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Mm Brochure Services English


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Mexico Market brochure

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Mm Brochure Services English

  1. 1. Mexico MARKET Mexico Market l Services & SolutionsMexico Market l Servicios & Soluciones
  2. 2. MexicoMarket Market is an organization whose task is topromote International commerce, providing innovativesolutions in order to position products in your domesticmarket and outside of it.We will entail the necessary activities and tasks to promoteyour products and ideas towards the adequate market andclients. 2Mexico Market l Services & Solutions
  3. 3. Nuestra FilosofíaWHY DOES OUR MIND THINKINSIDE THE BOX? For MexicoMarket the box represents our home country. We were born and raised inside this box, all our vision, life experiences and decisions are based on the reality we are familiar with, leaving the box implies new risks and opportunities. MexicoMarket will facilitate you to embark in new markets with conviction and intelligence, and take decisions based on a global reality. We will show you potential possibilities for your products inside and outside Mexico. MexicoMarket follows up through all the process of internationalization, starting with the promotion of your product, accelerating your business opportunities, facilitating contact with international clients etc. 3 Mexico Market l Services & Solutions
  4. 4. We focus on 4 main phasesduring your internationalizationprocess. E4 Business consolidation E3 Business development E2 Business start upE1 Business study and evaluationThrough our work experience we have developed the ability to identifythoroughly the phase of internationalization your business is in, as well thestage of immersion to the Mexican market. We are an innovativeorganization and have engaged in business from China up to Iceland, living,experimenting, adapting and positioning products.Our task is to offer you a global perspective, where your decisions transcendto other markets be it the Mexican or others abroad. Our mission is tobenefit your business as well as the Mexican market. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 4
  5. 5. MEXICO MARKETSERVICES & SOLUTIONSInternational commerce & Consulting 6 Assistance in import and export consulting 6 Veri cation of products on site 6 Management procedures prior to exportation or importation 6 Assessment and assistance to entrepreneurs 6 Expansion of international client network 6 Head hunter for professionals of international careers pro leBusiness development 7 Client identi cation, contact with national and international suppliers 7 Business plan creation (national and international perspective) 7 Business development 8 Management of formalities prior to business opening 8 Representation of foreign business in MexicoInformation & business opportunities 9 Statistics and information by sector 9 International and national legal tender follow up 9 Localization of inputs and consumables 10 Search of importers interested in your products 10 Linkage of your product with international demandMexico Market Training &Entertainment 11 Training in international negotiations by country or sector 11 Classes, courses and Seminars 11 Promotional video productionMexico Market Travel 12 Business tour in China 12 Business tour in Mexico 12 Business tour in EuropeMexicoMarket Branding 13 Product analysis 13 Product design and development 14 Corporative image designMarketing & promotion 15 Media relationship in Mexico and abroad 15 Digital marketing and promotion 16 International market research 16 Sales promotion around the world, retail, malls, e-commerceMexico Market l Services & Solutions 5
  6. 6. International commerce& Consulting Assistance in Import and Export logistics We will send your product to any corner of the world and assist you through the import-export process as well as the logistics involved, ensuring the safety of your merchandise. We offer to our clients all kind off support during the commercialization process. Veri cation of products on site International Paper work Management Through our vast network of While you manage the base of partners around the world we your business we take care of assure the safe arrival of your making all the necessary product depending on the preparations in order to push specifications you request. your products to the international market. Mexico Market l Services & SolutionsMexico Market l Services & Solutions 6
  7. 7. BusinessdevelopmentWe are the only company in Mexico with this unit of business, and have vast experience in thebusiness creation since the start up all the way to the consolidation in any market. The success of ourclients is our factor of accomplishment. For us entrepreneurs are a key actor in the development of acountry’s market, this is why together with ProMexico, Bancomext and Tec de Monterrey we supportthe positioning of your product. Contact with National and International Suppliers (E3) We make the first approach with your potential clients around the world in any language and help you link your offer with international demand. MexicoMarket offers you the possibility to do negotiations in 10 different languages. Business plan creation, National and International perspective A business plan is the best way to avoid problems, MexicoMarket supports its effective development be it in national or international perspective. Our partners experience facilitates the development of a realistic and ambitious business plan. Business Start Up (E2) We have developed a process through which the expansion of your business happens in an orderly and secure way. During the start up MexicoMarket carries out tasks that generate added value to your product, providing the necessary contacts either in the domestic or foreign market. We facilitate the access to the latest system technologies, pushing your product to national or international demand. We help you establish an innovative and proven administration system connecting you with assistance in any business area, accelerating your buy-sell tasks. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 7
  8. 8. Management of formalities prior to business opening (E2) MexicoMarkt gives you the opportunity to save time on management formalities so you can focus on your business strategy and operation. Either on the domestic or international market we take care of brand registration, ground use registration, government registration, identifying potential spaces for your operation offices etc. Representation of foreign business in Mexico and Abroad (E4) MexicoMarket has representative offices in Mexico, China and Germany, as well as 20 other partners around the world. We use this network to develop a linkage between Latin America, Asia and Europe, providing an added value on the representation of your brand enterprise or product. Through us you save money in travel expenses leaving using our International Network. For us language is not a barrier but an advantage in our trajectory.Creating newglobal business 8 Mexico Market l Services & Solutions
