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Astyanax   Coming  soon  to Global Netflix Platform


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Astyanax   Coming  soon  to  h=p://  •  Cassandra  java  client  •  API  abstracLon  on  top  of  Thri6  protocol  •  “Fixed”  ConnecLon  Pool  abstracLon  (vs.  Hector)   –  Round  robin  with  Failover   –  Retry-­‐able  operaLons  not  Led  to  a  connecLon   –  Discovery  integraLon   –  Host  reconnect  (fixed  interval  or  exponenLal  backoff)   –  Token  aware  (in  development)  to  save  a  network  hop  •  Ne9lix  style  configuraLon  (INFLibrary)  •  Batch  mutaLon:  set,  put,  delete,  increment  •  Simplified  use  of  serializers  via  method  overloading  (vs.  Hector)  •  ConnecLonPoolMonitor  interface  for  counters  and  tracers  •  Composite  Column  Names  replacing  deprecated  SuperColumns  

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