platform/how-netflix-is-ruining-cloud- computing/240151650• Joe Weinman – InformationWeek – cio/interviews/netflixs-cloud-contest-more-companies- sh/240151747• Werner Vogels – cloud-prize.html