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Distributed  Key-­‐Value  Stores  •  Cloud Global Netflix Platform


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Distributed  Key-­‐Value  Stores  •  Cloud  has  many  key-­‐value  data  stores   –  More  complex  to  keep  track  of,  do  backups  etc.   –  Each  store  is  much  simpler  to  administer   DBA   –  Joins  take  place  in  java  code  •  No  schema  to  change,  no  scheduled  downLme  •  Latency  for  typical  queries   –  Memcached  is  dominated  by  network  latency  <1ms   –  Cassandra  takes  a  few  milliseconds   –  SimpleDB  replicaLon  and  REST  auth  overheads  >10ms  

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