Social media presentation alpesh doshi v1.2


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Social media presentation alpesh doshi v1.2

  1. 1. Social Media and Social Business the coming business changes Alpesh Doshi Fintricity
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction to Social Media & Social Business Social Media – the landscape Social Business – How businesses will change Summary
  3. 3. Definitions Social Media Social Business ….is a set of technologies and … is the intentional creation of channels targeted at forming and socially calibrated and dynamic enabling a potentially massive business systems, process and community of participants to culture. To create enhanced productively collaborate value exchange among Anthony Bradley, Gartner, 7th January 2010 constituents delivering improved and emergent business outcomes
  4. 4. An example of communities..... Application of Web 2.0 Created to work with a within the enterprise. Enterprise Extended private community (e.g. Focussed on enabling 2.0 Corporate Business partners) like employees to interact wholesale or white label A social application and Consumer facing Web service for a trusted Public B2B Consumers 2.0 presence with group – your community Trusted Focused possible integration into of IFAs other networks
  5. 5. The Conversation Prism
  6. 6. Social Media Landscape Large and growing social media applications Consumers across the demographic (18-40) Social Networks have become a part of daily life Financial Applications starting to emerge......
  7. 7. How is this relevant to Financial Services? Finance sites are sprouting everywhere.... Lead by US (although regulation is different) Social Media sites provide online tools and services to manage finances... And share goals Here is an example from something in the UK....
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing Social Analytics Data Semantics Social Graph
  9. 9. Why use Social Media? Engage and Interact with Audience/Customer To help Marketing and Brand Development Build Trust in your Brand and enhance reputation Understand needs and drivers of consumers Driver loyalty and advocacy Input to Product Development How? Social Networks Applications Blogs Monitor
  10. 10. Social Business - Characteristics Conversations Transparency Reputation Trust Agility User Oriented
  11. 11. Many Business Functions can be Socialized…. Working in Isolation -> Collaboration Marketing Sales Human Resources Legal Corporate Strategy R &D Product Development Knowledge Education and Training Management -> True Etc, etc Data is the Information Sharing new Oil
  12. 12. Social CRM
  13. 13. Benefits of Social Business Connect people internally and externally (e.g. expertise location) Building Communities across functional areas Breakdown organisational barriers and functional silos Promote broader participation Improve external brand reputation and enhance relationships Discover how your organisation really works
  14. 14. Conclusions Social Media is already here! Brands are keen to reach their customers and learn more about them Conversations and Interactions are common outside financial services Driven by brand, transparency, interaction Social Business is coming too! Enterprises must change and adapt to the new ways of working Will improve productivity, transparency, agility, profitability......... Integrated strategy and plan needed (and it’s not only about building communities Companies must build a strategy, operating model and solutions
  15. 15. About Fintricity Fintricity works with companies to help them plan and execute their Social Media and Social Business strategies Fintricity delivers business aligned technology solutions to meet that need Fintricity provides expertise around technology, mathematics, computer science, sociology blended to build and deliver the right solution
  16. 16. Thank you • email: • mobile: +44 7973 822820 • web: • blog: • twitter: • linkedin: