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Addressing Specific Challenges And E Media In Fs Alpesh Doshi

Editor's Notes

  1. Consumers across the demographic (part of the mainstream)
  2. Key Characteristics of Web 2.0 I C C
  3. Consumers across the demographic (part of the mainstream)
  4. Types of Services: ntomanage your share portfolios
  5. Types of Services: Portfolio Monkey to manage your share portfolios
  6. Use and participate in social networkDevelop applications (widgets) that are embedded into social networksCreate a two way conversation between consumers and company IFA and Product ProvidersMonitor online presence – your company is already being commented upon on the web.
  7. Where does the content come from? If it is from institution – compliance must approve any promotionIf it is User Generated Content – then explicit approval may not be requiredUltimately it’s the role of complaince to answer that question – and the social media application to enable this to happen
  8. Not just the wording – but look at the design and structure of the application – embedding compliance processes in their use.Anticipate Future Uses – look at the possibilities of how the applications will change over time and anticipate this and also changing compliance
  9. As an employer you are responsible for the actions of your employees during the course of their employmentDefamation – Libel – e.g. A corporate blog which is libelious to an individualInsider trading – giving a view on a
  10. Use and take down policy -
  11. Personal Data – anything that identifies an individual – name, address, bank number, nickname, login name that can link back to youProcessing – means any activity that you do with data
  12. Who is the Data Controller – person who directs the purposes for which data is processedInformation to be provided – who has the data and what will they do with it?Security – obligation to keep data secure
  13. Article 29 Working Party – EU Privacy Body (the article sets up the body under the directive)
  14. Data Security is important not just from a legal compliance perspective, but