Qinghai tibet railway’s six characteristic points


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    Most of tourists use their holiday to have a memorable journey, however, for them, although they make determine and destination, they always have no definite plans. As a result, after they have gotten there, they have no mood to have fun, because they just find so many people, and they do not know where they should go. Actually, there is so much beautiful and charming view on the way, take your fine mood and follow me!

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Qinghai tibet railway’s six characteristic points

  1. 1. Qinghai-Tibet railway ’s six characteristic railway’ points Most of tourists use their holiday to have a memorablejourney, however, for them, although they make determine anddestination, they always have no definite plans. As a result, afterthey have gotten there, they have no mood to have fun, because theyjust find so many people, and they do not know where they shouldgo. Actually, there is so much beautiful and charming view on theway, take your fine mood and follow me! Point Zero star heaven road journey There are several lines to get Tibet, if you choose train fromXining to Tibet, after three kilometers, you can pay more attention toroadbed when you pass by Huangshui River level crossing. Actually,the roadbed has no difference with other places, but if you areenough luck, you can find “Point Zero” stele. On the right side, itis carved, “Qinghai-Tibet railway point zero”; first-stage projectof Qinghai-Tibet railway is from here. That means you will enjoyplateau view which is different from inland from here. Expect“Qinghai-Tibet railway point zero”, there is other start point
  2. 2. which is more magnificent than before one, because of its system isgantry crane, and so it is easy to witness. Scene from Qinghai Lake to Namsto Qinghai Lake belongs to Qinghai, and Namsto belongs toTibet, all of the two lakes are having a grate reputation. On the train,you can appreciate magical feel and magnificent scene of two lakes.After your train run out from Xining to Tibet, plateau characteristicis gradually obvious. Every tourist also applaud that visual sense iseasy to be tired if train run in bleaker land for a long time, however,if you witness there is a blue line in horizon, in the meantime, youand your train is getting close to the blue line; you will know thatQinghai lake is within sight. It is said by local people that QinghaiLake is so big that if you want to ride a horse to travel a circle oflake, you need stopping 48 stop, and it means you will spend 48days to over this journey. Namsto is close to Lhasa, there is a lot oftrekkers trek from Namsto to Tibet, and you will witness the bravemen and sacred lake. If you have luck to pass there when it is sunsetor morning glow, you will be surprised by its beauty, and you musttake out your camera… Wild animals haunt at any time
  3. 3. Qinghai-Tibet railway is along with Qinghai-Tibet highway;your heaven journey will be not lonely. On the train, you can admirea lot of wild animals, such as yak, Tibet kiang, and mustang, surelythere is antelope which you are most want to see. But antelope is faraway from you, so, if you want to take pictures, you would betterhave telephoto lens. Golmud is named the city witch owns themaximal area of land of world. It is not unreal words, only a matterof its natural preservation areas—Hoh Xil is so great. No more thanthat because the high altitude, terrible environment and what is mostimportant, there is so many wild animals that it is not open fortourists; however luckily, you can feel all of it on the train. The origin of Yangtze River and highest stop Tuotuo river, it is the origin of Yangtze River. Watch downfrom Tuotuo River Bridge of Qinghai-Tibet highway, two branchesslowly flow, there is almost no sound; no one can image, and theyflow to east, and finally converge as magnificent Yangtze River.Also, you can witness the highest stop although you can not seeTangula Shan entrance. It is the highest point which train will get,always, it maybe the highest for most of tourists. Stride bridge and then get to Lhasa
  4. 4. After you and your train climb over the Tangula Shan, itmeans you have get Tibet in meaning of administrative division.You will become more excited by the name which ever appears ingeography book. Just like Amdo, Nagchu and Yangpachen, what ismore, you will watch some inlands or foreign people trek fromYangpachen to Lhasa, they are so pure and devout. Lhasa trainstation is located in Doilungdeqen country. After train enter in thecountry, topography gradually become gentle. If it is summer,emerald green willow is full of valley; and along the road, rapeflower will be with shine and charm. Before train get in Lhasa trainstation, you will pass last big bridge—Lhasa Hete bridge, and lasttunnel—Liuwu Tunnel. And the following is terminal—Lhasa. Everest you just need three days to come and back verest—you Everest looks like far, actually there is shortcut to get there,so long as you want, you just need three days to come and back. Andyou can witness the Everest and view. After you arrive in Lhasa, youcan directly set out from Lhasa; and spend eight hours to arrive atShigatse; and then have a rest in Shigatse, after you adapt altitudeand climate of there, you can go on with your travel. There is a pointon the way, sign of this point is mountain; on the back side, it iswritten in Tibetan, and the name of its Tibetan means “Everest”.
  5. 5. It is one of point you can enjoy Everest. Actually, you can find a lotof points which you can watch Everest; and there is a word thatmountain is in your heart. Some one also complains about the scenes on their way,because she or he has not taken their bright eyes and tolerant heartwhen she or he is in the travel. There is a famous word,“In short,Beauty is everywhere. It is not she that is lacking to our eye, but oureyes which fail to perceive her!”