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Will the real spatial web please emerge


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Dec. 19, 2002 - I just stumbled upon this while browsing through some of my old presentations...

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Will the real spatial web please emerge

  1. 1. Will the Real Spatial Web Please Emerge??? [or why we have to take matters into our own hands] 2002-12-19
  2. 2. The “big” idea • You can’t build a Spatial Web if you’re going to IGNORE THE WEB • Google & friends • REST • Blogs • Wikis • Usenet • RSS • Next Steps… 2002-12-19
  3. 3. Google vs. Catalogs • Catalogs are fine but they tend to hide behind obscure interfaces (even if they are publicly defined) • Google - billions & billions of entries • Entire NASA metadata holdings for EOSDIS ~ 10GB. bucket – A drop in Google’s 2002-12-19
  4. 4. REST • Give me a link and I’ll crawl the world, give me a CGI script and I’m stopped in my tracks • Meet me 1/2 way… How about dual-entry catalogs? Browsers, bots, spiders, & crawlers. (Did I mention Google?) Z39.50 OGC Catalog UDDI Query Engine “Link Portal” … Catalogs 2002-12-19
  5. 5. Blogs • Web Logs • “Latest on top” series of semi-random articles • Comments allowed but usually a level deeper • Structure imposed by Blog package • RSS describes top level Content can be found in (yup!) Google… 2002-12-19
  6. 6. Wikis • WikiWikiWeb - a communal experience • Free form, internally interlinked • Structure imposed by content authors • RSS about updates to a page (not always useful) Google… it’s all there, just leave a link somewhere. 2002-12-19
  7. 7. PURLs • Persistent URLs • Either make sure yours never change or use a service. (Former is more scalable). • Use PURLs instead of UUIDs • ONLY USE RESOLVABLE URI – Even if you insist on URNs or outsource your PURLs Will Google crawl URNs? How about PURLs? Hmmm… 2002-12-19
  8. 8. What makes the Web GREAT? • Google? • Well, yes. • LINKS? • Well, YES! • If you are a content provider, you should provide links to your content! 2002-12-19
  9. 9. Usenet • All Usenet postings since ca. 1980 are available on… Google. • We have alt.<your favorite kind of deviant behavior here>, searchable on Google. • Why not alt.metadata? • Why not alt.metadata.opinions? 2002-12-19
  10. 10. RSS • Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary • Structured information about content • Blogs & Wikis generate it • Can be generated by other programs as well • Example (won’t work for you…) 2002-12-19
  11. 11. Next steps • Let’s go flatten a catalog • Let Google find it • Work on a string-based location scheme • Develop some useful tags • Build some Blogs, Wikis, etc. • Flood some poor newsgroup with metadata • Generate some data discussion • Play for 2-4 months. Google will get it. Then we can decide if it was worth it. 2002-12-19