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Adrenalin Corporate Sales Presentation


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Adrenalin eSystems Limited is a global product and software solutions company in the field of HR automation. It is a part of Polaris Financial Technology, a leader in state-of-the-art solutions for Core Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth & Asset Management and Insurance. Adrenalin esystems Limited is headquartered in Chennai, with partners and sales offices across India and worldwide. Adrenalin offers complete suite of solutions that span the entire HR Processes spectrum. Adrenalin has over 500+ customers, 500000 users across India, Middle East, UK, Africa and South East Asia. To know more about Adrenalin, please log on to

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Adrenalin Corporate Sales Presentation

  1. 1. • How do I maximize theperformance of mycompany?• How do I improveorganisational productivity?• How do I emphasizethe importanceof our goals?• How do I ensure completemotivation andcommitment?• How do I know if my teamhas understood theorganizational goals?• How do I initiate the rightefforts in the right time?Key Challenges of CEOs
  2. 2. • How do I track travel budgetsagainst actuals?•How can I track the time spentagainst each project andthe outcome of my team?• How do I spot, groom talent orleaders from my team?• How can I better utilize myteam members?• How do I know if my team has aclear understanding of my goals?Key Challenges of Line Managers• How do I ensure my team adheres toorganisational policies of mycompany?• How do I manage the performanceof my team? Do I have efficiencymetrics to review my team on theirgoals, achievement & feedback to checkprogress?
  3. 3. • How do I automate Basic HRfunctions in order to increasebusiness efficiencies?• How do I communicateconsistently with my employees fore.g. welcoming aboard, birthdaywishes, important milestones etc?• How do I measure satisfactionlevels of my employees?• How do I protect confidentialemployee data & protect myorganisational assets?• How do I link attendanceto payroll?• How do I provide variousreports to my management?• How do I ensure quick,accurate & timely appraisals ofmulti-locational employees?Key Challenges of HR Leaders
  4. 4. Key Challenges of Employees• How do I fit into overallcompany’s objective?• Do I understand my goals clearlyand how do I see my growth withinthe company?• Do I have platformto address issuesand concerns?• How do I efficientlymanage my time withoutwasting my time onoperational areas?
  5. 5. Introducing Adrenalin,India’s leading Human Capital AlignmentSoftware
  6. 6. Alignment.Across the board.
  7. 7. Alignment.Across the board.CEO CFO HR Leader /ManagerIT Head / Manager Line Managers EmployeesCommunicate ideasand policies withoutdelay or distortionacross the enterpriseReduce costs ofcomplex employee-centric processesEnhance employeeengagementSupport diverse andincreasingly complexbusiness-to-employeeinitiatives through a costeffective and flexibleinfrastructureIdentify and groomtalentFit in with companyobjectivesImplement enterprise-wide performancecultureGet a rapid returnon investmentMeasure employeesatisfaction betterBuild on and integratewith your existingsystemsAnalyse workflow forstrategic planning andalignmentEnsure efficient use oftimeEnjoy 2-waycommunication –solicit feedbackImprove decision-making capabilitiesby capturingperformancemetrics previouslyunavailableEnsure adherence toorganizationalpolicies and goalsStretch your IT budgetwith the latest, reliabletechnologyBenefit from variousreports: Time sheetallocation, actual vs.planned resourceutilization…Understand functionalgoals betterMaximize productivity Automate entireemployee cycleGet a secure and scalablesolution with a portaloptionReceive single-clickemployee snapshot forinstant employee viewVoice feedback &concernsEnhance motivationand commitmentEnsure timelyappraisals acrosslocations“Self-service” suites formost day-to-day needs –leave management,tours, allowances,transfers, trainingneeds…
  8. 8. You have the vision.Now you need the right tool.AdrenalinNot just anHR automationpackageA tool thatfocuses onAlignmentA tool thatfocuses onhuman capitalFinanceHRInventorySalesProductionPayrollNot just anHR module ofa larger ERP
  9. 9. Adrenalin.For Human Capital Alignment.Connect Motivate Synchronise WinYour answer to ALL yourhuman capital alignment needsA software solution that helps your entire team to
  10. 10. Advantage You.GreaterEngagementEnhancedMotivationIncreasedProductivityHigherProfitsBenefits all round.
  11. 11. Value propositions• Just a couple of months typically•No long wait to see results•Decide today – be in control next•Web-based software with very few hardware demandsQuick to deploy• Intuitive ZOLOG interface•Multi-browser compatibility•Remarkably easy to use•No missing of events•No special training•No dedicated operating personnelUser Friendly•Buy just what you need now•Add modules as required•Integrates seamlessly into existing ERP systems•Low ownership costs•Meet statutory obligationsModular Functionality•Easily upgraded to suit future needs•No missing of events•Suits Enterprise of any size•Multi-lingual, multi-currency support for global alignmentScalable andUpgradable
