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German Comenius presentation


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German Comenius presentation

  1. 1. Germany´s attitude towards the energy-goals of the EU
  2. 2. <ul><li>EU wants to increase the proportion of renewable energies from 6% (today) to 20%
  3. 3. Reduce emission of greenhouse gas ( 20%)
  4. 4. Reduction of energie consumption about 20% </li></ul>Energy- Goals of the EU (until 2020:)
  5. 5. Realisation of the goals <ul><li>Increase efficiency of “power guzzlers” (energy-saving lamps) & better isolation of buildings
  6. 6. Extension of power supply -and gasnetwork internationally -> no dependance, no „energy isles“
  7. 7. EU- memberstates decide for themselves, how moneys are distributed
  8. 8. Improve cooperation with neighbour states
  9. 9. Invest in innovation and science </li></ul>
  10. 10. Haltung Deutschlands <ul><li>provider of renewable energies expect to replace nuclear energy until 2020
  11. 11. Goals enable creation of many jobs
  12. 12. Plan to focus on solar power and wind power, nuclear energy as “bridge solution”
  13. 13. Harsh rules concerning efficiency of electric appliances: power guzzlers shouldnt be sold
  14. 14. Merkel sees it as improvement, as a step into a completely new direction </li></ul>