The world’s deepest toilet


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The toilet of the Potala Palace is in the north of the Deyang building of the White House, it is built in the top of the cave, through the hill foot.

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The world’s deepest toilet

  1. 1. The world’s deepest toilet is in the Potala world’ Palace The toilet of the Potala Palace is in the north of the Deyangbuilding of the White House, it is built in the top of the cave,through the hill foot. The depth is more than 60 meters, it hasthe reputation -- “the deepest toilet" in the world, and there is alittle sunshine continuously penetrates into the toilet, it has a lotof characteristics and artistic conception. It will be like this if there is a toilet in the Heaven!
  2. 2. If you are Lucky enough to enter the Potala Palace, must goto experience its toilet, otherwise it is also a great regret. ThePotala palace has a total of two toilets, one is at the head and theother is in the tail. Even though you did not have the desire to gofor a toilet, but it is necessary for you to have a visit, you shouldget some special memory after the train from Beijing to Tibet,and it will let you know what is unfathomable.
  3. 3. The graph is the toilet of the oldest and most sacred PotalaPalace, also points "male left female right". The toilet which is built in the hillside has over threehundred years history. These Tibetan toilets of the Potala Palacealso have the name of "the world biggest fall toilet". One of thebiggest has fifty to sixty meters; it is equivalent to a twenty layertall building. Someone make the joke—when the people go for atoilet, as if take in practice about “paradrop”. the people whohas the” acrophobia" come to here and then not only the facewill change color, but the careless people fall their lighter, hat,and even cameras and cell phones from there.
  4. 4. Put a stone slab in the cliff, dig a hole, it is the mainfacilities of the potala palace toilet. The toilet of the Potala Palace, also is overpoweringmomentum. When you get on the two sides of the pit, step onboth sides and lookdown, suddenly feel very dizzy--does I standon a cliff? It is the empty cliff below. When you have the pee,the water has the gravity acceleration to land, drift in the broadspace, you will hear the echo after a long time.
  5. 5. Run quickly to the pit, and then it depend on you to havethe pee or shiting. So comfortable! But think deeply, why theredo not have the sound? Hey, also have no sound!!!!!! Why? Look at the below, look along the pit with the fulllight. It is so high, actually high. You think about that, the pit,how high is the Potala palace, and how high is it. If row a list forthe world toilet pit, this toilet is equivalent to the Everest!!!!! You must have the heavily courage, look down from thelavatory, you will feel very nervous. Through the light, the deep
  6. 6. is over one hundred meters, the person who fear the heightsabsolute feel dizzy. When you take the pee or shit, you will seethat content drift down, quite have the feel of the remote galaxyfall down, but half day no reply. Squat down in the above tourinate, just understand what just call " The waters cascadedown from three thousand chi above". Think about that, step on the elastic wood ground, carry onthe full of years handle, the below is the essence and infinitespace. This is not the normal people can enjoy; perhaps this is aVIP special place for some important person. I am a generalpeople, should not miss this good opportunity. When I thinkabout that, I will try my best to take something out. Finally canenjoy in the area...... Ah, take things as they come. I step on a
  7. 7. meter long toilet pit, but havent squat, looked to the feet "goodheavens!" just see the foot of the mountain. How high is thepotala palace, how deep is the pit will. Scared me nearly jumpeddown from the pit... But the toilet is famous not only because of the highbuilding. There are some colorful cloud charts o the orange wall;the top of the Toilet is yellow, using the navy logs to support,the toilet window except for a few root upon parallel erect, thereis no other cloak. So the snow mountain, the blue sky, the white
  8. 8. clouds all show in your eyes. The place is, can you blow off thesewage? Squat down in the scenery around panoramic view, youcan look up the mountain cliff, watch the view all of the Lhasa,listen the pilgrim recite scriptures. It will be like this if there is a toilet in the Heaven!