  12. 12. Adrenalin-Powered customers500+ customers are empowered with Adrenalin.All enjoying the benefits of improved Human Capital Alignment.Besides reduction in process times.Lower process costs.Savings due to automation.And reduced communication costs.Adrenalin is proud to partner13 of the 21 Insurance companies48 of the ET-500 companies (2012 report)8 of the 20 global pharma corporations
  13. 13. Customer Speak“We implemented Adrenalin HRIS as a means to engage ouremployees in the aspects of Human Resource activities such astime, leave and Personal information management (PIMS). Theself-service aspect of the application has helped managementdirectly handle employee requests, streamline our leavemanagement and other process, as well as it integrates with ourtime and attendance system. These have eliminated the manualprocess and helps tracking online. We particularly liked the optionof having the approval on the go through outlook and blackberryfor some of the modules and requests. All the best to your productteam and your other team members with success ahead for theproduct”Jai Daga, Associate Director Business Applications, Viacom18Media Pvt Ltd.
  14. 14. Customer Speak“The transformation brought about with Adrenalin was felt atevery level. Just as transparency came in with PIMS, it also helpedus to use the HR time for strategic work. Modules like Leave were agreat breather as it helped employees take good decisions withtheir managers. Similarly, just as PMS helped align employees toorganizational goals, Confirmation & Separation helped in makingroutine processes a breeze.”Gaurav Hirey, Head – HR , GroupM
  15. 15. Customer Speak“We have been using Adrenalin HRMS since mid 2007 and not tomention we were extremely comfortable with it. So when it cameto upgrading to Adrenalin V.4.0, we were but naturally, a littleapprehensive. But the implementation team at Adrenalin took usthrough the new version in a systematic manner, explaining thebenefits of the upgrade. Finally, when we did decide to upgrade Imust say, we had maximum support from the TeamAdrenalin, helping us go-live as per schedule. While we arecertainly getting to see the advantages of V.4.0, one thing must besaid; a lot has been ironed out from the earlier versions making theV.4.0 more flexible, more user friendly, more feature rich anddefinitely more powerful. Thank you Team Adrenalin, you haveraised the bar yet again!!!”Bavneesh Gulati, HR Head, Kalpataru
  16. 16. Customer Speak“Adrenalin on SaaS has been a great support for us. We did save oncapital costs with zero hardware and maintenance expenses; theease of working on it along with their help desk support has beenpretty comfortable. Implementation and accessibility of applicationhas been a great experience. The Leave Module has helped us tomanage data centrally, which has resulted in availability ofinformation to HR at all times. All the modules in use, LeaveManagement, Confirmation process & Resignation Process haveresulted in great efficiency and more confidence for our people.Thanks to Adrenalin!”Sudarshan Shetty, Asst. Manager - HRIS, SGS India Private Limited
  17. 17. • Adrenalin eSystems Limited is a global product andsoftware solutions company in the field of HRautomation• Creators of Adrenalin - Leading Human CapitalAlignment Software• We are a group company of Polaris Software Labs.• Headquartered in Chennai, India with offices acrossIndia and worldwide• Adrenalin has been listed in Gartner’s Report-Market Snap shot:ERP software• Leaders across 14 industry verticals• Established Quality Management Practices• Dedicated investments in user and product researchprogrammes• Over 15000 man-months of experience in employeeprocess automation• 500000 empowered users2002Adrenalin 1.02005Adrenalin 2.02007Adrenalin 3.02012Adrenalin 4.0 -With ZologThe Pedigree of Adrenalin
  18. 18. • It is a web based product that is available on dot and dominoplatforms• Adrenalin is available – License software and SaaS offering• It is pay per use software• Pay minimal subscription per month based on the number ofusers• IT investments / application resources are not required• It is easy to use / the product upgrades are readily availablefor SaaS customersAdrenalin –the Product
  19. 19. Adrenalin Product ScopeHUMAN CAPITAL ALIGNMENT SOFTWAREWORK PLACE WEB MOBILEBUSINESS PROCESS STUDIO (WORKFLOW HUB)EMPLOYEE PORTAL MANAGER PORTALHR FOUNDATION TALENT ACQUISITIONPERFORMANCEALIGNMENTTALENTMANAGEMENTEMPLOYEE LIFE CYCLEMANAGEMENTWORKFORCEADMINISTRATIONOrganisation structureJob StructureWorkforce PlanningEmployee RelationshipManagementPersonal DataManagementRequisitionManagementApplicant ManagementInterview & SelectionManagementOffer ManagementNew Hire On-boardingPerformanceManagementGoal ManagementCompensationPlanning &AdministrationCompensationManagementTraining Management360 degree FeedbackCompetencyManagementSuccessionManagementCareer DevelopmentConfirmationManagementTransitionManagementMentoringEmployee EngagementSeparationManagementTime & AttendanceShift & SchedulingAbsence ManagementTimesheetManagementPayroll ManagementROLES & SECURITY HUBHUBS SELF SERVICE HUBCOMMUNICATION HUBFINANCIALACCOUNTINGBACK OFFICEPAYROLLeLEARNINGPROJECTMANAGEMENTLEGAL &COMPLIANCEBENEFITMANAGEMENTSUPPLY CHAINMANAGEMENTJOB SITESMISRewards Management
  20. 20. Our Customers from Key verticalsPharmaIT / ITESBFSIManufacturingLogisticsReal EstateTravelTelecomMediaHospitalityNGOEnergyAfricaAsia PacificMiddle East1. Click on the tile to view customers2. Click the icon to go to next slide
  21. 21. Now with You?Allow us to replicate their success in your organization too.
  22. 22. Thank You