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Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2.  Something that I had to consider when creating my three final products was house style. This was a main aspect in allowing my target audience to recognise that all three products where of the same film. Some examples included
  3. 3.  When choosing a font I had to ensure that the font I used was very similar or the same. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the same font that I used in my teaser trailer on my other two final products but fortunately I found one which was very similar.
  4. 4.  I found from creating my products that it makes a lot more sense to have the same house styles, colours and fonts throughout. By having the same styles it allows for my audience to be aware that the three products are linked and allows for them to be aware of what to look for regarding my new released film.  I choose to go for a colour scheme that would suit my horror genre of a film and from receiving my target audience feedback the colours which were coming up at most popular where black, red and white so these are the colours that I choose.
  5. 5.  Using a Black background with white text allowed for my title to really stand out from other elements in my teaser trailer and therefore on my other products. This then allowed for my audience to instantly be drawn to the title.
  6. 6.  By making up a film brand for my teaser trailer it allowed me to carry this then through to my other two products and this then allowed for my final pieces to look more professional adding a more realistic approach to them.
  7. 7.  The theme that I incorporated throughout my three products was to have the main character appear in them all. Not only this I also wanted to show a relevant part of the movie which was the noose so this also appears a lot in my teaser trailer and is on both my movie poster and movie magazine front cover.
  8. 8.  I was able to work in order to link my three final pieces into one. As I combined these it made my three products more evident to my target audience that these where all from the same film.