Digital Hollywood 2013 US Hispanics and Mobile


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US Hispanics: Content Producers and Marketers who want to attract US Latinos should considered mobile as the first screen and in many cases as the only one

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Digital Hollywood 2013 US Hispanics and Mobile

  1. 1. Digital Hollywood Hispanics and Mobile: Digital Content, Smart Devices, From Phones to Tablets and TV Adriana Peña Ruiz 1 Oct 2013
  2. 2. US Latinos, Digital Media and Technology
  3. 3. 3 1. For Latinos, mobile should be treated as the first screen 2. Latinos use mobile not only to communicate but to connect and belong
  4. 4. US Latinos Overindex in Smartphone Usage ." ." ." 4 Smartphone Usage 74% of all Americans own/use a smartphone. 87% of Latinos own/use a smartphone. Magdid, Smartphones and Tablets: The Heartbeat of Connected Culture. (own or use somebody’s else mobile at home) Online Cell Users 91% of Americans own cellphones. 57% of all Americans go online using those phones. 63% of all cellphone owners use them to access the internet. 68% of Latino cellphone owners are cell internet users. Pew Research Center – Cell Internet Use 2013
  5. 5. US Latinos over index in tablet usage ." 52% of Americans 60% of Latinos Magdid, Smartphones and Tablets: The Heartbeat of Connected Culture. (own or use somebody’s else mobile at home)
  6. 6. or  La'nos  with  a  smartphone,  mobile  is  the  1st  screen maybe  their  only  screen?)   ." ." ." 6 30% of Americans go mostly online using a cell phone 34% of cell-internet users, mostly go online using cell phone. of Latino that have a Smart Phone go mostly online using a cell phone60% Cell-Mostly Internet Users Young adults, non-whites, less educated, and less affluent vs 27% of white* people
  7. 7. Top 25 digital media properties extend their reach via mobile channels by 29%
 US Latino users account for a higher extension of reach for many of them 7Source: Nielsen Mobile Insights Q1 2013 (Mobile University: Mobile Hispanics, Edelman- Jun 2013) +155% Pandora +59% ESPN +46% Twitter
  8. 8. US Latinos not only over-index in mobile penetration but also over-index on mobile activity 8 Biggest Differences are in entertainment usage (streaming, games) Percent of Segment Engaging in Mobile Activity Latino % Non-Latino % Mobile Internet 65 54 App Downloads 44 35 Social Networking 53 41 Email 55 48 Streaming Audio 37 23 Game Downloads 38 28 Text Alerts 37 29 Location-Based Services 39 28 Mobile Shopping 26 20 Bar Code Scanner 18 15 Mobile Banking 34 25 Source: Nielsen Mobile Insights Q1 2013 (Mobile University: Mobile Hispanics, Edelman- Jun 2013)
  9. 9. Latino Mobile users split their time on Apps & Web 9 Time Spent Watching Video on Internet Latinos Non-Latinos 6:29 3:52 Mobile Subscribers: Time Spent Watching Video on Mobile phone Latinos Non-Latinos 4:20 3:37 Latinos: Monthly Time Spent on Mobile Web and Mobile Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Web 31:18 28:08 Source: Nielsen: State of the Hispanic Consumer: The Hispanic Market Imperative Q2, 2012. Source: Nielsen Mobile Netview , March 2013(Mobile University: Mobile Hispanics, Edelman- Jun 2013) US Latinos spend 68% more time watching video on the internet and 20% more time watching video on their mobile phones than non-Hispanic Whites
  10. 10. For most digital communication methods, US Latino internet users spend more time there than their Non- Latino counterparts 10 Weekly Time Spent Using Communication Methods U.S. Latinos vs Non-Latinos Internet Users (average hours) Source: Terra Networks and comScore Inc, “2012 Terra Hispanic Digital Consumers Study” July 25, 2012
  11. 11. U.S. Latinos Top Apps & Mobile Web Brands 11 Source: Nielsen Mobile Netview , March 2013(Mobile University: Mobile Hispanics, Edelman- Jun 2013) Top 10 Apps Facebook Google Search Google Play Google Maps Youtube Gmail Instagram Pandora Radio Twitter Weather Top 10 Mobile Web Brands Google Facebook Youtube Yahoo Amazon Twitter Ebay Pandora MSN/Windows Live/Bing CNN Digital Network
  12. 12. Questions for the panel
  13. 13. Questions for the Panel: ." ." ." 13 1.  Since the Latino audience is an early adopter of mobile entertainment, and ahead in mobile adoption from the average U.S. rates, how do you develop media programming and mobile offerings for this marketplace? •  Media Programing for mobile has been mainly framed as second screen or apps -- but for Hispanics it should be considered first screen •  Mobile offerings should be useful, entertaining, social and culturally relevant
  14. 14. Santa Monica CA Denver CO Dallas TX Washington DC Mexico City Mexico Data Scientist & Math Team Buenos Aires Argentina Data Scientist Team •  Luminar is the first Latino Big Data analytics & modeling company •  Luminar delivers actionable insights that accelerate revenue growth and drive business efficiencies in a complex consumer environment •  In-culture data scientists & mathematicians based 
 in Mexico and Argentina •  Key client segments include retail, CPG, financial services, media & entertainment, automotive, and publishing Luminar is a Big Data Analytics Company fully owned by Entravision Have you considered gathering and analyzing big data in programming or marketing to this segment? Could you describe some of these big data initiatives? Questions for the Panel:
  15. 15. ." Source: Ericsson ConsumerLabs study ." 15 TV watching is evolving to a broader definition: Video Watching. I think it is useful to consider deeper classifications of video: •  Scheduled broadcast •  Pay-per-view •  DVD/BluRay •  Streamed/time-shifted TV •  VOD video (including YouTube) •  Recorded broadcast TV •  Downloaded movies and TV shows Questions for the Panel: When will TV be obsolete?
  16. 16. ." ." ." 16 Need to start creating content and adverting strategies based on need or habit the consumer has for each type of video, as ConsumerLabs suggests: •  Traditional linear TV watching: Over the air, cable or any way that broadcasters choose to distribute their content, mostly for news or comfort entrainment •  Prime access background TV: Any type of video to fill a room without demanding too much attention (i.e. news, morning shows, series, etc.) Questions for the Panel: What’s next? Source: Ericsson ConsumerLabs study
  17. 17. ." ." ." 17 •  Zapping and impulse viewing: Coach potato browsing on long tail options, robust cable packages, Nexflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime catalogs are also good for this. Also: browsing YouTube •  Prime-time appointment viewing: Primary for Sports, major life events like the Oscars or prime- time finales of favorite series •  Late-night impulsive viewing: Late shows, or anything that catches attention, browsing VOD and YouTube videos Questions for the Panel: What’s next?
  18. 18. Logo do n loca Adriana Peña Ruiz 18 Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales Development Los Angeles 2013