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Carlos i


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Carlos i

  1. 1. Carlos I Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany was a king. He was born on the 24th of February in 1500 and he died of the 21th of September of 1558. Succeeded to the kindom of Spain in the year 1516, meeting the Sacrum Imperium Romanic Germanic whith the Crowns of Castilla and Aragón andincluyed territories in Italy and Navarra and littles territoriesin India. He was maried whith Juana the mad and they had ababy called Felipe II. Obtein the Países Bajos from her grandmother. In 1519inherited Austria, Tirol, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Estiria,Carintia and Carnoli. A lot ofterritories assumed the mission ofrestoring the global christianity. Theirterritories were: Spain, Mexico,Guatemala, The Salvador, Honduras,Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Belice,Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru,part of Bolivia, Chile, part ofArgentina, Naples, Sicilia, the LowLands, territories in Indonesia and Australia. Participied inthe four wars against Francisco I (king of France)in theyears: 1521-1526, 1526-1529, 1536-1538 and 1542-1544.Fougth against lutherans which is sublebated to the authorithyof Papa but he cant stop their expansion. Because of all thisfailure decided leave all the empire to his son Felipe II.