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HighVit Vitamin Drink

  1. HighVit Brand • HighVit brand represents tasty and refreshing health drinks that are enriched with close to supplemental quantities of vitamins • HighVit Functional drinks provide the required amounts of specialized nutrients together with vitamins to support 3 main functions: – Immunity defense – Body energy levels – Digestive function
  2. HighVit Drinks Personality • HighVit branded beverages are healthy alternatives for regular soft drinks • Drinks with no Evil! No artificial colorings, sweeteners, preservatives, additives are allowed in the composition. • HighVit drinks are enhanced with functional vitamins and supplements to support us in our today’s everyday life • They must be fresh and aromatic with slight hints of original ingredients.
  3. Healthy Drink Market • Convergence between dietary and soft drink markets is the new “Megatrend” for tomorrow. • This convergence continues to attract global beverage companies like, Pepsico, Coca-cola, Danone and Suntory. They believe that until 2030, functional drinks will take over 80% of the whole beverage market. • As all the soft drinks experiences a decline through the recession, “drinks with benefits” grew steadily from 3-4% each year • It is increasing because of customers that are choosing to purchase these products at the expense of carbonated sugary drinks
  4. HighVit Defence • HighVit Vitamin & Antioxidant DEFENCE – Taste: Cranberry + Pomegranate + Acai berries mixed with red and green teas – Benefits: 100% RDA of B vitamins, more than 175% RDA of vitamin C and 175mg of antioxidants polyphenols – Function: Support immunity system, cell development, maintenance of the nervous system and support blood and heart health
  5. HighVit Digest • HighVit Vitamin & Dietary Fibers DIGEST – Taste: Tropical fruit juice cocktail with a hint of a secret ingredient. – Benefits: Source of Dietary Fibers, B group vitamins and Vitamin C – Function: Support digestive system, helps to fight overweight problems
  6. HighVit Drive • HighVit Vitamin & Natural Caffeine DRIVE – Taste: Citrus Cocktail from Pomelo, Orange, Grapefruit, mandar in and lemon juices with a hint of Bergamot Tea – Benefits: Source of B group vitamins and vitamin C enhanced with Natural Caffeine – Function: Fight depression, enhance mood and energy levels
  7. Technical Information 250 ml glass bottles 24 bottles per case 90 cases per pallet • All required certificates are issued for every batch • 18 month shelf life • 2 different EAN 13 barcodes are issued on the bottles and cases
  8. Competitors
  9. Competitive advantages • Competitive retail price compared to other health drinks • Clear benefits of the beverage • Most popular tastes – Red Berries, Citrus fruit and tropical fruit with modern trendy interpretations • No additives, artificial stuff or any other evils.
  10. Marketing Support • From every bottle bought, we give POS materials from our catalogue worth 10% of the total invoice. • Informational and cheerful promotional stuff will help to introduce the drink to its target consumer.
  11. Marketing – T-shirts, Caps
  12. Marketing - POS
  13. Marketing – Displaying
  14. Marketing – Posters, flyers
  15. Target Market • 27-35 year old health aware consumers, who tend to choose products with health benefits rather than fizzy drinks as their refreshment • Income ranged from low average to average • Location – major cities with over 300 000 people population • Educated, social and responsible consumers are considered to be targeted
  16. Summary • HighVit is an innovational trendy beverage product that is enhanced with benefits for our everyday life. • It has clear and straightforward message for the consumer. • The product is produced with highest quality ingredients, fully certified but still fits into an attractive price range.
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