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Leisure intro


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An intro to sport, leisure & tourism

Published in: Education
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Leisure intro

  1. 1. Intro to Leisure, Tourism, Sport
  2. 2. Key Geographic Idea How human development processes give rise to leisure activities
  3. 3. Leisure is …
  4. 4. Any freely chosen activity or experience that takes place in non-work time
  5. 5. Lesiure “Any freely chosen activity or experience that takes place in non-work time.” Recreation A leisure activity that is voluntary and for enjoyment. It includes individual pursuits, organized outings and events, and non-paid/professional sports.
  6. 6. Sports “A physical activity involving a set of rules or customs. The activity may be competitive.”
  7. 7. Tourism Travel away from home for at least a night for the purpose of leisure. It can be as part of a group/package tour or individual travel.
  8. 8. Aside from the overlap between these definitions, there is also difficulty with defining specific activities. Some people may argue an activity is a sport, others claim it is a leisure activity.
  9. 9. Sort it out! Sorting Activity • Open this page on adorngeo -sport.html • Go to the venn diagram activity on classroom tools • Copy an activity on the right hand box and paste it onto the appropriate place on the venn diagram • Screenshot your final version and keep ion your notes