  9. 9. Informationa & Businessopportunities Statistics and Information by sector (E1, E3, E4) MexicoMarket provides you with information about any market sector around the world, using governmental as well as private databases in different countries. No matter in what language we provide the necessary reports in a simple and straight forward manner. International Legal Tender follow up (E3) There are thousands of legal tenders around the world, be it corporative or governmental and it is for you an opportunity to compete and let them know your proposals. MexicoMarket supervise and manage your offers of products or services within Mexico or abroad, we develop business presentations by our professionals of what you offer transmitting emotion and functionality to the Search of Importers interested in your products (E3, E4) No matter your business idea, the product type or the market sector because the only important for MexicoMarket is to trust on your idea and push it through the globe. We find the importers interested in your product or service. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 9
  10. 10. Localization of imputs and consumables around the world (E3, E4) If you are looking for import a product from abroad and sell it in Mexico or need Mexican products to sell in your home country, MexicoMarket carries out this task for you at the same time providing recommendations on the strengths and weaknesses of your target. Linkage of your product with International demand (E2, E3) Our work is the potential client detection not only within Mexico but abroad. In MexicoMarket we do it through professionals and our network community. We bring advantage and simplification with the best client managements. Activating mexican companies over the world Mexico Market l Services & SolutionsMexico Market l Services & Solutions 10
  11. 11. MexicoMarket training &Entertainment Training in international negotiation by country or sector (E2, E3) Our training is carried out by specialists with vast experience in International Negotiations, the sessions are adequate to your business projections and necessities. The themes covered on the training sessions are developed taking in account your objectives, and the specialist chosen will have at least a 5 year experience in the country you want to engage on. Classes, Courses and Seminars (E2, E3) They are Given by professionals and leaders in International Commerce, MexicoMarket seeks to maintain its clients updated, making them leaders in the global scenario to overcome competition from countries like Germany, Japan, China and EE.UU. The seminars are organized every year and given in the best compounds throughout Mexico City. Promotional video production (E4) We generate the visual value that your business requires, for us design is a philosophy and business card. We produce promotional videos of products, companies, touristic places, governments etc., Inside or outside Mexico. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 11
  12. 12. MexicoMarket TravelBusiness tour in China (E1)China is the biggest growing economy and an example for many developing countries, traveling toChina brings important knowledge and growth. Before engaging a business in China its veryimportant to have a first approach to the country in order to understanding its culture, people andthe corporative world. Every year we organize business trips to China with a series ofBusiness tour in Mexico (E1)Mexico is one of the strongest economies in the world, with a strong growth and full withopportunities. This package is created for young entrepreneurs and foreign investors, we offer areal perspective of México in a concise and unforgettable way.Business tour in Europe (E1)Europe represents development, and it is important to understand their culture and corporativelife. Every year MexicoMarket organizes business trips mainly for investors and youngentrepreneurs. Our office in Germany generates specialized activities to help you understand theEuropean culture in a few days. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 12
  13. 13. BrandingProduct analysis (E1)We analyze the products price, quality, characteristics, image etc. providing you with importantdata on your products as well a your competitors. Our added value comes from the utilization ofinternational points of view, using support from our partners around the world. This allows you tomake better decisions in the positioning strategies for your product.Product Design and Development (E2)We modify or create the design of your product seeking its prefect adaptation to the wantedmarket sector. We take in account the specific preferences of different markets such as China,Germany, Mexico, England etc. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 13
  14. 14. DESIGNCorporative image (E4)We take in account values of innovation and creativity, this is one of he main characteristics ofMexican designers and represents an added value known internationally. Corporative imageincludes a webpage domain, brochures, promotional videos, positioning in social networks,adapting all these to the desired entry market. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 14
  15. 15. Media Video POS Marketing researchMarketing & PromotionMedia relationship in Mexico and Abroad (E3)We manage and follow up your relations with the media inside or outside Mexico, our added valuecomes from establishing the right media mix for you, putting at your disposal all the present offerin the national or international market. We use the most important media tools such as: radio,television, magazines, newspapers, etc. Our mission is that your tasks are simplified and thecommunication with suppliers is fluent and effective in order to recover your investment. Digital Marketing and Promotion (E3, E4) Like no other company, we offer a digital marketing package in which your company will have the greatest impact on the national or international market, without having to worry about any language barriers. MexicoMarket offers you the opportunity to reach any country through its digital marketing, and become a global leader. Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 15
  16. 16. International Market Research (E1) MexicoMarket with its unique services in international themes, projects its research beyond your country innovating like no other company in the methodology, without product, region, or language barriers. We make our research based on the objectives you want to meet. We use our international network to provide the most important data, and create the reports in any language you might need them.Promotionpoint of sellPoint Of Sell promotion around the world, Retail, Malls and e-commerce (E4)If you are selling products through the biggest retail brands around the world, we develop apromotional point of sell strategy. MexicoMarket push the consumption to the final consumer.The promoter can be national or foreigner with the ability of two or more languages. MexicoMarketsupervise the promotional activities as well as the change of your company results. Mexico Market l Services & SolutionsMexico Market l Services & Solutions 16
  17. 17. Our experienceMexicoMarketOur Value Promotion in any country Shanghai office Creative areas Worldwide partnership Thousand of suppliers and Work with any language potential clients around the globe Tourism promoter Promexico and Bancomext support partners Mexico Market l Services & Solutions 17
  18. 18. Mexico Market officeAv. Carlos Lazo 100, Col. Santa FeAlvaro Obregón, Mexico Market l Services & 18