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Human resources


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Published in: Business, Career
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Human resources

  1. 1. Human Resourcesin the Club of the FuturePresented by - The E.E.O.C.Jessica W., Sejin K., AdriánV., Austin R., and Anthony D.
  2. 2. Today’s Presentation• Selecting Employees• Performance Appraisals• Continuing Education• Benefits• Employee Clubhouse
  3. 3. What do Club Members want?
  4. 4. Club Members want to…• Be with similar people• Enjoy a second home with their families• Be proud members of a prestigious club• Receive the best quality products and services
  5. 5. What do Club Employees want?
  6. 6. Club Employees want to…• Work hard and be rewarded accordingly• Feel like they belong• Enjoy the work that they do
  7. 7. What can we as Club Managers do to make all parties happy?• Compromise can be tricky!• Member needs come before employee needs• Only employees who meet the club standards should be hired
  8. 8. Selecting • Hiring on attitude vs. skills • Candidate compatibility with club culture • Commitment and loyalty
  9. 9. Performance Appraisals• Done often, with a positive twist• Know how each employee will react• Opportunity to boost employee morale!
  10. 10. Continuing Education• Industry courses• Cross training• Scholarships
  11. 11. Benefits• Tuition Reimbursement• Academic Recognition• Employee Appreciation Day
  12. 12. E.E.O.C. – Every Employee’s Own ClubhouseA clubhouse that offers a select number of amenities for club staff, particularly those that may live on property. The EEOC would offer just a fraction of the many amenities offered to club members.