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  1. 1. P A R IS
  2. 2. P arísPeople say that Paris.Is the city of love. Is the most visited city and the capital of Paris. VISITAR PARIS IS A DREAM.
  3. 3. T h e e if f e l to w e r It is in Paris,it is very high,it has 330 meters,people go to visit it because it is very nice,it is the most famous monument in Paris,at night the lights of the eiffel tower switch on and it is very nice
  4. 4. DISNEYLANDDisneyland is a musement is a great and fun for all audiences there you can meet all disney draracters. Is visited
  5. 5.            NOTREDAN              Notredan is one of the oldest monuments of Paris is very nice and big Has more than 14 windows.formely had many gargoyles.
  6. 6. FASHION Fashion is very important in paris.there is the prettiest clothes.Coco chanel was the most famous estylist paris.tourists usually come many boutiques wings.
  7. 7. LOUVRE MUSEUM Is the most famos and beautiful museum. Is a great source in the middle and has alarge triangle within .
  8. 8. Th e e n d