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  2. 2. COUNTRY: IRAK Is a country in Western Asia
  3. 3.  Invasion to Iraq, Multinational Conflicts: Violence Balance of power Economic Reservations of oil Most unstable second country.
  4. 4. Problematic SituationPOLITICAL
  5. 5.  The federal government of Iraq:  Islamic  Democratic  Federal parliamentary republic
  6. 6.  The United States have left any pretension to simulate the existence of an autonomous government, and also of a government of integration. The war in Iraq is one of the decisive points of the international politics; point whose meaning and whose enormous insinuations till now have not been understood very well.
  7. 7. ISTANBUL, 27 ABR. (EUROPA PRESS) The vice-minister of Exteriors of Turkey, Naci Koru, it has affirmed this Thursday that he does not believe that there is an escalation of the tensions between the country and Iraq and has assured that the Iraqi first minister, Nuri al Maliki, will throw the conversations of reconciliation with the rest of formations of the country to put end to the political crisis.
  8. 8. SOLUTIONS Baghdad, April 28 (EFE)  Several Iraqi political leaders met today in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, and agreed that the solution to the current crisis passes to revive the agreement that allowed to form a government in 2010.  According to an official statement, the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani met today with the influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the opposition alliance Iraqiya Al Ayad Allawi, the head of Parliament, Osama al Nuyaifi, Kurdish leader Massoud and Barzani.
  9. 9. SOLUTIONS  The note, which quoted the head of cabinet of the President Kurdish-Iraqi, Fuad Hussein, explains that "participants in the meeting discussed the means to ensure an end to the crisis, which is a constant threat to the supreme interests of the country" .  And stressed the need for the situation is resolved by the agreement of Erbil, which allowed form an Executive in December 2010 and the initiative of eighteen points presented on Thursday by Al Sadr, which is based on defending the unity of Iraq.
  10. 10. Problematic SituationECONOMICAL
  11. 11.  Iraqs economy:  Oil sector, provided about 95% of foreign exchange earnings.  In the 1980s financial problems caused by massive expenditures in the eight-year war with Iran and damage to oil export facilities by Iran led the government to implement austerity measures.  Iraq suffered economic losses from the war of at least US$100 billion.
  12. 12.  Internal Gross output (PBI) (estimated year 2001): 59.000 million dollars. Rate of annual growth (year 2001): 5,7 %. GDP per capita (estimated year 2000): 33 2.500 dollars. Rate of inflation (year 2001): 60 %. Natural resources: oil, natural gas, phosphates, sulphur, agricultural products. Agriculture (less than 6 % of the GDP) Products: wheat, barley, rice, cotton, dates, birds of corral. Industry: (less than 13 % of the GDP) Types: oil, petrochemical, material textiles, cement. Trade (year 2001) Exports: 15.800 billion dollars in crude oil. Principal markets: Russia, France, Switzerland, China. Imports: 11.000 million dollars in agricultural products, medicines and machinery. Principal suppliers: Egypt, Russia, France
  13. 13.  Conflict:  Flow of goods,  Services and investments  Production,  Investors  Consumers The oil prices have increased several dollars for barrel. From June, the North American markets of actions and of the rest of the world have declined 20 per cent (evaluation in dollars).
  14. 14. SOLUTIONSTEHERAN, 22 abr (Xinhua) - The first vice- president of Iran Mohammad - Says Rahimi he asked today for narrower relations between Iran and Iraq. The cooperation between both countries in the areas of oil and traffic will help to promote the cooperation in other economic areas, it underlined.
  15. 15. SOLUTIONS In the previous year of the Iranian calendar that he concluded on March 19, the value of the economic bilateral relations between Iran and Iraq promoted to 9.700 million dollars USA, an increase of 50 per cent in comparison with the numbers of the previous year, informed today the official agency of news Iranian IRNA. There is foreseen that the value of the trade between both neighboring countries comes to 12.000 million dollars in the current Iranian year, he added.
  16. 16. BIBLIOGRAPHY .shtml j21.shtml ankara-no-cree-vaya-haber-escalada-tensiones- bagdad-20120427093110.html irak-causaria-problemas-economicos