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Metapercept information solutions brochure

  1. 1. | Metapercept Information Solutions & Consulting | Email: ContentsMetapercept Our Service Offerings Your benefits Consulting Training Services Conversion ServicesIntroductionTechnical Publication process ranges from the simplest tasks of Metapercept Trainingwriting new information to conversion of legacy data and revisions of Servicesexisting data from the most challenging inputs. The list of TechnicalPublishing includes Technical Manuals, Technical Illustrations, • Authoring Toolsintricate process flow instructions and assembly & disassembly • DITA XMLprocesses. Metapercept provides complete consulting and technicaldocumentation solution for various industry domains. • Content Management System • Documentation Project HandlingOur expert team of technical documentation consultants, technical • Information Mappingwriters, and implementation experts help you analyze your technicaldocumentation and content management system requirements and • Document Library Managementprovide the best possible and cost effective solutions. We partner with • Publishing Toolsyou to help you stabilize the technical documentation information • ArborText Editormanagement legacy issues. • Adobe Framemaker • Author-it • Madcap FlareOur Service Offerings • Clear Case • Webworks with ePublisher Pro & ExpressMetapercept provides a broad range of technical documentation • Astoriaservices such as: Training on authoring & CMS tools, Documentation • InfoshareProject Management, Consulting, Information Mapping, Case Studies, • Microsoft SharepointSolution White Papers, Technical Writing, Content Management,Version Control, and Technical Writing. • Simplified Technical English
  2. 2. 2 Your benefits A quick implementation of the • Improved profitability services rendered by • Information Consistency Metapercept Information • Improved Project Management Solutions & Consulting benefits • Reduced Design Cycles you and helps you to identify, • Cost-effective return on create, and distribute the investments information across an organization. Our expert • Improved document revision solutions provide you with control system following results: • Reduced document maintenance and high information reuse. • Reduced problem solving timeInformation that is communicative, well distributed, well managed and can be imparted toothers effectively is a good example of excellent knowledge pool. Information Development Authoring Solutions & Management Metapercept has a dedicated Technical Publications Competency Team Challenges that offers technical writing, information management and consulting services using both the Structured and Unstructured Authoring in adherence to strict technical documentation standards such as DITA and S1000D. • Technical data record accessibility Authoring – Expertise to address every aspect of your technical & management issues publication process, from technical authoring and delivery of simple • Third party technical data upgrade manuals or service bulletins is challenging. Key elements of a good delay technical authoring are: • Technical Data redundancy and DITA XML Based Authoring complexity • Putting content to work Structured Authoring • • Supporting content on desirable Standardized Documentation formats • Information Portability • Accessing content across multiple • output Metapercept offers consulting & implementation services in technical • • Poor Information Management authoring for documentation types such as: • Effective Content Reuse User Manual, SOP Manual, Standard Practice Manual, • Technology infrastructure, Maintenance Manual, Administration Guide, Online, API Help, interoperability, navigational tools • and Web Help Systems • Cultural and security issues along Mobile Help Systems with demonstrating business value • Knowledge measurement and Training Support Materials & Knowledge Base Development • execution system •
  3. 3. 3 Conversion Services • Legacy Document ConversionConsulting • Unstructured to Structured • Word to Author-it Metapercept provides consulting in information management, knowledge management, and implementation. We develop and • RoboHelp to Author-it implement information management strategy that allows use of their • Word to Framemaker information seamlessly across the organization. • Word to DITA XML • Content Management System (CMS) implementation & Our key consulting solutions are: • SGML to XML integration • Information Discovery & Information Mapping • RoboHelp to DITA XML • Facilitate easy storage and retrieval of data • RoboHelp to Madcap Flare • Reduce duplicate input • Meta tagging • Improve communication across the user and sub user groups in an organization • Redundancy identification • Knowledge Management Strategy and Roadmap • Data Synchronization • Knowledge Management Planning & Implementation • Content Workflow & Migration • Information analysis & legacy information handling • Information standardization as per W3C, ISO, DITA, and S1000D • Rapid enterprise information search • Data Source Migration & conversion • Optimize enterprise information for point in time availability
  4. 4. 4 Metapercept About Metapercept We uphold business values such as Quality of Service, Ownership, Resource Utilization, and Standardization in all our business Information Solutions & relationships. At Metapercept we have developed a concept of Consulting partnering with the best solution providers that would help grow a business at not only local or domestic level, but also at Regus Business Center international level. 6th Floor Pentagon P-2, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra, Metapercept is partnered with world’s premier content India management software providers, authoring software providers, and technical consultants having immense experience in the field Email: of technical documentation and information engineering. Phone: +91 (020) 3240 6975 We started our journey as solutions and service providers for the Information solutions beyond purpose of addressing the growing demand of simple, cost perception effective and futuristic technical documentation solutions arising from the IT and ITES companies and provide our assistance in development, management, and training for requirements in the field of technical documentation.Regus Business Center6th Floor Pentagon P-2,Magarpatta City, Hadapsar,Pune, Maharashtra,India Copyright © 2012 Metapercept Information Solutions & Consulting. Reserves all rights