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Social data & privacy seminar v1.0


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Social data & privacy seminar v1.0

  1. 1. Social Data & Privacy SeminarSocial data and what you can do with it.…….Or moving beyond simple social media broadcast marketingto build one-to-one relationshipsAlpesh Doshi (@alpeshdoshi), Fintricity#smwsocialdata
  2. 2. What is Social Data? Where does it come from?#smwsocialdata
  3. 3. Types of Social Data#smwsocialdata
  4. 4. More… Types of Social DataDemographicsAge, Gender,Geography, HHI,Level of Education,List of friends,Friends of FriendsInterestsProfile-Based, Contextual,Demonstrated, UndeclaredActionsCreating, Rating, Sending,Sharing, Uploading,Watching, and moreInteractionHow people interact withcontent and ads: Clicks, timespent, interactions, videoscompletedRecency and FrequencyHow often and whenpeople express interestsor actionsSentiment and ExposureWhat people say, whatthey read, and when andhow they say and read it#smwsocialdata
  5. 5. Social Data = Big Data#smwsocialdataData has moved from being mined over time to mined in real time
  6. 6. What can you do with Social DataYou can create relationships between data…. It helps to understand customers, brands.
  7. 7. Social Data - Detail
  8. 8. Social GraphsA social graph can enable the modelling of the available data to help derive betterinsight and analytics
  9. 9. Interest GraphsInterest graphs can connect interests together to help understand people better• Interests can help find patterns of things people like to do, like to listen to.• Recommendations, Sentiment,• Marketing similar products and servicesOnce you’ve’ modelled the right graphs, the opportunities to interpret data and provide far moredetailed and significant insights becomes possible – especially with large data sets!
  10. 10. A view of social data and what it could do for you
  11. 11. Social Data provides business valueSocial Data can provide significant business value for marketing, PR, sales, distribution,product development, logistics, research, insights,• Provides the ability to smooth login process to websites, applications, social sites totailor the experience for the individual user• Better target engagement, beyond simple messaging• Doing this breeds trust and loyalty because a customer sees that you catering forthe individual needs – relevance, user experience• It helps advertisers/publishers/agencies target advertising more precisely• Need to scale and integrate social data and the process into the whole marketingmix and operating model of the enterprise• Determine more precise influence and reputation modelsThe skills required to help do this go beyond the current ability to use a tool. Itrequires big data architecture and deep technology experience, data scientists,application developers together with changes our how marketing is done.
  12. 12. Thank YouAlpesh Doshi (@alpeshdoshi), FintricityM: +44 7973 822820W: