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The Cradle


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the cradle adoption information meeting international and domestic adoption becoming parents through adoption the homestudy process the fees associated with adoption the mission statement for The Cradle adoption services. All you would want to know about adoption and how to get started with working with The Cradle

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The Cradle

  1. 1. A love that knows no boundaries…
  2. 2. Established in 1923
  3. 3. Mission Statement Our mission is to benefit children and all others touched by adoption – by compassionately delivering exceptional education, guidance and lifelong support to build, sustain and preserve nurturing families.
  4. 4. Cradle Parents • Married Heterosexual Couples • Singles • Same-gender couples with a Civil Union (Domestic only) • Starting a family • Adding onto a family • All races, ethnicities and religious affiliations • Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will
  5. 5. Cradle Staff
  6. 6. Parenting Through Adoption A different parenting experience
  7. 7. Parenting Through Adoption • Introspective process –Support and education • Become excited about parenting through adoption
  8. 8. Children and their birth families
  9. 9. Children and their birth families • Infants • Range of ethnicities • Extensive information Domestic & Sayers Programs • Open Adoption • No Gender Preference • Expectant parent situation
  10. 10. What is the Sayers Center? • Named for NFL Hall-of- Famer and adoptive Dad, Gale Sayers • Create awareness within the African American community • Building support systems for families parenting African American children
  11. 11. Realities of Adoption
  12. 12. Domestic Adoption Questions and Concerns • Can birthparents legally reclaim the child? • What are the medical risks? • What is Domestic Open Adoption?
  13. 13. Review Child Creating an Open Adoption
  14. 14. Why an open adoption? • Helps with feelings of loss and doubt • Link to child’s medical and social history • Your child will not be confused • Feel like “This child is mine”- Entitlement • Trust versus fears • More people to love your child
  15. 15. How do expectant parents find The Cradle? • Internet • Reputation • Professional Referral • Personal Networking • Advertising
  16. 16. International Open Adoption Respect for and connections to a birth country, birth relatives, and early caregivers.
  17. 17. Changing world of international adoption
  18. 18. International Program • 18 months on average • Information varies • Range of ethnicities Children and their birth families • Orphanage & foster care • Gender – Sometimes • Birthparent situation • Financial & social • Customs & mores
  19. 19. International adoption • U.S. implemented in 2008 • Govern safe and ethical Inter-country Adoption practice • 71 countries signed on Hague Convention
  20. 20. International adoption • Intact families • Successful domestic placements
  21. 21. International adoption • legally eligible for adoption • The children now available for adoption are the ones that need it most, because there are fewer families available to adopt them.
  22. 22. International adoption What to expect: • medical conditions • developmental conditions • Increased age • More boys • Older siblings
  23. 23. http://www.Adoption.State.Gov
  24. 24. Family Presentation
  25. 25. Adoption at The Cradle
  26. 26. A Strong Foundation Process Document What is a homestudy?
  27. 27. Forming your family through The Cradle Adoption 101 Initial Consultation Information Meeting Choose Adoption & Choose a Program
  28. 28. The Cradle’s Domestic Program Post Adoption Placement & Post Placement Getting to know each other Connecting with Expectant Parents Homestudy & Licensing
  29. 29. International Adoption Post Adoption Child Referral & Travel CIS & DCFS Requirement Placement & Post Placement Dossier to Country Homestudy & Licensing
  30. 30. Cradle Fee Structure Effective October 1, 2012 All Fees are subject to change Note: Home study includes all education and post placement visits Domestic Program International Program Registration Fee With Registration Paperwork $500 $500 Home Study Phase I With Application $500 $500 Home Study Phase II At 3rd Interview $1,600 $1,600 Home Study Completion At Home Visit $1,400 $1,400 Total home study* $4,000 $4,000 Program Fee $12,700 $3,000 - $7,000 (varies by country) Placement Fee $17,200* $8,000 - $27,000 (varies by country) Total $33,900* $15,000 - 40,000+ * If placement of twins, placement fees are 50% higher.
  31. 31. Finding Families for Children Initiative Purpose: To ensure that we have sufficient options for all expectant parents, and families for every child entrusted to our care. The Cradle Foundation will additionally support the adoption expenses for those families that qualify for this initiative. Those who currently qualify are: • African American and Multi-racial African American prospective adoptive parents • Prospective adoptive parents applying for the adoption of the birth sibling of their adopted child when they do not already have a current completed home study with The Cradle • Prospective adoptive parents applying to adopt a medically fragile child who qualifies for a Department of Children and Family Services adoption subsidy due to his/her disability.
  32. 32. Make adoption affordable Federal Adoption Tax Credit – up to $13,170 – course on tax credit Employee Benefits – $2,000 - $10,000 Adoption Grants & Loans
  33. 33. Why Choose The Cradle? • 80+ years of adoption expertise • Both international and domestic program options • Nationally recognized child welfare advocates • Lifelong commitment • Educational approach
  34. 34. A Few of Our Classes Group Classes •Adoption 101 •Parenting a Child At Risk •Transition To Openness •Making Connections On-line through Adoption Learning Partners •The Journey of Attachment •With Eyes Wide Open •The Adoption Tax Credit •Lets Talk Adoption •Conspicuous Families •Finding the Missing Pieces •Becoming Your Child’s Advocate •Lifebooks •Medical Issues in International Adoption On-line Adoption Networking Classes Parenting Workshops Support Group •Waiting Families Support Group
  35. 35. Your Next Steps… • Return to The Cradle: – Registration Form – Adoption: Motivations & Myths (Homework) – Initial Consultation Fee • Review Adoptive Parent Rights & Responsibilities as well as Adoptive Parent Services Agreement on our website • Initial Consultation with Counselor Please fill out your evaluations