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Amyloid plaques


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Quick Reminder of Amyloid formation and anti-amyloid drugs.

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Amyloid plaques

  1. 1. Amyloid Plaques
  2. 2. PHYSIOLOGICAL PATHWAY: Alpha Secretase
  3. 3. PATHOLOGICAL PATHWAY: Beta Secretase
  4. 4. Beta Secretase Inhibitors• Merck: MK-8931• Lilly: LY450139Severe adverseEffects: cancer
  5. 5. Gamma Secretase Inhibitors• Merck: MK-8931• Eisai: E 2609• Lilly: LY2886721 In clinical trials
  6. 6. Monoclonal Antibodies against Abeta 42 *Solanezumab (Lilly) *Bepaneuzumaub (Pfizer) - failed