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Bodrum (Turkey)


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Bodrum (Turkey)

  1. 1. TURKEY
  2. 2. Bodrum is a port city in Muğla Province, in the southwestern AegeaRegion of Turkey. It is located on the southern coast of BodrumPeninsula, at a point that checks the entry into the Gulf of Gökova. Thesite was called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was famousfor housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders ofthe Ancient World. Bodrum Castle, built by the Crusaders in the 15thcentury, overlooks the harbour and the marina. The castle groundsinclude a Museum of Underwater Archeology and hosts several culturalfestivals throughout the year.Bodrum, with its narrow streets winding down to the sea, is famous for itscastle, its world-renowned yachts, its shipyards and the dazzling whitehouses and tombs lining the shores of its two harbours.The city had a population of 118,237 in 2009.
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