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Best Online Marketing Techniques


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Internet marketing can attract more users to your website, increase customers for your business, and enhance branding of your company and products.

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Best Online Marketing Techniques

  1. 1. Successful Online Marketing Techniques By Marcos Herrera
  2. 2. Keep Calm and Tweet On Marcos Herrera SEO Consultant Adrenalina @ Internet Group & PPC Manager @Marcos_dice @Adrenalina_bcn
  3. 3. Top Marketing Online Techniques Display Email SEM {SEO + PPC} Social Media Video Affiliation
  4. 4. Which one is the best strategy for YOUR Business
  5. 5. Display Navigation Inserted Advertising Banners with text, graphics, images and/or videos that appear when we are browsing by: • Webs • Blogs • Forums • Youtube • Other Social Networks • (…)
  6. 6. Display Ads Example
  7. 7. Display How does it works? payment methods • CPM (Cost per mile)* • CPC (Cost per Clic) • CPA (Cost per Action) • CPL (Cost per Lead) *CPM is the most frequently and cheap method of payment
  8. 8. Display Ads Handicaps  Low Impact  Bad Targeting  High Competition on Websites  Intrusive advertising  Bad user experience  Ignored  Usually blocked
  9. 9. Display Advantatges • Branding Perfect for spreading new brands or products • Easy to create a Campaign Multiple platforms where to publish • Cheap Low cost on CPM payment method • Easy ROI Optimization Multiple factors for A/B testing and tracking results
  10. 10. Search Engine Marketing {SEO & PPC} Promotion of Websites by increasing their visibility in Search engine results pages (SERPs) The market approach is performed by increasing the visibility of the website, for the Search Queries (Keywords) normally done by the users interested in our product • Keyword Research specific for each niche/industry • Competition analysis and ROI of each Keyword
  11. 11. Search Engine Marketing {SEO & PPC} Purchase cycle based on keywords Iphone 5 features Iphone 5 or galaxy s3 Iphone 5 prices Buy Online Iphone 5
  12. 12. Search Engine Marketing {SEO & PPC} Two main strategies: Search Engine Optimization Pay per Clic Organic results (natural placement) generated by the search engine index, based on the relevance of the pages for a particular keyword through an algorithmic process. Cream colored ads that appear on the top and on the right column of the search results on SERP’s  Free*  Cost per each click  Long-term positioning  immediate positioning
  13. 13. How Does Google Work?
  14. 14. 1. Insurances 2. Loans Which 3. Mortgage 4. Attorney Most 7. Donate 8. Degree are the Expensive Niches? 5. Credit 6. Lawyer 9. Hosting 10. Claim 11. Conference Call 12. Trading 13. Software 14. Recovery 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Transfer Gas/Electricity Classes Rehab Treatment Cord Blood
  15. 15. Where does the click Go?
  16. 16. Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool How do we know the search volume of each keyword?
  17. 17. Social Media Most of the Goals in Social Media somehow covers viral marketing, branding, visibility and even sales. Social Media also includes Reputation Management, and positive influence actions Through advertising on Social Networks we can target the audience of our ads by: • • • • • • geographic location sex age interests keywords language • • • • • • relationship status educational level social connections group affiliations working position/company (...)
  18. 18. Facebook Ads targeting Facebook Targeting Example
  19. 19. Linkedin Targeting Example
  20. 20. Email Marketing Acquisition and retention of customers through email.  Email marketing is the online channel adaptation for: • Direct mailing • Traditional newsletters and catalogs • Mailshot
  21. 21. Email Marketing Example
  22. 22. Email Marketing Advantages  Direct and Non-invasive  Allows High Segmentation Why Email Marketing?  Easy ROI Optimization  Generates Immediate Response  Direct Communication channel  Increases Customer Loyalty  And it’s… CHEAP
  23. 23. Video Marketing The video marketing is experiencing a huge increase in companies' annual budgets  800 million people visit YouTube worldwide every month  Youtube is the medium with the highest intention of increasing the advertising investment for 76% of advertisers What you can do video marketing for your business?  Reach engaged viewers  Make a really lasting impression Paying only when people choose to watch your video Connecting with your audience in the most memorable way  Drive direct Results  Make your brand go viral It will help your Business reaching visits and purchases Let your audience talk about your new funny or emotional video, and make your brand closer
  24. 24. Video Marketing Examples
  25. 25. Video marketing is the main channel for small businesses to get millions of users to know about their brand and product, by the ridiculous cost of making a video (even with a smartphone! )
  26. 26. Affiliation Marketing Business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by his own marketing efforts  Affiliates are responsible for carrying out their own strategies: SEO, PPC, Display, email marketing (...)  The most commonly payment methods are: -Sales commission -CPA (previously agreed price for each sale)
  27. 27. Affiliation Marketing Advantages Disadvantages  The cost of marketing is assumed by the affiliated  Audience reach  Brand awareness  Paying only for proven results  Bad advertising can destroy a merchant’s reputation  Affiliates usually cheat for their own benefit  Brand corporative communication will be on the hands of others  Sales objectives depend on third parties
  28. 28. Online Marketing spend evolution Percentage of digital marketing budget: 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Display Search Engine Marketing Social Media 2011 Email Marketing 2012 Video Afiliation 2013 *Data gathered from Gartner studies
  29. 29. It’s up to you now
  30. 30. Which one is going to be the Online Marketing strategy that will drive your Business to success
  31. 31. Thanks for your attention Marcos Herrera Questions? SEO Consultant & PPC Manager Adrenalina Internet Group @Marcos_dice