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Agency amadeus


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Agency amadeus

  2. 2. MISION Our mission is to represent our clients with the highest quality standards in the management and planning of their trips to tourist level and working, consolidation of plans and programs. Thus managing to meet the expectations of our customers by offering the best service, conditions and benefits, which will be the strength in the acceptance of our customers.
  3. 3. VISION  Being the most efficient travel agency in meeting business and tourist needs, thus satisfying the needs of our passengers. We emphasize among our customers personalized attention and dedication that gives our sales in each operation, identifying the needs of its requirements to achieve total satisfaction. Our values are honesty, trust, integrity, creativity and innovation. Our experience and dedication of our growth stands. The combination of human resources with world-class technology allows us to provide timely and exceptional quality of service, responding efficiently and with solutions tailored to their needs.
  4. 4. SERVICES OFFERED  We are leaders in providing service, management of national and international plans, tickets, hotels, cars, medical insurance for travel and other national and international levels, Organisation of events, trade shows, conferences, special groups (schools, seniors , teenagers, mothers etc.).
  5. 5. OUR BOOKING SYSTEM  Today our Agency has specialized in the field of tourism and two reservation systems Amadeus and Sabre staff to make reservations for all domestic and international airlines and all flights, guaranteeing our customers the best existing market rates. Through Amadeus we offer information online where you can see: Geography, history, weather, airport information, currency conversion, calendar of events, destination guides, information on flight schedules, hotels and car rental agencies car from his office or residence in an instant, whether for your flight itinerary or new destinations.
  6. 6. ADDITIONAL SERVICES  Master Pricer EXPERT For reservations we have the newest system called Amadeus Master Pricer EXPERT gives us the possibility to check in real time the lowest rate available for both domestic and international flights.
  7. 7. SERVICE OF DOCUMENTS  Our Documentation Department offers the following services requested by our customers:  ounseling and / or Processing of Tourism and Business visas for Colombians and / or Aliens.  Advice for Colombian Passport processing and / or Aliens.  Procedures before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  We constantly update the information provided by the embassies.  We belong to ANATO Documentation Service, which is the most complete of Colombia.
  8. 8. GENERAL AND SPECIFIC OBJECTIV  Our overall goal for our agency is to design , organize and distribute travel services and find a suitable response to the needs of customers and offer a higher quality service , efficiency and flexibility  For our specific obejtivo provide better , more comfortable ride for our travelers .  Cabalizar these large tourist flows to the most sought-after destibos .  Contribute significantly to the development of tourist areas by launching combined travel and leisure packages and other products.  It is a valuable source of information about the different techniques and market requirements for agents and travel suppliers .