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Gluecon keynote


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Cloud Native: What Changed?

Published in: Technology, Business
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Gluecon keynote

  1. 1. Cloud Native Applications:What ChangedMay 2013Adrian Cockcroft@adrianco #netflixcloud @NetflixOSS
  2. 2. We are EngineersWe solve hard problemsWe build amazing and complex thingsWe fix things when they break
  3. 3. We strive for perfectionPerfect codePerfect hardwarePerfectly operated
  4. 4. But perfection takes too long…So we compromiseTime to market vs. QualityUtopia remains out of reach
  5. 5. Where time to market wins bigMaking a land-grabDisrupting competitors (OODA)Anything delivered as web services
  6. 6. How Soon?Code features in days instead of monthsGet hardware in minutes instead of weeksIncident response in seconds instead of hours
  7. 7. Tipping the BalanceUtopia Dystopia
  8. 8. A new engineering challengeConstruct a highly agile and highlyavailable service from ephemeral andoften broken components
  9. 9. Inspiration
  10. 10. What Changed?Developers are the bottleneckPlatform manages service deliveryAgility and implementation speed wins
  11. 11. Examples of Cloud Native AppsEverything Google or Amazon doesSome startup web servicesNetflix
  12. 12. Netflix StreamingA Cloud Native Application based onan open source platform
  13. 13. Netflix Member Web Site Home PagePersonalization Driven – How Does It Work?
  14. 14. How Netflix Streaming WorksCustomer Device(PC, PS3, TV…)Web Site orDiscovery APIUser DataPersonalizationStreaming APIDRMQoS LoggingOpenConnectCDN BoxesCDNManagement andSteeringContent EncodingConsumerElectronicsAWS CloudServicesCDN EdgeLocations
  15. 15. Some Strategic QuestionsWhat changed…
  16. 16. The AWS QuestionWhy does Netflix use AWS whenAmazon Prime is a competitor?
  17. 17. Netflix vs. Amazon Prime• Do retailers competing with Amazon use AWS?– Yes, lots of them, Netflix is no different• Does Prime have a platform advantage?– No, because Netflix gets to run on AWS• Does Netflix take Amazon Prime seriously?– Yes, but so far Prime isn’t impacting our business
  18. 18. Amazon Video 1.31%18x Prime25x PrimeNov2012StreamingBandwidthMarch2013MeanBandwidth+39% 6mo
  19. 19. The Google Cloud QuestionWhy doesn’t Netflix use GoogleCloud as well as AWS?
  20. 20. Google Cloud – Wait and SeePro’s• Cloud Native• Huge scale for internal apps• Exposing internal services• Nice clean API model• Starting a price war• Fast for what it does• Rapid start & minute billingCon’s• In beta until last week• No big customers yet• Missing many key features• Different arch model• Missing billing options• No SSD or huge instances• Zone maintenance windowsBut: Anyone interested is welcome to port NetflixOSS components to Google Cloud
  21. 21. Cloud Wars: Price and PerformanceAWS vs.GCS WarPrivateCloudWhat Changed:Everyone usingAWS or GCS getsthe price cuts andperformanceimprovements, asthey happen. Noneed to switchvendor.No Change:Locked in forthree years.
  22. 22. The DIY QuestionWhy doesn’t Netflix build and run itsown cloud?
  23. 23. Fitting Into Public ScalePublicGreyAreaPrivate1,000 Instances 100,000 InstancesNetflix FacebookStartups
  24. 24. How big is Public?AWS upper bound estimate based on the number of public IP AddressesEvery provisioned instance gets a public IP by defaultAWS Maximum Possible Instance Count 3.7 MillionGrowth >10x in Three Years, >2x Per Annum
  25. 25. DIY Alternatives: what couldNetflix do with $100M to invest?Build a datacenter, Launch in a new country, orfund the next “House of Cards”?All payback over several yearsGrow the business!
  26. 26. The Alternative SupplierQuestionWhat if there is no clear leader for afeature, or AWS doesn’t have whatwe need?
  27. 27. Things We Don’t Use AWS ForSaaS Applications – Pagerduty, AppdynamicsContent Delivery ServiceDNS Service
  28. 28. CDN ScaleAWS CloudFrontAkamaiLimelightLevel 3NetflixOpenconnectYouTubeGigabits TerabitsNetflixFacebookStartups
  29. 29. Content Delivery ServiceOpen Source Hardware Design + FreeBSD, bird, nginxsee
  30. 30. DNS ServiceAWS Route53 is missing too many featuresMultiple vendor strategy Dyn, Ultra, Route53Abstracted (broken) DNS APIs with Denominator
  31. 31. Managing Multi-Region AvailabilityCassandra ReplicasZone ACassandra ReplicasZone BCassandra ReplicasZone CRegional Load BalancersCassandra ReplicasZone ACassandra ReplicasZone BCassandra ReplicasZone CRegional Load BalancersUltraDNSDynECTDNSAWSRoute53Denominator – manage traffic via multiple DNS providersDenominator
  32. 32. What Changed?Get out of the way of innovationBest of breed, by the hourChoices based on scaleCostreductionSlow downdevelopersLesscompetitiveLess revenueLowermarginsProcessreductionSpeed updevelopersMorecompetitiveMorerevenueHighermargins
  33. 33. Cloud Native – What Changed?Master copies of data are cloud residentDynamically provisioned micro-servicesServices are distributed and ephemeral
  34. 34. How to get to Cloud Native?Freedom and Responsibility for DevelopersDecentralize and Automate Ops ActivitiesIntegrate DevOps into the Business Organization
  35. 35. A Cloud Native Open Source PlatformSee
  36. 36. Boosting the @NetflixOSS EcosystemSee netflix.github.comCome to my tutorial this afternoon!
  37. 37. TakeawayNetflixOSS makes it easier for everyone to become Cloud NativeWhat changed is the speed and agility of the integrated CloudNative BusDevOps organization@adrianco #netflixcloud @NetflixOSS