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Francisco pizarro


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Francisco pizarro

  1. 1. FRANCISCO PIZARRO Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain. His parents wereGonzalo Pizarro and Francisca González. He spent his childhood in poverty, working and uneducated. In 1502, he travelled to América. In 1509 he accompanied Alonso de Ojeda in theconquest of New Andalucía, in Colombia. He settled in Panama in 1519, and in this city reached prosperity. In 1524 heassociated with Diego de Almagro, Hernando de Luque, Gaspar de Espinoza and PedroArias Dávila to create the “Company of Levante” and conquest the rich land of Peru. After two exploring travels, he returned to Spain. After founding the city of Piura, he traveled to Cajamarca where he leaded thecatch of the Inca Atahulapa. One year later, he founded Lima, where he lived untilJune 26th., when he was killed. He had a daughter named Francisca Pizarro, who heredated his properties anddied in Spain. / FRANCISCO PIZARRO PERU By: Vargas Sedano, Paula and Latorre Redoli, Sofía.