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Why you should be excited about ClojureScript


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Published in: Technology
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Why you should be excited about ClojureScript

  1. 1. Why you should be excited about ClojureScript born y esterd ay! @fronx
  2. 2. faye!/jcoglan/status/93818247509581824
  3. 3. ClojureScript: Clojure codethat compiles to JavaScript + op timiz ation ! Created by Rich Hickey, Clojure/core, and friends
  4. 4.
  5. 5. A LISP for the modern world.Awesome for controlling complexity! “Clojure is arguably simpler, more powerful and more robust than JS.” — Rich Hickey
  6. 6. “JavaScript is assembly language for the web.” Scott Hanselman
  7. 7. JavaScript == target language for other languagesCoffeeScript     Coco     Parsec CoffeeScript     JS11     Kaffeine     Jack     move     Narcissus  Traceur     EcmaScript 5 Parser (es-lab)     EcmaScript 5 Parser (qfox)     reflect.js     bdParse  parse-js     Closure Compiler     UglifyJS     Caja     ADsafe     FBJS     Jacaranda     Microsoft Web Sandbox     Gatekeeper     Dojo Secure     SafeJS     MileScript     Mascara     Roy      Streamline.js     mobl     StratifiedJS     NarrativeJS     jwacs     Jscex     TameJS     ContextJS     Objective-J     JS2     jangaroo     Flapjax     jLang     Restrict Mode     TIScript  HotRuby     rb2js     RubyJS     Red     Quby     Opal     8ball     PYXC-PJ     Pyjamas     Skulpt   PyCow     PyvaScript     GWT     Java2Script     j2js     scalagwt     jsc     JSIL     Script#      ClojureScript     clojurejs     ClojureScript     EdgeLisp     Fargo     Moby Scheme     nconc    Parenscript     Ralph     scheme2js     Scriptjure     Sibilant     Spock     Ocamljs     OBrowser   Js_of_ocaml     UHC     YHC     jshaskell     Clamato     Silver Smalltalk     JTalk     Lively Kernel     Emscripten     mala     Clue     NS Basic/App Studio     qb.js     Haxe     Fantom       LZX (Laszlo XML)     Fun     Ur     WebSharper     mobl     E     Sugar     Opa     Waterbear       JsMorphic     ScriptBlocks     Oia     Quixe     Gnusto     Logo Interpreter     p2js      OMGReb2Static     RPN     phype     OP4JS     jison     OMeta/JS     PEG.js     languagejs     Canopy   , it’s likJS/CC     jsparse     ReParse     p4js     JSGLR     antlr     Cruiser.Parse     Closure Compiler the JV burrito     javascript types     altJS     jswiki eAST Documentation     Spidermonkey Parser API     JsonML AST     treehugger     JavaScript Shaper   M!
  8. 8. Why is this happening?
  9. 9. optimizeperformance readabilityefficient use abstractionof resources agilityweirdnesses
  10. 10. There are some thingscomputers are just better at than humans.
  11. 11. readability abstraction agilityhuman e.g. minificationmachine performance efficient use of resources weirdnesses
  12. 12. readability abstraction agilityhuman optimizing compiler (<= awesome!)machine performance efficient use of resources weirdnesses
  13. 13. “Google’s Closure compiler is a true optimizing compiler providing powerful dead-code elimination.” @fogus+ symbol replacement, expression rewriting, transformation
  14. 14. BUT!? “Debugging?!?”“People should learn how towrite good JavaScript instead!” (discuss)
  15. 15. “JavaScript is assemblylanguage for the web.”
  16. 16. @fronxmore: