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Cassandra  Write  Data  Flows   Global Netflix Platform


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Cassandra  Write  Data  Flows   Single  Region,  MulLple  Availability  Zone   Cassandra   • Disks   • Zone  A   2   2   4   2  1.  Client  Writes  to  any   Cassandra  3   3   Cassandra   If  a  node  goes  offline,   Cassandra  Node   • Disks   5 • Disks   5   hinted  handoff  2.  Coordinator  Node   • Zone  C   1 • Zone  A   completes  the  write   replicates  to  nodes   when  the  node  comes   and  Zones   back  up.  3.  Nodes  return  ack  to   Clients     coordinator   Requests  can  choose  to  4.  Coordinator  returns   3   wait  for  one  node,  a   Cassandra   Cassandra   ack  to  client   • Disks   • Disks   5   quorum,  or  all  nodes  to  5.  Data  wri=en  to   • Zone  C   • Zone  B   ack  the  write   internal  commit  log     disk   Cassandra   SSTable  disk  writes  and   • Disks   • Zone  B   compacLons  occur   asynchronously  

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